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The Knight order of the Golden sun endings?

one year ago

I'm trying to get all the endings in the "Knight order of the Golden sun" game.

On my first playtrough I've gotten: Ending B. Fairly simple, keep fame and popularity high, but lie about the "plague" and say you cured it (damn me for wanting even more fame, I could have gotten the best ending on my first run >:(  )

After I've gotten: Ending A where you're the emperor (same as B, but say the truth about the plague), Endings C and D (keep popularity low, to get the "tyrant" final act instead of the "defend the city" and various solutions will get you the endings respectively).

Ending E is when you "gloriously" die in battle while defending the city.

I've gotten either F or G ending, where you lose your kingly title but remain ruling over the one city. I do not remember how I got this ending, and if anybody DOES know, I'd like a refresher.

That leaves me with one final ending I haven't found. Does anybody know how to get it?