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I'm a guy from Poland who likes to write and read science fiction and fantasy stories. While my English may be not so good I'm trying my best to convey whatever scenarios have been born in my head. My only problem is inability to properly finish the stories... I always end in tangled mess of a script.

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy my writing even if it's grammatically flawed.


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Puppet without strings

It's XXIII century, humankind has long ago reached stars. But it's not golden age. Space is harsh master and so we become like it - cold, ruthless and effective. New society was created, new kind of people. Like anthill all we have are our roles to fulfill. Nothing more.

You are one of the War Marionettes - brainwashed humans with technical upgrades who are bound to obey every order of their masters. 'Normal' people call you 'puppets'. Still, you are very special kind of puppet - experimental model. And your foreboding name is Thirteen...


*ALWAYS first collect items as some of them are needed for game to function properly

*this is a first part of a series, I may be writing more soon

* and yes - you can get killed here pretty quickly...


Emotionless Light

The story of an esper in the modern times.

Different than expected.

Gray Elf

Death, fire, flying arrows - it's all you remember from childchood. Yet these memories have scarred, but not broken you. Living peacefully within human settlement, not harboring any vengeful thoughts have done you great deal of rest. Just being normal is enough. These nightmares are thing of the past...

..until this very past comes after you, to remind of all the things lost.

Last Survivor: The Incident

A story of polish Major Matthew Kozucki in the alternative universe, where USSR won the second world war and USA is still isolationistic country in 2025.

Motherland is a great, civilized country, yet there are shadows of the past lurking everywhere... one man will uncover government secrets and maybe, just maybe challege the system.


* You only have two packs of gas grenades... use them sparingly!

* Use your wits! Charging in is NOT preferable solution to all problems.

* Each of three main ways complement each other! Play them all to fully understand the story.

* About twelve endings, based on primary and secondary choices. Secret and True ending incuded!

* The game get's harder in the long run.


This CYOA is second one I created. Considerable more resources and time were spent on it, so I sure hope that story of the major will be relatable to. Each 'simple' ending gives you 15 SCORE points, 'complicated' endings are worth 25 points, 'true' ending is 45 and 'secret' - 50. Also each lore you'll read will allow you to gain one more point each. Score limit is 50, so it's entirely possible to finish with true ending and have the same number points that secret one. I've done so to basically acknowledge people who haven't found the secret story, but still were reading all the stuff I created. So yeah, that's that.


White Sand

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How do you delete a Variable? on 2/17/2014 7:52:36 AM

There should be bright red 'X' button near variable. Use it to delete.

Heros on 2/14/2014 2:58:50 AM

Intelligent, strong, sometimes mad or severely lacking in different aspects. It's more their fight to become/stay what they want to be and the world around them is a playground... or graveyard.

What do you want see in storygames? on 2/14/2014 2:33:10 AM

Well... my story is kinda going in that direction, with hate on the both sides - and most of people being racist and stuff. I guess I'm influenced by Witcher world.

Your religion (or lack of) ? on 2/6/2014 2:55:28 AM

Former Christian, now Deist, although it's not a religion, but more of personal, philosophical view on the world and god-stuffs. And I kinda modified it a bit on the way (since my teenage years :P).

So... who's in? :D on 2/6/2014 2:42:11 AM

Nope, nowhere near finishing anything I started.

Fantasy story on 2/6/2014 2:33:59 AM

Thank you! Sadly English is my second language so some grammatical errors are inevitable. I'm would be more than happy to grant you access and correct any mistakes made :). Either now or after I finish first in-game chapter.

Yeah, I keep hearing about the Twine here and there, but like I wrote before - I'm just used to slightly obtuse format used in the CYS site :P. I may try it with one of the other stories I started, but haven't really gone that far with (since so many people are such enthusiasts of program).

Fantasy story on 2/6/2014 2:30:19 AM

Isn't that like whole different medium? I'm on CYS for few years and kinda got used to the editors here (not counting these damn scripts of course!) so I would prefer to stick to it...

Or is there something I'm not getting about Twine? (I spared only short look on the site)

Fantasy story on 2/6/2014 2:27:57 AM

Thankfully I mostly know where I'm going with this one... so it hasn't become a problem. Yet.

And this is only a fear of mine - like I wrote before there is a story I may never end, just because my writing and different aspects of story intermingled so much that I'm not really sure what exact storyline each new page is adhering to...

Keeping track of my own stuff is harder, but I was asking just because I'm a lazy guy and was wondering if shorter and episodic format would work on the site :P. It seems not, and that means it harder path for me to take. Oh well...

Fantasy story on 2/5/2014 2:44:54 AM

Welp, so this is pretty much what I was thinking - I do know that people here prefer longer stories... and that there is some backlash against ones that are perceived to be done by lazy guys :P.

I guess I'm going to try really hard, because last story I started got really messy at 200+ pages and now I don't even know where to continue (because of branching paths). Oh well, thanks for the help anyway! :)

Fantasy story on 2/5/2014 2:06:44 AM

Thanks for the praise! However I would like to turn my question to you (since nobody else bothered to answer) - what would be better - longer, but more convoluted story, or shorter, episode-like format? I'm really afraid that I'm going to screw this up if I'll put too much thingies inside...