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I'm tall and very muscular I''m looking for a girl who''s into choose your own adventures (just kidding). So far my games have been somewhat humerous but I hope to make some serious learning games so people can use them as study guides for classes or just for fun. Also sorry about the crappy spelling ( It bugs me too) I'll fix it later. Someday I hope to be like Demian Katz and be a hardcore choose your own adventurer. I like history, religion, unexplained, psychology, comics, pop culture, etc and am a Sociology Criminology major at CSU and will most likely be going back for graphic Design after I finish my army carreer as a  Signal communications Sgt..  Email me [email protected] and check out my blog at or look at a comic I made a while ago at


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A Jung Hero's Adventure
The game is my attempt to explain Jung's archetypes in a story. I hope it may be good enough for others to use as a study guide or to learn about Jungs theories themselves.
At the end of every chapter of the game notes will be given to explain ideas and pieces of the story. The notes may better help for you to understand the story. (Will be adding picture and editing story in the near future)

Jump For Joy
this is a game thats really nifty cause all the people in it are popular.This game is especially made to combat Senoir Pat Roaches updated Crazy Pete.
It may seem like a pointless game to play but there is one hint in it, that might make it worth playing. ( this game is in no way my best work, you can't really choose your actions that well, but you can go through it, recognize some peeps, and use the comments section.
Yes this game is groundbreaking cause it was the first to use the comment section which is why it was pretty much made) IN ONE DAY HA HAH HAH HAH beat that JOHNY V

Jurassic Fairview Park

Oh No!

Someone has brought dinosaurs to Fairview Park! These giant lizards are tearing apart WestGate Mall* and will soon take over the world!

You must go on this educational adventure to stop the dinosaurs coming through time! The only question is... CAN YOU DO IT?

The game is not done and may contain spelling errors

*Who cares, you say? Well, did you know WasteGet mall is the rightful property of Fairview Park, even though Rocky River gets all its taxes?

come on and zoom
you have to figure out why your playing the game

This game deals with certain aspects of unexplainable pheanomena in a story form. Mostly dealing with unexplained creatures. The story itself tries to contain facts but in and of itself is fiction. (this game is hardly complete but I want to get comments on it)

disfunctional dimensional worlagog
One day while I was trying to find some laser tag equipment under my bed,

I came across a worlagog, I kept it with my philosophers stone, infinity gauntlet, and hand of glory, and other dimensional stuff

I bought from garage sales. I bought the worlagog for 2.00 I know that might seem pretty cheap, but thats cuz it's kinda broken.

I probably could of talked the being made out of energy down to $1.50 but he said he has bad reaction from the metal in quarters.

Anyway when playing with my worlagog, don't be surprised when then are no other options, or you are taken to a place where entropy has set in, the worlagog is somewhat broken after all.

Don't die
must have babies

George vrs. Neptune
Your name is George and you are one of the top Astronaughts in the 21rst Century. You havbe discovered a a strange hole on the planet of Neptune

George's history of physics
This site is dedicated to help me finish my homework.
I realize physics is very important, but I am not a good reader, and often grow tired. I love this site however, and like creating stuff. This game I hope will help motivate me to do my homework.
I am the farthest thing from an expert on physics, therefore this site should not regarded as the real deal. I will try to remain as true to the history of physics as possible. I will not use jokes or anything at the expense of contorting the truth.
If you see any flaws or huge mistakes please inform me of them at [email protected] . At the same time I will try and make this game as enjoyable as possible.

how old are you quiz
This breif quiz, will tell if you are old enough to play the game that are intended for Choose Your Own Adventures over the age of 17.

hunting patnjoe
patnjoe siamese twins seprerated at birth have gone off to college, where they have met all these new friends, and spend there time having so much fun. Everything things is looking up until something from their past comes to haunt them?

Riddle of the Sasquatch
As a student on a road trip with your friends you drive up to North West U.S. In Washington. You make a stop at the Tulalips Nation in Marysville. It appears a Skagit family crisis has the whole Tulalip nation worried.

The image on this page, Sasquatch: America's Great Ape, is copyrighted material which is being used with permission from the author. Please support Paul Smith's work at

unpublished , coauthor

shoot evreyone!

stuck at Messy Marvins

This game takes place at a Messy Marvins / Speedway gas station. The premise is your stuck there because you just flipped your car on the highway and you have to clear everything with your insurance and the rental car company before you can find a way back home.

whatever game
this game should make sense and have some continuity but I'm going to make it up as I go along, and it will be filled with things that I think are interesting.

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Red45 and JFP Unpublished on 2/27/2013 11:19:26 AM

wow I remember my password - Thank You Mr. Red 45 - you are an awesome individual who has brought a huge smile to my face, after Alex sent me an email about your review. My wife just told me the bad news that you are catfishing me and that you are not really red 45. None the less I still appreciate your thoughts and look forward to you cleaning up this insane game that initially came into existence as a military weapons prototype for sucking up people's time.

Contest Discussion! on 11/2/2007 10:48:35 PM
Ground Zero is not in the contest but we are reading the contest entries.  how come nobodys talking about necromancer of ducky park which i haven't really read through either completely yet.  Good turn out on this contest though and some high ratings on stories - its been good.

CYS, IS - Evaluation on 10/6/2007 2:29:33 PM

                 I think this is a very informative forum. Hopefully this will bring up new Ideas for Alex and March and me. Time is a major factor on why this site is not better. I think March and Alex's contests really help out this site and also the other major  fringe benefits Alex has in store once he reaches a million dollars ( and he's already half way there).

                   The forums on IS, I can't tell if ther active or not, maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. It does seem a lot easier to jump right in making a story on IS.

              The Censoring thing is partially my fault.  At the time me and Alex were concerned with fighting and people just being nasty. We had one story where this one guy just kept posting disgusting disturbing porn (like the worst stuff you can think of). The thing was I thought it made every story on the site look bad, like we all must be a bunch of perverts. I still like the idea of not scaring away people, but maybe the censorship is doing more damage.

     Plus may I bring up a point, some of the biggest flaming war starters are now some of our favorite writers. JJJ use to pick fights all the time when he got on here. I see some other trouble makers writing has improved greatly.


the magazine is awesome!!! on 9/30/2007 11:59:21 PM
Sweet I'm glad you guys got it and liked it. Sorry about spelling names wrong. That is pretty typical of me. I just got software that will make it more easy for me to print a zine. I had to delay shipping it for a month and a half just beacuase I couldn't find a way to print goofy fonts, but thankfully I figured it out. I messed up also on the my space page layout - but now I can fix that- if I ever have to print any more. Thank you guys for your patience.

I assume you guys realize those are different emails and passwords. I was thinking from time to time I'll drop some goofy stuff into and feel free yourself to put some  things in them as well.

Addresses on 8/30/2007 10:40:52 PM

Dude you live on 21 jump street, that's awesome. Yeah I have your adresses Riley, but some people change them and to go look at them I have to go press all these buttons and all this stuff, but I suppode I could go look - even though not every body wants a pdf file in their mail box. Also I'm having problems printing the zine. SO hopefully tommorow I'll have it fixed.

That's all.

Addresses on 8/28/2007 5:05:25 PM
I'll start emailing them as soon as I get home from school later tonight.

Addresses on 8/28/2007 5:03:49 PM

Just a warning on the pdf, many of the fonts are not working on other computers. So your magazine when printed might show up missing letters or words.

Addresses on 8/28/2007 11:38:35 AM

Hey everybody it's Chocobot/George

You can get a 2nd magazine in the mail or email, or both.

If you want it in the mail send me your home adress.

If you want a large 58 page pdf, I'll send it to your email so give me your email adress.

If you want both, send both adresses.

CYS IM 2 asking for paragraphs on 8/25/2007 1:07:31 PM
zip code

CYS IM 2 asking for paragraphs on 8/25/2007 3:17:37 AM
You need to give me your area code because the mail lady gave me a lot of crap that she had to llok for your city in IL so you might as well send it again or just give me your area code