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Vide The Nord

You play as a Nord in Skyrim during the 4th era with a tragic past. What will you become? A noble warrior? A cutthroat outlaw? A member of the emperor guard? A legendary hero? A conqueror? Only time will tell.

Takes places in the elder scrolls universe by Bethesda. Some of the lore is my head canon.


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spell check isn't working on 11/24/2019 6:23:16 AM

Used to work all the time for me now it wont. When i mispell a word the red line underneath doesn't pop up. 

A Elder Scrolls fanfic, Yay or Nay? on 10/4/2019 10:31:37 PM

lol,it is true. 

A Elder Scrolls fanfic, Yay or Nay? on 10/4/2019 10:30:26 PM


A Elder Scrolls fanfic, Yay or Nay? on 10/4/2019 9:48:26 AM


A Elder Scrolls fanfic, Yay or Nay? on 10/4/2019 9:48:09 AM

Ah,I see you're a man of culture. Berserk is good shit. But I had this Guts picture since 2012...You weren't born until 2014....

A Elder Scrolls fanfic, Yay or Nay? on 10/4/2019 9:46:29 AM


A Elder Scrolls fanfic, Yay or Nay? on 10/4/2019 9:00:03 AM

(Info about this page. These events take place a week after Hadal and his horde raids a settlement called Rorikstead. That's where Hadal kills and brutalizes the MC(Male)(Nord)(You) and his family. The MC is just a young boy at this time,so he is weak as shit. The MC is still alive(barely) but his family got murdered in front of him.His mother was also raped before his eyes.Theres a certain person that came for vengeance.) 

Also this story takes place in the Elder Scrolls Universe,(The very popular video game series. Where the fuck is the Elder Scrolls 6?!) 6 years before the dragon crisis in Skyrim to be exact. The Elder Scrolls Universe has so much depth, I wish Bethesda gave the the green light to writers that would like to do a book in the franchise. But I can see why they don't do that. It could conflict with their games. The lore will mostly stay intact but some of the lore will be my head canon. I want this story to be massive, with plenty of choices. Meaningful choices.This story WILL be HARDCORE. Very graphic. If you're squeamish and you don't like loads of violence this story probably won't be for you. Let me know what you think of this very small teaser. Shit,bad,okay,good,great? Okay,on with the story!

  At night in a dark cave somewhere in Skyrim, a group of misfits bandits sit at a table talking about their latest exploits. Hadal was still going on about his raid in Roikstead.  

"That brat was so fucking tough Vilkskr,Im telling you, if he lived and fulfill his potential he would be great." Hadal said to his rough co commander Vilkskr while taking sips of his mead. "He probably was nothing special." Vilkskr said bluntly.

"He cut off my fucking arm Vilkskr! He was special." 

"He was something special wasn't he..."

Suddenly a unknown deep voice came from the area Hadal and his captains were siting. Hadal and his captains were looking around to figure out where the voice came from and saw that it was coming from a figure sitting nonchalantly atop of a stone pillar. It was a Redguard that was about 6'2 with a muscular build with long dreads. His red eyes shined in the darkness. 

"Who the fuck are you?!" A man called Jerva shouted at the redguard. Jerva is the strongest captain under Hadal Horde. Even Hadal never saw Jerva go all out before. Brutal and cruel. He fights with two daggers that are red. Rumor has it that it's the blood of all the people he killed. What's even more shocking is that he's only 17!

"I'm here to kill you all." The Redguard looked at them as if they were insects. His eyes were cold

"Hahahah! Don't make me laugh Redguard. You know of me and my horde yet you still come into the wolf's you have a death wish?" The Redguard didn't answer. He just stared at them with no emotions. 

 "I will kill the Redguard,I've been itching for another kill." Jerva whips out his two daggers and sprints towards the unknown figure clouded in black. He runs up the stone pillar then jumps into the air crashing down at the red eyed man. The Redguard's face was stoic. 

"Your ass is mine bastard!" As soon as Jerva was about to connect he was suddenly sent across the spacious dining hall with vicious force. He smashes into a cave wall and goes through several thick walls of cave rocks which shakes the whole cave system. A huge crater was in the the first wall. He is either, unconscious or dead. 

Hadal and his two other captains where stunned. Jerva was a fierce fighter that even Hadal would have trouble with. But he was just discarded like he was nothing. Hadal eyes were quaking as he looked at Jerva body. Holy fuck, Jerva was taking out in one shot! I couldn't even see what the bastard attacked with. It was too fast! Not good! Hadal knew he couldn't fuck around with this guy. He instantly sobered himself up and got very focused. He knew he was probably going to have the hardest fight of his life so far. The noise from Jerva impact on the cave wall caused the other bandits in the cave system to show up to the dining hall. Their were at least 100 of them. Each of them 3x stronger then the average man. Hadal quickly explained to them what was going on.

"This bitch thinks he can come in here and act tough huh?! 

"Will kill that bitch!" All of the bandits were riled up and ready for some action. The Redguard was still stoic as ever. The redguard jumped down from the stone pillar and looked at all of his future murder victims and said "come."

The bandits sprinted to their target with their swords and axes. The first bandit that arrived got two fingers impaled into his eyes which went through his brain. The Redguard was dancing through all of his opponents as if he heard the greatest harmony. All of the 100 bandits were killed effortlessly. The redguard killed them all with his bare hands,very quickly. The exchange took about 20 seconds.  

My top 100 foot soldiers killed in less than a minute! Is he a monster?! Hadal came to the realization, that if he fought this man he would be killed very easily. "Why are you here!?" 

"Why am i here? Im here because of your atrocities,especially the one in Rorikstead. You killed and damaged people that i favored. So im here for retribution. You will pay in full for all your crimes, so will your crew. You all die." The Redguard was radiating intense killing intent.

Hadal and his captains had trouble breathing,but they got themselves under control.  "I see, you were probably the master of that runt that i diced up in Rorikstead. No wonder he was so strong... Sulger! Conjure a teleport and get us out out of here! Hah, this bastard probably doesn't realized i have a strong mage in my group,hes my trump card when it comes to escaping sticky situations. That redguard is probably just a pure warrior with no knowledge of the arcane arts. That's how most redguards are. That must be it. No way hes a powerful warrior and mage right? To be a deadly warrior and a strong mage at the same time? No,i will not even think about. Theirs nothing he can do about us escaping.

"Already on it!" The weird looking man said a few words and did some motions with his hands, then bam. A portal appeared. "Get in! Sulger,Hadal and Vilkskr ran towards the portal and hopped in. Nazay just stood there. Hadal and Vilkskr were horrified when they exit the teleport. Hadal talked with curiosity and fear,"What is this place? Is this Oblivion?! Sulger, why are we in fucking oblivion?! ( oblivion is a subset of the planes of existence, inhabited by the Daedra. Its a hellish gorey looking place) You have the power to transport people to Oblivion?!"

Sulger was currently looking around oblivion in awe. One of his life goals was to visit Oblivion. Sulger is a Daedra worshipper. "No.., i didn't do it... the Redguard had to redirected our location..." Sulger said tiredly. More than half his mana was gone. Teleporting numerous people took a big strain on mages that weren't A rank. To be able to redirect my teleportation without me realizing it..and to change the course to oblivion! Its extremely difficult to teleport to oblivion. Some mages spend their lives trying to get to Oblivion. But even when they succeed none of them make it back. This guy has to be a major player in the world. I never thought i would get to see oblivion. What a opportunity, what a guy! Sulger is in awe from seeing a Oblivion for the first time. Nazay was a few feet in front of them and started talking to them.

"Every one of you will die here. Your souls will never have peace and will be tormented by the daedra for eternity. A fitting place for you vermin." Hadal and Vilkskr were terrified, but somehow still had the will to fight. "Who are you,Redguard?" Sulger asked before chugging a potion. "Nazay." Sulger thought about this answer. Why haven't i heard of him? Does he keep a low profile? Nazay told them to come with his hand. Vilkskr afraid that he would be swallowed up by fear if didn't attack propelled himself forward to try to kill the redguard.

He didn't even make the redguard move from his spot. The redguard was just evading every sword strike while standing stationary. The redguard got bored and quickly impaled him with his hand, right through his chest. Vilkskr threw up blood,his eyes bulging out of his sockets. The red eyed man quickly withdrew his hand then exploded his head with his fist. Hadal laughed with fear and excitement at the display. "Sulger its just you and me left. I'll be dammed if i died in a shit hole like this. Give me all your mana to power me up. Its time for me to go all in." Sulger still in a stupor gave all of his mana to his boss without even thinking about it. "Nice,i can feel the power boost!" Hadal said as he inspected his body.

Hadal summoned his all black nordic Armour. None of his body parts were showing,all of it was protected and covered with fine black steel. Last but not least he summoned his all black nordic great sword,it was massive. "Now, Redguard we can play." Hadal confidence was back from getting a power up from Sulger and from wearing his best Armour while wielding his giant all black great sword.  The redguard, unimpressed, told the giant brute to come forward. Hadal wasted no time.

"'EAT THIS!!!" Hadal swung down hard with his giant sword. The man in the black cloak didn't even bother to dodge,instead he caught the sword with one hand. The ground underneath the redguard got destroyed from the sheer impact of Hadal strike. It was a impressive feat of power. He caught my sword?! Hadal was sweating and grunting from trying to pull the sword from Nazay grip. Nazay didn't show the slightest hint of budging. With his free hand Nazay sent a punch to Hadal stomach sending him further into the plane of Oblivion. With that punch Hadal let go of his giant sword leaving it in the Redguard grasp. Nazay destroyed Hadal giant sword by squeezing it with his hand, very easily. 

Hadal crashed into the hellish looking ground. Hadal chest armor was destroyed in one strike,with a fist. Hadal couldn't believe it. His Armour wasn't the best but it wasn't bad either.It certainly shouldn't be destroyed with one punch. As soon as he gathered his wits he saw the redguard already in front of him. The redguard quickly pummels his face with punches. Hadal helmet armor was broke with the first punch. His face was now taking the full brunt of the assault. Hadal face was now bloodied and battered.

The redguard last punched sent Hadal 20 feet away from him.  Hadal got up from the ground and laugh. "You're a beast!, No you're the king of beasts." Hadal went into his berserk state. Hadal went into his full powered berserker state. Hadal never had to go full power in his berserker state because he finished fights before he would be push to the limits, also because it slowly kills him. When Hadal is operating in his full powered berserker state, he puts a giant strain on his body. The longer he's in full power mode the more his internal organs take damage. Causing him to not be able to move for 24 hours,and it shorten his life span. But as a trade off his power increases dramatically. 

Hadal yells,"Here i come!" Hadal and the Redguard were exchanging punches and kicks at a very fast speed in the air. Nazay was countering everything. Nothing was hiting him or grazing him at all. 

"Fist of the giant!" Hadal screamed. A massive fist shot at the redguard but the redguard simply swatted it down like it was a mere bug. The fist did massive damaged to the area that it got redirected too. Growing bored of just countering, Nazay went on the offensive. Landing kicks,knees,punches at will. In the end,even with his greatest power up he was still nothing in front of that dread headed man. Hadal was sent back to the ground with a vicious punch to his face. That punch was the hardest punch that Nazay threw so far. 

Hadal could no longer get up. His body was pushed to the brink due to him pushing himself beyond his limit,and from Nazay strikes. Nazay landed softy by Hadal unmovable body. Hadal slowly with a smile said "Finish it." 

"You won't get off that easy,you will be tortured then killed." Hadal tiredly responded with a "Fuck me." The redguard then proceeds to turn Hadal over. He then pulls down his pants. "Y-you're going to ass f-fuck me redguard?! Fucking,faggot! I'll kill you!!" Hadal knew he could never kill this opponent. His body was broken. The only thing he could move was his mouth. He was just panicking. Hadal never, in his whole life was this vulnerable. He was the one that dominated his victims. He was the one that did the ass fucking around here. The redguard not listening to want this dead man is saying,pulls out a dagger and rams it into his anal cavity.

Hadal lets out a rugged scream. Blood was oozing out of his ass. His insides are cut up. Nazay just keep ramming harder and harder with each scream. "Stop,Stop,Stop!!" Hadal yelled. Sulger was about 30 yards away watching the scene. He was masturbating to Hadal rape,with a twisted smile on his face.~ooh,look at the face the boss is making! The pain he's in is lovely. Keep going Nazay~ Sulger gets off to sick shit,he's a freak. Under normal circumstances Sulger why never do such a thing to Hadal. He would kill him instantly. But Sulger knew Hadal was a goner, he had nothing to worry about. Plus he never really liked Hadal. He was only with him because it was convenient.

The Redguard noticed but didn't care. Hadal was in too much pain to care. "Did you stop when you were raping that poor women in front of her child? No, you kept going and chopped off her head,I will not stop." Hadal regrets going to Rorikstead. That raid made him lose everything. He wishes he can back in time to prevent all of this shit. Hadal was about to faint, But Nazay quickly uncorked the dagger from his ass and applied healing magic,just enough so he didn't die or faint. Hadal looked weakly at his tormenter. "I curse you,I curse you!" Nazay turned him back to his front. "Time for the dick and balls removal."

The redguard using the same dagger cover in shit,blood,and gore, cut off his dick and balls. Hadal screamed like a pig in a slaughter house. Before he could die from the pain and blood loss, the Redguard once again used healing magic to stop the blood. The redguard then diced up the dick and balls. He forced it down Hadal mouth. Hadal face was of the greatest despair. The Redguard still not satisfied pulled out one of Hadal eye balls, he threw the eyeball to the ground. Hadal screamed again. Hadal wished for his death. He couldn't take it anymore. Hadal passed out. Nazay didn't even bother healing him because he knew he was not going to die...yet.

The redguard used spatial magic (This Magic revolves around the manipulation of space, which can allow the user to manipulate the asset for battle, travel, accessing alternate dimensions, and so on) to store Hadal for further use. The redguard looked at the bald man called Sulger with an expressionless face and told him "You only live if you can find a way out,but the odds of that are extremely low. It's basically a death sentence." Nazay teleported instantly,leaving behind his carnage. "I didn't get to thank him for putting on that lovely show and for bringing me here...oh well, at least he didn't put me through what Hadal went through... I honestly don't mind if i die here. But first, i will explore this ghastly place. 

Sulger was cheerful.Maybe he didn't care because he was obessed with Daedras? Couldn't be..the fool was too ignorant to realize that he will be tormented by the legions of the daedra that live on this plane. Unless you're strong enough to fight them off or have the proper knowledge of Oblivion then the only option was a pitiful death. Sulger was good but he wasn't strong or knowledgeable enough to survive here. Even when he dies, he will still be the playthings for the Daedra. His fate was worse than death.

Any recommendations for web/iOS games? on 4/11/2015 7:34:53 PM

Banshee's Last cry. Best text game i played on my ios device. It's greatness!

New quality games? on 7/6/2014 11:48:03 PM

Who's in the process of making that game?

New quality games? on 7/6/2014 11:40:03 PM

How come MOST of the new story games that are published lack quality? I'm not trying to be rude are anything but it seems like the new games are rushed and little to no thoughts are put into them. Is anybody working on a story that will be a classic or a hit? Cause the stuff that's getting put out lately is just yikes lol. No offense but it's true.