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'ello! I am Zake. Welcome to my profile.
Writing is fun, hard, and interesting.
Feel free to message me.

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Hues of Infection
"Verde is the closest."

"Then contact them, now!"

"The OERF has already reached out; Verde accepted their call."


"That damn facility, I knew we never should've allowed it operate in such an incognito manner!"

"Let us hope for a clean resolution."

"What a mess."

"CO says the shuttle has landed."

"Putting all our trust in one Remroid...what could possibly go wrong?"

"Hey - it's worked out before. Let's not start doubting them now."

"Oh, I do hope for their success."

"Don't we all?"

Thin bar showing part of face around the eyes. Eyes are green.

Written for the Damned and the SHAMED contest (by Mizal).

The Capi's Band & the Missing Instruments

Entry into End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest (2021).

A stand-alone sequel to: Elvis At The Beauty Contest.

Join Miz, Matt, and Mandy as Madame Coon recounts the tale of the Capi's band and their missing instruments!

Recent Posts

Endings on 3/1/2024 9:45:29 PM
Depends on the story, but I generally prefer at least 2 endings. Too many endings is whatever amount you won't finish writing. Generally readers won't complain about having more to read. If you're making good progress, stick to 11. If you're not, cut it down. If you're writing 11 different stories in one, maybe cut it down, because starting small might lead to more success (but do what you want, ambition isn't bad). Consider your own engagement with the writing as well. If you don't enjoy writing towards some ending, don't be afraid to cut it! (And you might even be able to come back to write it later, if you change your mind).

IF I write a Conditional statement AND... on 2/1/2024 6:32:17 AM
Bad news, the editor allows you to use both AND and OR. They just might not work properly if you're using them alongside greater/less than signs. (Or so I heard on the grapevine).

Will's new CSI series on 1/15/2024 9:14:51 PM
The storygame is split into the different cases, so reading just one is an easy way to see how you like it. I know a lot of peeps are signed up for the prompt contest, so this is also a great way to procrastinate!

❅ Secret Santa ❅ on 1/14/2024 8:21:32 PM
Image showing what was traced to create a secret santa artwork.

In my attempts to be sneaky, I used MHDs work as the pose reference. Sent noticed the lack of line weight, and I consider that one of the main giveaways. Adding them is a pain (not a stylus, a mouse, hence the copious amounts of tracing), but I also tend to forget to add them later. The other thing I like doing is gradient backgrounds.

Of course, used character references too, and tried copying MHD expressions, since they're so emotive. Next time I'll copy her castle designs, because that would definitely throw people off. (I did quickly give up on passing it off as MHD work, because it did not take long to realise I couldn't replicate it at all closely enough, aha).

❅ Secret Santa ❅ on 1/8/2024 8:01:57 PM
I tried being sneaky, but it didn't work out perfectly. Being overly ambitious with the plan did at least stop it from being super obvious. I'll save the slightly longer breakdown for after someone gets those 50 points. I might deceive some people yet!

Page Linking Question on 1/3/2024 7:08:16 PM
You can technically move links around, but you don't do it with the editor, you do it with javascript (or so I heard). Generally, better to play to the tools strengths, so using twine is the much easier option. You could probably write it with twine then post the finished story in the forums. I'm sure people would be amazed at a finished non-linear twine story.

❅ Secret Santa ❅ on 12/27/2023 10:02:49 PM
I thought it would be easy seeing as it was hand drawn, so I could just look at the paper, but...

This is inconclusive at best! Maybe I should analyse the table instead.

❅ Secret Santa ❅ on 12/23/2023 8:38:32 PM
This sounds like something that plays out better the more people join, so count me in.

Merry Christmas! on 12/19/2023 9:19:40 PM
Neat reveal about the meaning of Christmas (and every other day of the year). Many fun modifications to the text as well (not that I have the original to compare). The art is very expressive as well. I liked the use of red too, captured the right vibe. Very cool! Thank you for saving the forums.

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 12/15/2023 5:19:27 AM
I did think more about my word choice when writing a children's story, since what if a word confuses the reader? But ultimately I figured they'd be a fun challenge at worst. (I'm sure Mara totally appreciated this . . .) But otherwise I expect that if you analysed my writing it'd turn out rather similar. Generally I write for myself, so I don't consider this an issue, but thinking about who you are writing for is a major thing (that you can choose to ignore, but in some cases that might be a big mistake). I just feel that at this stage, I have more enjoyable things to focus on. Analysing my target market seems a bit moot when I'm not doing some other much more high-impact things (like proper drafting). I know I consider horror and comedy trickier, but I always struggle to figure out why exactly. I think my expectations are just intrinsically higher? Maybe because the genre isn't tied to setting, to have something be fantasy you just need some kind of fantastical element (big or small), but a comedy with zero amusement value is not a comedy. Yeah! I could write a fantasy story at the drop of a hat, regardless of how bad it might end up, but if I try that for a comedy there is a risk of total failure, where I don't even end up with a comedy. Then again, someone could fail making a thriller at all thrilling, but I don't group that together with comedy and horror. Hmm. Genres are clearly there for the reader's benefit, and maybe the writers too, but they're just labels. Interactive fiction is the perfect place to mesh things together and not have the dissonance hurt as bad. An epic fantasy book where one chapter is a comedy would (probably) take the reader out of it, but an epic fantasy storygame where one path is a comedy would (probably) not do that. Will be interesting seeing others' answers to this question, but I'll end my post with some super unique advice: if you want to write in a genre, read it first (even if only a little).