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Hello! How are you, and welcome! Wonderful times these are, right?

Anyways, welcome to the page, I hope you like it, by that, I mean how empty it is.

Side note: Kinda mean as a person.

Currently working on something or other, if you need me send a message, i'll respond as soon as humanly possible, yeah?

In other news, i'm a long time writer, having been into writing for easily 8 years (Of course, only the last three years have been of any importance with my actual writing skills.), and am pretty proud of that.

Kinda judgmental, highly critical of everyone including myself, probably poor personality traits. Friendly, however. I like to talk to people.

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So... that Fallout 4.... on 12/18/2015 9:21:35 AM

I honestly am starting to think the best option is just to kill everyone.

The Frigid Valley; a conceptual story on 12/12/2015 11:44:44 PM

Well, they're making the journey because I mean, this ash storm literally destroyed EVERYTHING they owned. It was the idea of the religious leaders that there might be something on the other side, and so they manage to cajole those who are amongst their flock to follow them.

The Journey across the Frigid Valley was a battle that all from foreign lands had to make, as there was simply nothing left from whence they came. What could one go back to, when their homes and memories were destroyed by the plague of ash? Maybe they wished that there was something across the Valley, that there was some hope... But only the foolish believed that. Even now, the sickly men and women crossed the icy Valley; their eyes so dry that they could not produce tears for those who died around them. The water they drank was filled with vile toxin, the air they breathed fresh with the smell of rotting corpses.

From what I have written here, the idea is that they can't even hold out there, and that the idea of something on the other side is the only thing that drives them on.

There's going to be a primary antagonist force, this curse that actually falls upon the whole land. Anyone who dies upon Ashen soil is reborn, they become Undead and are basically composed of ash and other stuff. 

The Frigid Valley; a conceptual story on 12/11/2015 8:30:49 AM

Upon the frigid valley

in which the blood of man if frozen in an instant

and the water is in eternal frost

those who are damned seek retribution.

So, I plan to make a story which is pretty heavily influenced by the souls series. It would follow the story of a man named Laurence who has died and come back as an Undead being. He, like that of many others, have joined a massive pilgramige across the Frigid Valley; A place of infinite ash storms that not only taints everything it touches, but also turns the skin of all who are touched by its ash into gray. The country they all came from before was assaulted by a plague of ash from this place, one that made the land inhospitable, and in which the dead began to rise once more when touched by its particles. So, following their religious leader, they make a journey across the endless Valley in some hope that there is salvation at the end, in which there probably is none. 

So far, from what i've written and planned out, is that the Undead are all bounded and gagged, since madness often overtakes them and they attempt to kill others in their party. But, the people are too heartbroken to kill them, so instead drag them with them in giant carts. It would start with a convoy of rabid beasts attacking their part of the pilgrimage, destroying the carriage and killing several hundred people while Laurence escapes into the ash, seeking answers to the mystery of the Frigid Valley.

Just to clarify the bit, the Pilgrimage is GIANT, it's basically the entire civilization of a whole country. It expands far and wide, in every direction, all heading in one aimless direction led by their holy priest. I wanted to know what you guys thought of the concept! I already have a page written down with the basic introductions and such.

Children when it comes to matters of Security on 12/4/2015 9:45:21 AM

Is it almost kinda wrong that we have a society in which we have paranoid people at all? I mean, if we're afraid of our own protectors, or of our own attackers, then there must be some type of problem there.

Children when it comes to matters of Security on 12/4/2015 9:43:01 AM

Yeah, but then this also brings up the deal of "How much security is needed?" I mean, we already have so much, and to be honest, i'm already Paranoid the government is spying on me sometimes :l

It almost seems like a problem exists where the government is looking in the wrong places for the wrong people.

Top 5 on 12/4/2015 9:30:45 AM

The evil EndMaster hath fallen, people rejoice! We will no longer be held under his dark and tyrannical hand grips!

Nah, but I suppose it's a good idea. I really love Necromancer though, but it's probably better this way. It's probably good to have a bit more diversity in authors, as to show there are a lot of people on the site who write a lot of stories.

Children when it comes to matters of Security on 12/4/2015 9:28:01 AM

Something strange just happened.

Currently, right now, I watch over some kids in a class for some community service hours, and the oddest thing has been talked about of late. They had an assignment to go and look up a weekly event, but, what they all decided to talk about were acts of terrorism. 

Literally every single one.

In a room of about fifty kids.

Every single one of them seemed almost kinda scared by the idea that someone was going to kill them or bomb them next, even though a lot of the events happened in foreign countries, like Sweden, France, and Syria. What I also noticed, is that a lot of them analyzed the problem being "Not enough security." but I am so often so anti-big brother. 

What do you guys think of this?

Writing Exercises: Week 1 on 12/4/2015 8:41:30 AM

Below them, many stared in confusion as the mud flow slowly came to a close, a bubbling mess of death and decay left behind. So many had died from the natural disaster, almost all of their kind except for a handful. They would be able to come back from this, but the damage would be so great, it would be told about in legends. But, from the depths, something stirred. The sky opened up, the sun blazing upon the Grey Valley, rays of light like holy symphony piercing the sky and showering upon the site of the disaster. 

Suddenly, a hand burst from the mud! His face covered in disgusting filth, Goeta's head popped up from above the mud. With him, several children and men and women, he had saved so many! 

When asked exactly how he did it, Goeta slowly sipped his goblet of wine, tasting the sweet nectar of his victory. "Sometimes, you've just got to be a hero, even if it means your own life. It's not about what class you are, or if you be lord or peasant, we must all put our part in."

So ends the tale of Goeta, seventy-fifth lord of the Ashen Lands. May he never be forgotten, and let his name be remembered in the annals of heroes....forever.

Writing Exercises: Week 1 on 12/2/2015 8:25:27 AM

Horror overcame Goeta as the massive flood of mud and bile swarmed through the valley. Currently, he stood over his people, on a giant stage made of gold and ivory. They were just talking about the next in the royal line, in which they had chosen Goeta as their next lord. But, as the coronation began, massive rain clouds had gathered above. The sky went black, then...rain. Rain unknown to the people of the Ash Lands. "Get back, lord, away from the mud!" Shouted one of the members on the platform. Goeta knew what had to be done, though. He might not be able to be a hero through his adventures, but he would at least save his people. Grabbing a large tree branch, Goeta leaped into the ocean of ooze, determined to rescue his kin.


Writing Exercises: Week 1 on 12/1/2015 8:35:46 AM

"It seems we, my friends, have come to an insurmountable obstacle in our conjoining destinies." Goeta grumbled, his split tongue rolling across his bared fangs. "Horrible news has come from the Ashen Lands, a death most fowl when it comes to our lineage of lordship. I regret I have not told you all about myself, or my people, as you all have never met one of my kind before." Smoky scales flickered in the firelight; Goeta visibly upset about the current situation. "When one of our royalty has died, especially when it comes to a lord, all of our kin are called back to our homeland at the base of the Grey Valley. We must all come together, as a race, to decide the future of our noble line." Grief overcame him. "I am not a hero that I seem to be. In truth, I am only a noble who has escaped his responsibility. I may have learned how to fight with a rapier, and that might have fooled you, but I am nothing more than a fraud..." He let out a heavy sigh, his amber eyes scanning over his former confidants. "I am sorry, this is goodbye."