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Yes I know Zombie is spelt wrong. It is spelt Zomby to add uniqueness to the character I draw.

Hi, I am a high school student also currently taking classes at an off campus building called Prosser To become a certified EMT. I am a volunteer firefighter and I also sculpt and draw a character named Zomby he is a Green, Gray and Black furry, Anthropomorphic creature that is a wolf with human like characteristics.

Hobbies                             Dislikes

Archery         People who think they know everything

Drawing         Stepping on things without shoes on   

Camping                            Math



I plan on writing a series of zombie survival story adventures.I'm also working on a story based on what it is like to be a firefighter and all of the intense situations and emotions that go along with the job. I also want to create a zombie survival quiz telling you your chance at survival. 

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Z-DAY Survival Quiz

Do you have what it takes to be a survivor?

Do you know what to do to stay alive?

Will you be a member of the undead?

Take this test truthfully and you will get the answer to all these said questions.

415-461 = Wow, you might actually survive this mess!

300-414 = Not quite a hardcore survivor but you are getting there.

200-299 = You might want to find a badass to team up with.

132-199 = Sorry to say but you have a very little chance at survival.

Z day gun trader.jpg


Apocalyptic punishment

This is the start to my zombie series that I plan on creating.

Fire hazard

This will take you through all the anxiety, excitement, all the fast paced decision making and life saving choices you go through as a firefighter.

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It's been fun on 4/21/2017 9:35:05 AM

I wont be using this site anymore. It was fun while I was here and I read a ton of good stories and some not so good, but what can you expect. The majority of everyone on this site has been extremely nice, supportive and provided me with excellent advice. Iv never really been an outgoing member on this site, more or less just read stories and lurked on the forums to past the time. You probably won't even notice im gone just felt like I needed to give you all props on being a great community before I vanished. Anyway stay safe everyone and keep up the awesome story making!  laugh -Zomby

Top 5 Movies on 4/5/2017 10:38:20 AM

cheeky I stand by my choices! Well I think the Alien movies sucked. Predator movies are way better in my opinion. 

Top 5 Movies on 4/5/2017 9:46:10 AM

1. Legend of the guardians: The owls of Ga'hoole - Great animated movie and plot

2. Tremors movies - Not sure which is my fav out of the series.

3. Norbit - How can you not love Eddie Murphy in this movie.

4. Lion king - Nuff said

5. Brother bear - Another animated movie that I love

Some other good movies: I am Legend, World War Z, Titanic and many more

Spring Break on 3/20/2017 9:28:47 AM

My spring break starts Wednesday and I just can't wait. We had to make up this Monday and Tuesday due to snow days. I plan on going camping for a couple of days and to visit most of the caves here in Indiana. Anybody else doing anything for spring break? Vacationing? Partying? Maybe just sleeping in all break?

Hello Everyone! on 3/10/2017 9:44:12 AM

Hello Wilson welcome to the site! smiley

Funny Midterm/End Of Curriculum Test Stories on 3/9/2017 9:49:05 AM

I was taking a fire rescue test to become certified in hazmat operations. My entire class and I were in a computer lab to take a 2 hour test. In our class there is a kid that always falls asleep during tests. I look over and the kid is asleep like always. Weve all basiclly given up on keeping him awake because he doesn't really care about learning this stuff anyway. About halfway through the test I was looking around the room and at that moment the kid let out the loudest fart i'v ever heard. He must have scared himself or something because he jumped and was looking around the room so confused and embaresed. Our entire class couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the test.

The Best House In Hogwarts on 3/3/2017 9:12:45 AM

Hufflepuff!!! Hufflepuff is the best house do to many reasons such as the name is simply awesome. Although Hufflepuff is not exactly known for its glorious victories in the Hogwarts House Cup, it gets points for not producing that many evil wizards, Death Eaters, and Lord Voldemort-types. J.K. Rowling has previously said that nearly all the Hufflepuffs stay to fight during the Battle of Hogwarts. ‘They didn’t want to show off, they weren’t being reckless, that’s the essence of Hufflepuff.’

Weirdest fetishes on 3/3/2017 8:01:37 AM

Weirdest thread I think I have read through on this site. Yet I just had to look up everything mentioned. What in my life has led me to this indecision 

I bought a GOAT guys! on 3/2/2017 9:50:17 AM

Resident Evil 4 is the best Resident Evil.

Memes on 2/15/2017 8:00:54 AM

Harambe memes. Nuff said