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you are 20 years old and a newly qualified Wizard, at the age of five you were taken from the Empire (home of the humans) to Haven (the home of the wizards) after displaying characteristics only visible in Wizards. During your time at the wizardry school you have been taught by the elite in all aspects of your education from intellectual studies (literature, history of Erun, other cultures and laws.) to combat skills (tactics, strategies, other races armoury and weapons, hand to hand combat, riding, archery, hunting and craftsmanship of weapons and armour). On top of this you have been taught magic ( manipulating energy on order to create a shield, moving water, creating wind and spells.) using magic drains your energy and only the high wizards are able to use magic without becoming exhausted. Your home, Haven, is built into the side of mountains. Here there is the great library ( the grandest library in all of Erun, containing thousands of books and documentation on Eruns past and present and the races that occupy it.) there is the school, a gym, the ministry where the elders gather for meetings and there homes. Haven, to the other races, is only accessible through a narrow passageway that runs between the Empire to the south and a huge set of hills to the east the passageway is walled in with 10ft walls to both sides and at the end is a huge steel gate. On either side of the passageway the walls are guarded by archers and weapons, Haven has not in 100years been infiltrated by another race. Inside Haven there are
400 guards/ soldiers
60 students
40 teachers (elite wizards)
20 administrators
4 Lord Imperial wizards (appoint teachers, quests and have watch over the whole of Haven)
80 servants (from other races, usually from family's that have worked for the wizards for generations)
40+ wizards that are contracted out to help other races keep the peace, educate or preform tasks- these wizards DO NOT fight or use magic contractually. During this book you will be sent on a mission/ quest. You will encounter dangers and have the opertunity to improve your scores which will show how well you have done during the story. In this story you can die so please be careful and enjoy the book :) (you can die by using magic too often when your energy levels fall below 10) Hopefully this will be the first of many books to follow) .

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