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Any idea is a good idea, probably

4 months ago

          I need two things.

          Well, I need one thing, and would find it amusing to get the other. First up, I've realized my project's initial title is shit, and I need a new one. Here's a description of the game to help with that;

" Six aspiring authors take a trip to the rural town Seren Hollow to attend a festival. The main event is a writing contest hosted by the famous horror author Orson Hill. The winner will be published, and gain prestige that will be priceless to their careers as novelists. 

However, when the gates slam shut and darkness overcomes the residents of the sleepy town, it becomes a fight for survival against an enemy that is unpredictable, unknowable, and ever-changing. 

Can you lead them to the light, or will our heroes fall to darkness? We shall see . . . "

           The other thing is that I feel like my characters don't have enough depth. It would be interesting, based solely on the provided names, to hear what others thought their personalities would be. Those names are:








I await the shitstorm I've undoubtedly unleashed upon myself and my notifications. (:p)

Any idea is a good idea, probably

4 months ago

Seren Hollow Horror Stories
Oh, What I Do For My Stories
A Tale of Horror and Darkness
The Dark Secret of Seren Hollow

Amanda is definitely a 30-something redhead (or at least brunette) with a joyful attitude and optimistic outlook.
Charlie sounds either like an old British butler type or adventure-seeking adrenaline junkie.
Greyson sounds like the necessary "edgy" character that everyone thinks is highly suspicious because he doesn't talk and just sits there, brooding.
Lewis definitely birdwatches in his spare time and says "When I was your age" often.
Ollie is the name of a person who is the personification of a golden retriever. 
Sara is a pretty bland name. In the novel I'm writing she's a belligerent, stubborn, opinionated, and heavily traditional woman.

Any idea is a good idea, probably

4 months ago

You ought to come up with your own characterization rather than shamelessly trying to have other people do the work for you, just so you know. But this type of thing is always a good character creation exercise, so here you go.

Sara (19) is a former Supernatural slash fanfiction writer on AO3 turned self published author in Amazon. She talks in a valley girl accent with tons of internet slang, browses Tumblr a lot and is the type to be into anime and manga and other niche fan communities. She mainly writes gay fantasy romance novels, the latest being "Mooning over you", an urban fantasy romance between a human werewolf hunter and a male werewolf. Sara tends to forget social cues, goes onto a lengthy monologue every darn time when someone asks her about her writing, well, there's the reason she didn't have a lot of friends in real life. In the past she might have been insecure about the latter and she still is, but is now vehemently in denial, having now entered the "I'm not like other girls phase" unfortunately. She values the fan community and shared experiences more than the writing itself. As for writing, she is more of a character above story person.

Lewis (23) is a borderline incel and has sunken deep, very deep into manosphere content by now after his girlfriend cheated on him with her boss. Then he got run over by a car and now has lasting damage backache. Life is not going well for him, he has flunked out of his English major, has so much social anxiety he cannot hold down a regular job and at times struggles to go outside due to his depression. He now clings onto 4chan forums and of course his writing projects to retain an inch of his sanity. In his webnovels that he publishes in Royalroad, he often writes power fantasies featuring loser male protagonist going from weak to the strongest while getting a massive harem along the way. There's always a tinge of, no rather a massive bucket of misogyny and wish fulfillment involved in his stories, but somehow they'd gotten a niche following (mainly because his plots are actually well constructed despite the one dimensional characters). His anger is mostly targeted at women, but also at minority groups every now and then (depends on the mood), but that's just a big façade, because the one he hates the most is himself, but he never wants to admit that of course. He feels very guilty that his mum is still so supportive of him even when he (in his opinion) has sunk so low, but that often translates into him acting out in anger.

Greyson (40) is the true snobby film critique type of guy. Having done a major in English and Philosophy and Russian Literature, he is the Pinnacle of snob. In his free time he goes to plays, reads for fun Dostoyevsky and other very depressing Russian Literature and of course he is the first one to know all the very obscure niche films of the 20th century during a trivia night. (His favorite is probably come and see.) He sets high standards of what literature should be (no fantasy, science fiction, romance or any genre fiction. That is too low for him.) and he holds himself to this standard too. His novel drafts often draw from his own personal experiences and are all based on real life events. So lots of reminiscences of his youth years and his several failed relationships and of course he writes those female love interests in excruciating detail plus lots of sex scenes that all have "narrative value" of course. For some reason he adds lots of quotes of songs in his stories, it makes it look deeper than it is. His day job is actually writing film reviews for news sites and the local newspaper. He also has his own column, but his dream was always to write his own work. Greyson doesn't want to admit it, but he secretly really really likes pulpy horror fiction and finds that his own writing lacks a certain spark, something he does see in more ahum lowbrow work. So a bit of value dissonance here hehe.

Amanda (50) is a housewife turned author with 5 kids. In the past she worked as a librarian, but had to quit to take care of the children and help manage her hubby's bakery after she'd married. Now that the youngest is a bumbling 15 year old, she now finally has found the time to divulge into her hobbies. And that hobby is writing of course. Having raised 5 kids, she mainly writes and illustrates children's literature. So very family friendly wholesome stories, but with a certain dry wit to them (she is quite witty in real life too). Due to being always on the go, she tends to be a workaholic, writing at an incredible speed (the only one who can keep her in check is het husband). Sadly she does suffer from poor health and often gets anemic. It is quite a struggle for her to not push herself too hard and hold herself back to rest and recover. Due to her being a devout Christian, her stories often incorporate Christian themes in their narratives.

Ollie (30) is very much a recluse with a small but tight knit circle of friends, but mostly a voluntary one. He often hikes, does a fair bit of mountain climbing and camping. His work reflects on that, being mostly horror stories with a surprising amount of self reflection and musings in between the typical tension one finds in the genre. Often the characters are isolated from the rest of society, alone with only their thoughts keeping them company. Some of his stories became quite popular and were featured in a local magazine. Ollie doesn't talk very much, but is a good listener. Lots of his friend say that he has a very calming aura around him. In the past he was a very shy boy who was bullied very frequently. He grew up in a tiny village in Alaska, so it wasn't a real option to transfer schools or escape his bullies. At one point the bullying became so bad that he outright stopped talking. The one act that broke the spell, is when his uncle took him out hiking one day. That day Ollie opened up again. (However during times of high stress, Ollie tends to go back to this bad habit)  He found more solace in animals than other humans. 

Charlie (28): massive nerd who writes science fiction, mainly space operas, but has done a fair share of historical literature as well. She is a research maniac, loves world building, board games, video games, dnd, fashion and tinkering around the house. Of course all of these activities have to include the color pink and lots of frills somehow. She'll be the first one to buy a pink drill and be the one who DIY sews her own costume for the Renaissance faire. Always up to do something and talk to anyone, she is often the instigator of chaos or the main organizer of an event. Others that don't know her very well might describe her as ditzy, bubbly and very much the stereotype dumb blonde. Charlie is very much aware of this and is often slightly irritated that people don't take her very seriously, but because she is also very much a peace keeper and people pleaser, she swallows these frustrations and often bottles up her feelings in a not very healthy way. 

Any idea is a good idea, probably

4 months ago

1. Orson's Game

Honestly, the best title for the story depends on the contents of the story. Maybe change the town's name to something more interesting and make that the title.

2. Amanda- reliable big sister

Charlie- quiet, permanently injured Vietnam war vet with PTSD from time in captivity

Greyson- young crime-fighting vigilante who loves acrobatics

Lewis- uptight guy, close to his best friend Clark

Ollie- laid-back British guy who skateboards

Sara- plain, quiet girl

Names are a terrible substitute for characterization, by the way.

Any idea is a good idea, probably

3 months ago
This author has not been around in fifteen days.

This is exactly why I decided against some big detailed post.

Any idea is a good idea, probably

3 months ago
Honestly, I'm continually surprised that I didn't do this