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Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

What, you thought just because it was Corgi's contest and he said there would be no SHAMING that there wouldn't be?

Because if you did, then you haven't been paying attention!

And holy shit there were a lot of you this time, some of you got twice SHAMED and one of you even managed to get yourself BANNED and SHAMED like a fucktard.

Let's get on with it.




















































SpartacustheGreat (coins)









Chanbot (Ford)














CallMeFriend (Boringfirelion)






Negative (multiple times)




And that's it for this contest's SHAMING, next time don't be so lazy just because you think there's no obvious danger. (And you're all still terrible)

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

We had not one, not two, but over three months, to get something out for the contest, and you faggots  couldn't manage to finish something in all that time?  Not even a last minute desperate piece of shit to at least give Corgi something more to read?  I sincerely hope your mothers don't know you are on here, because if they knew how spectacularly you failed, they would die of SHAME.  

Thanks for making me look good by comparison, I guess.  

You deserve nothing else but SHAME.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

This makes me feel a lot better about my choice to not enter despite the illusion of no consequences.

I was actually trying to enter a couple days before the deadline to enter, but my internet was out and I can’t post messages from my phone on here for some reason.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

26 days ago

On mobile, click the settings button (on Chrome, it's the 3 dots on the top right), and check the desktop site button.

Yes, I necro'd a site to say that. Sorry.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

26 days ago
I think this has come up before, and he's using some obscure browser without the desktop site option because his parents are paranoid libertarians who wrap tinfoil around his head and control his every action. (in direct contrast to their utterly retarded political beliefs.)

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

Well I'm certainly glad my "busy" schedule and "homework" didn't keep me from finishing something. Seriously though, I skipped a few happy hours and cut out video games until I was done. When you sign up for something, finish it... or you will be SHAMED.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago
When you do this with every single "shame free" contest it starts being less of a surprise, you know? One month deadline still seems to be the sweet spot for these as far as actually getting them done, this is like the EPIC contest all over again.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

Nuh uh, this got four entries instead of three.  See, improvements are slowly being made with these three month contests.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

I really don’t though. I usually announce a SHAME penalty as a potential danger right away or I leave it deliberately ambiguous so I can add it later.

This however was Corgi’s contest who specifically said there would be no SHAMING.

Of course as an admin I decided to override this silly rule since I decided that there needed to be proper penalty for the slackers.

Really was a spur of the moment thing though. Didn’t even plan it. So the surprise still stands.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

I love the fact that I'm still shamed despite the fact that I haven't even posted on the forums since 2017.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago
SHAME never dies, it can only be temporarily beaten back by the forces of productivity and DISCIPLINE, in glorious battle.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

Well, then I guess I better get on writing in the next contest before the SHAME becomes too much to bear.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

Then I'm certainly glad to have made it in time. And thanks to whoever awarded me 50 points for it. (It's half the first prize, it gives me the illusion that I'm half a winner already.) But I have a question. I understand that the shame pit is for those that couldn't deliver on their promise, a stain on their honor (so to say). Yet it seems that you can also get banned if you fail, I guess 3 times? How long is that ban?

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

For always and eternity.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

Then that means you're screwed, if you have a large project that's not yet published? Isn't that too harsh? We do this for fun, there's nothing harmful about trying and failing. (Even if it's over and over again).

By the way, sorry for misspelling your user name (in my description).

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago
No one except a small stupid child who was already an alt of a banned idiot has ever managed this feat, so I'm curious as to how that would be happened to a normal user too. Guess there's only one way to find out!

A story that meets minimum standards can be crapped out in six hours or so if necessary however, I've done it more than once. Hell, it got me featured.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

I agree that a short 1/8 story that scrapes past the minimum requirements, isn't that hard to churn out in one day. But isn't that counter productive? People will just put in the bare minimum effort, with a subpar story as a result. The judges will need to read it and it will come between the "new story games", while the author didn't even care. Doesn't that encourage adding gutter to the site? Because as I see it, the minimum standards were implemented just to prevent this in the first place, while keeping the entry bar for noobs (like me) as low as possible. Besides, according to the list there's already 9 people that were banned. (Or all they all the same person in reality?)

Oh and congratulations, if you did cram out a featured story in a measly six hours. But this won't apply to everybody.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago
MrAce was the only one banned for willfully entering three contests and then failing to produce, and in his case he had a story ready a full month early that he just didn't bother to proofread, the others just happened to be banned while SHAMED or (in temporaryaccount and Ford's case) they bet their accounts in the Chaos contest. And Ford still haunts us in possessed cyborg body to this day.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

I joined an official contest once a year ago.  The night before, I wrote and published a now unpublished story in two hours.  Sure, it sucked, but it kept me out of SHAME, and it was nobody's fault but my own that I had even been in that position.  Had there been no SHAME pit, I might not have even tried.  I got some hilarious comments out of it, and I learned a lesson.

If you join a contest and do not make any form of entry, I'd even call it disrespectful to the other contestants and the one running the contest.  Almost any entry is better than none at all.  If there aren't consequences for making someone think there will be an entry when there won't be, then there would not be something that is actually a big motivator for many.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

Well, in my case it was more like life came in the way of me actually writing that story oh so long ago, but yeah I agree with Cricket here. The SHAME pit is a good motivator for people to actually finish the story they started writing.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago
And yes also this, SHAME has proven to be a much better motivator than a handful of worthless points. Encouraging site participation itself is half the reason for the contests and I'd rather see someone really put an effort in (even if they waited till the last day to do so) than just go meh and not bother because it seems like it will be hard.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago
Each written in half a day, and except for Inseperable they were not the stories intended, just something I pulled out of my ass at the last minute: ...we will not speak of the others, which were taken down for renovations and then tragically set on fire by a careless construction worker. Although the experience itself of rushing them out had its own value and has taught me a lot about streamlining plots and what it's possible to do in a single writing session if you really put your mind to it.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

Some valid points are being raised and I completely agree with them. A short "Oh, Nooo!" is a good laugh afterwards and shame will motivate people. People learn best from their own mistakes, so that's why they should be allowed to make them. But I think shame alone is enough.

Perhaps I should be more clear why I'm so annoying about this. It's because I'm afraid this will happen to me. (Or somebody similar to me.) Because I'm wildly ambitious, everything I start for fun suffers from severe scope expansion and three guesses... It never sees the light of day. That's partly the reason I joined the competition so I could focus on a short funny story and get something finished. I think pretty any idea I get, will quickly expand beyond my ability to handle. So I can already see me failing with 3 stories were a lot of effort went into. (I realize a long story doesn't equal a good story and rather a high quality paragraph is better than a huge wall of text.)

But hey, there's this cool idea, why not add it? Ouch I didn't make it, well I'll make an even more awesome story next time!

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

Yeah only join a contest if you think you'll have the time and can muster up the grit to get it done.  But yes, embrace the fear of the SHAME pit.  For it is a horrible, horrible place.  Let it motivate you to write and succeed....or at least submit.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

26 days ago
Yeah, learning how to scale a story to fit the time allowance is a big part of writing for a contest. Every author is in control of what they write and cuts or changes things constantly for various reasons depending on what they're trying to accomplish, no one is powerless there.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

23 days ago

I was planning to add a LOT more content to my story...but then life got in the way. So I somehow managed to get 2 hours on a Sunday evening to finish 3/4th of my entire story. Result was that I made a half-assed terrible conclusion to the story and just 2 major branches in my story. So I could basically submit only a quarter of what I originally planned in order to meet the deadline. Because of rushing it and typing like a hooligan in those 2 hours, that quarter I managed to finish was choke full of everything wrong. 

So yes, before you enter a contest, just think in advance if you’ll have the time to do it justice; don’t make the same mistake I did with not at all planning in advance.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

23 days ago
From what I have seen here, I would say 60-80% of stories that are submitted for contests fit the exact phrases you just said. A large number are taken down immediately after the judging so that authors can finish what they started (and some are never seen again). As mizal mentioned, there are skills in addition to just writing when working with writing contests. One of those skills is how to take what you've got and wrap up something, completely unfinished, to prepare them for contests. Oh, and some of those that were incomplete, rushed, and taken down immediately after have been quality stories that have placed well in the contests.

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

one month ago

I am very disappointed in all who did not submit for the contest. Very, very disappointed. 

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

13 days ago

Whoa wtf had no idea CYS was gonna go full Game of Thrones with that one.

If I finish my original story I planned to enter can I have unshame plox?

Contest SHAME 11: Surprise SHAME!

12 days ago
I will be offering a chance for you miserable wretches to redeem yourselves in early July.