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My name is Nightbirdblue. You can also refer to me as Night or whatever else you seem fit. I might not respond to some things, but you can call me a cake flinging, kitten eared, dress eating wolf if you really wanted to.

I'm a female.

I enjoy writing, reading, playing video games, playing Magic the Gathering, and occasionally doodling.


Project List



A Band of Adventurers - Something for me to learn scripting with, while hopefully making something worth publishing (Progress - Almost none, just some scripts on some blank pages)


An Adventure - An attempt to make something more simple and less complicated than my other ambitious projects (Progress - 3 short pages, with some variable work)

Arc Of Choices - Another attempt at something simple... The idea is that you are a ruler that came to the throne through a series of shady things in your past. A mysterious attacker comes to make you confess your life story. (Progress - 2 pages)

Colin Wolfe - A storygame that can different genres depending on what paths you travel down. (Progress - 3 pages written, with 24 others blank and waiting, some variable work)

Consequence - Another storygame that was supposed to be more simple, supposed to work with morals and empathy (progress: 2ish pages)

Echoes - A storygame that could turn to an longer work very easily. It looks at a fantasy race of people that have been corralled and contained in a desert wasteland area with high walls surrounding it. (progress: 2 pages, with  some pathing planned out in blank pages)

Fate Ripples - An ambitious storygame that will have 7 widespread paths with 4 major paths in each windespread path. It will also include a library of stories inside of it. These books will be on things from legends to animal anatomy to the theories behind how magic works. A random event table with plenty of things on it will be used during certain points in each path. Random events will allow for even more replay value/reread value. For many of the endings, you will get a story of what you did and how it effected the world. A map is in the plans to allow for more freedom in where you go, though the story will always point you where to go to continue along. Your actions can also create allies or enemies that can help or hinder your progression along the story. Allies can save you from dying. Enemies can turn a harmless situation into a deadly one. (Progress: Library has a little bit of work done, 28 pages written, variables worked with, some items added, the special and most rare ending written except for the recounting of your actions)

Lark's Song - Another project meant to be something simple. (Progress: One Page)

Memories Make a Person - A storygame that is made up of a series of flashbacks, upon returning to the present you reveal the reason you came to your childhood home in the first place. It is meant to have memories of things like abuse, self harm, drugs, and other things like that. The storygame will also have happier memories, but the majority of memories will tend towards more negative things. The idea is that you, the character, is sort of realizing that the reason you are the person you are today is because of those things in your past. They define you, made you who you are today. Each memory that you remember reveals a secret or part of your personality. (Progress: 1 page, plenty of ideas for where to go with it)

Searia, The Academy of Magiks - A storygame that I wanted to start because of a bad storygame concerning a magical school that was published here awhile ago. (Progress: none)

Simple Tale - A storygame that was also supposed to be more simple. It was started out of an interest in a summoner main character. (Progress - 4 or 5 pages)

Son of Yours - A storygame meant to be for a contest. (Progress 2-3 pages, some variable work done)

Tale of an Outsider - Originally, this was meant to completed in 24 hours. (Progress 2 pages, some variable work done)

Tempt - A storygame meant to help build up some skill with the editor along with provide an outlet for some of more weird ideas. Main idea is around the deadly sins and a demonic creature trying to tempt you in your dreams. (Progress: 19ish, some variable work, some item work)

Summers Report - A storygame inspired from a couple writing exercises ( It is supposed to be written from Janice's perspective, though some parts may go into Michael Summer's perspective or written/verbal accounts from him. (Progress: None on site, I was working on rewriting the beginning from Janice's perspective in a word document somewhere.)

Wolf Child - You get to be a hero chosen by the Goddess of Fate. It is meant to be a longer storygame. I would like it to be 250 pages minimum.  (Progress: 22 pages written, more pages blank to be written)









Trophies Earned

Earning 100 Points


A Band of Adventurers

A foray into scripting disguised a combat based storyGAME.

Age of Awakening

An Adventure

The adventure of a young boy's life that may very well end in disaster.

Arc of Choices

You are Tomas "Bear" River. You have a story to tell about your life,about how you got were you are now. The man in front of you holds you hostage and you need to stall for time. The catch is that he knows the truth of your life and that lies would to your death. So you will recite the truth to this man and hope that your guards will arrive in time.

Collin Wolfe

You are Collin Wolfe.

You did something and now have a nine year old girl with you.

You may have kidnapped her, murdered her parents, saved her from zombies, or rescued her from a government facility.

All I know for sure is that you will have to deal with what you did and the consequences of it.

This is a story where your choices literally turn into what kind of story it is. It can be a crime story. It can be a post apocalypse story. It can be a action/scifi story.

Fate Ripples

Your name is Alexis. You are one of few children chosen from across Aeirdalas to stand before the Master of Fates to be prepared for their destinies. You just a child, but from what the Diviners hinted at you are destined to change the world. You have just made the trip to the Fate Tower and are now waiting for your turn to meet the Master of Fates. 

You will be handed choices and these will influence Aeirdalas, but beware of the the consequences. Moral choices are to be made, and the outcomes are hard to see completely. Helping a child about to get eaten by wolves can send ripples through Fate that lead to a major war between Airdalas and its neighboring countries. Murdering a single man can lead to hundreds being saved from a terrible disease.

The world lies before you, completely unaware of the terrors and blessings you will unleash.

Take heed of this, and continue on with your mind aware of how everything you do matters.

Lark's Song

Your name is Lark. You are a young woman that is a member of a bandit band. You are quite skilled not only in weapons, but also in stealth. You have a fair bit of charisma. You aren't took bad on the eyes. You have a distaste for magic, but do see mages as valuable allies to have on your side. 

This is a tale about you and the adventure that was lying just around the corner of your daily life of dealing with the competition and ambushing caravans filled with goods.

Memories Make a Person

You have returned to your childhood home. You have business to attend to, but you find yourself stuck in your memories.

You surrender yourself to the tide of memories and relive your upbringing that brought to this moment in time.



NightBirdBlue Testing

Just testing some stuff


Searia, The Academy of Magiks

In a world where magic is almost commonplace, Searia is the only academy in the world which offers training in all three types of magics. The three schools are Arcane, Elemental, and Mental. Arcane magic uses runes imbued with magical power to do things like enchant items, make barriers, summon creatures and objects, and teleportation. Elemental magic uses words of power along with magical ability to do things like manipulate air, combine elements together to get more specific elements, control the weather, and even cause transformations of the human body. Mental magic does not rely on runes or words, but instead relies on concentration and one's understanding of what they are trying to accomplish to do things like heal, create illusions, divination, and mental manipulation.

You are a fourteen year old girl that is about to start her first year in the academy. You only found out about your own abilities recently. Your family wants you to follow in the footsteps of your great grandfather, a master of the Arcane school of magic. You managed to convince your parents to allow you to attend Searia, instead of one of the academies specializing only in the Arcane. You just don't know if Arcane magic is right for you.

Simple Tale

Son of Yours

You are one of many travelers in a disease ridden world. The Great Plagues killed off lots of people, made most of the remaining people sterile, and reduced humanity to small tribes. These tribes were often ran by corrupt leaders, so you and many others became travelers. You spend your days scavenging supplies, occasionally trading, and mostly fending for yourself. Then one day you come across something surprising, a young boy.

Tale of an Outsider

Your name is Lucia. You are the daughter of a shape shifter and a human mage. You are raised by your human mage mother. Your father is dead. You are an outsider in your village.



You are asleep, lost to a nightmare. You don't know that there is a shadowy creature observing you as you dream. The dream feels so real, but when you wake up will you know that it was all just a dream, or will you be lost in nightmares forever?

The Summers Report

Wolf Child

This is a fantasy type game. It is about a child, male or female, that is chosen by a goddess of the game world to be her champion. The start may be a bit  slow for so people's taste, but it helps  set up things about your character.

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Post here to lose 10 points on 9/3/2018 6:41:56 PM

Heretical guardsman that won't die for The Emperor!

Four years. on 7/26/2016 5:49:05 AM

He seems to be that kind of person from what I've seen.

So I was wondering when he would blow up on here.

Pokémon Go on 7/11/2016 2:23:57 AM

I've been playing it along with my boyfriend.

We have a big event for two weeks out camping with little shade, so walking in the summer heat is nice for getting ready for that.

Its pretty fun.

My area has six pokestops and three gyms within a mile of our houses. It is filled with caterpies, weedles, pidegys, zubats, spearrows, and some water pokemon along with some psychic pokemon. There seem to be a few areas with fire or ground types too.

I haven't checked farther afield yet.

I wonder what my college campus is like.


Finger Injuries on 6/30/2016 4:26:31 AM

My wrist is weird ever since I wrote over 50 chapters worth of outlines in two weeks for my AP Biology class in high school.

It feels kinda weak and feels like it needs to be cracked. It also doesn't exactly hurt. It just feels wrong somehow.


Outside of writing related injuries, I burned off my thumb's fingerprint when I was ten or so. I saw a curling iron falling into the sink and panicked. I grabbed the hot section with my thumb, but managed to avoid getting my whole hand. That was miserable as we were on vacation at the time and it was in the 90's. The place we were staying didn't have central air or air conditioners. The finger print came back, but there's parts of it that were still missing when I looked at my fingerprints during a science class.

I also fell and scraped and cut my other thumb on the sidewalk in a pool of muddy water. It became infected. I was terrified of going to the hospital as my grandmother was a x ray tech that had filled my early years with graphic tales of infections gone wrong. I was 14 or 15 at the time. I didn't tell my parents. I cleaned it out and poured hydrogen peroxide on it. I washed it out every day, until the redness and swelling subsided.

What do you have hanging out in your notepad? on 6/2/2016 11:15:40 PM


Fate Ripples Completion Chart 

Path- Warrior 0
* Dark Warlord
* Shining Knight
* Forgotten Hero
* Master Mercenary

Path- Mage 0

* Elemental Master
* Healing Sage
* Dark Mage
* Reality Shifter

Path - Thief 0
* Like Robin Hood, Without the Tights
* Heist Planning Expert
* Silent Thief
* Treasure Hunter

Path - Assassin 0
* Killer of Royalty
* Terror Inducer
* Guardian of the World
* Wolf Among Sheep

Path - Diplomat 0
* Rebellion Leader
* Royal Ambassador
* Master of Discord
* Pacifistic Guide

Path - Hunter 0

Path - Artist 0
* Style Setter
* Forgotten Soul 
* Royal Artist
* Master Forger

Library 1

Skills 2 

Random Event 1

Maps 0 

Forums and Mobile Devices on 5/26/2016 5:36:45 AM

I've been able to with four different android phones and an Asus tablet. I did have to make sure I had the desktop site option checked or else the post message button either doesn't work or isn't there at all.

That has worked with the default browser (chrome for most of the phones and whatever for the Asus).

Laptop wipe/factory settings/reinstall question on 5/15/2016 3:52:17 AM

If it's over heating, you might need to open it up.

It might needed some canned air to clear the fan and heat sink.

It might also need some thermal paste replaced as some places don't put it on properly. 

It could help with some of the slowness too as if it is over heating badly things tend to not want to work the best.

My laptop had to have the heatsink cleared of dust and have the thermal paste replaced recently as it was over heating to the point the thing would crash.

Were the previous owners smokers and/or pet owners? Because that could hint to what you might find inside. You might want gloves in the case of a smoker. I've read enough talesfromtechsupport on reddit to learn that tip.

Weird Hatred on 5/13/2016 1:46:24 AM

I still don't know why I named myself that.

Weird Hatred on 5/12/2016 4:14:08 PM

I'm the opposite.
I love redheads. They're my type, physically.
I love freckles.


I hate blondes.

Just ew....

Never ever ever would I screw or be in a relationship with a blonde.


I know I'm shallow.


Weird Hatred on 5/12/2016 3:59:04 PM

The sound of Ice being scraped off of a windshield.

It reminds me of my grandmother digging in my feet to get splinters out because the deck out by the pool wasn't the best.
I feel like that sound is what that felt like.

I also hate needles for reminding me of that too.


Being hugged from behind while sitting somewhere with no knowledge of the person being around before they hugged me.

Sitting with my  back to a door way or large windows, especially when the door way is the main entrance to a building.

I hate birds. I think they're going to poop on my head. I don't mind the more predatory birds, but the normal birds just annoy me. I just wish they wouldn't fly above my head and poop randomly.