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The Knight order of the Golden sun endings?

4 months ago

I'm trying to get all the endings in the "Knight order of the Golden sun" game.

On my first playtrough I've gotten: Ending B. Fairly simple, keep fame and popularity high, but lie about the "plague" and say you cured it (damn me for wanting even more fame, I could have gotten the best ending on my first run >:(  )

After I've gotten: Ending A where you're the emperor (same as B, but say the truth about the plague), Endings C and D (keep popularity low, to get the "tyrant" final act instead of the "defend the city" and various solutions will get you the endings respectively).

Ending E is when you "gloriously" die in battle while defending the city.

I've gotten either F or G ending, where you lose your kingly title but remain ruling over the one city. I do not remember how I got this ending, and if anybody DOES know, I'd like a refresher.

That leaves me with one final ending I haven't found. Does anybody know how to get it?