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Hi, I'm sure you guys don't really care about this section of the site, but I am a writer at heart, I work on a farm now, and do a bit of writing when ever I get the chance, I'm not amazing at it, heck I'm not even good, But still I think I do a pretty good job despite that. I find this much more personal then making a post in the newbies page introducing myself, as you actually have to think about the person you are looking at.


My Favorite Music Top 5's

1.Punk Bands

1. Misfits

2. Rise Against

3. Black Flag

4. The Ramones.




1. BassHunter

2. Daft Punk

3. Cacada.

4. Infected Mushroom

5. Razed in Black

3. Rock

1. The Darkness

2. The Doors

3. AcDc

4. Black Sabbath

5. Ozzy Ozbourne

4. Metal

1. Dragon Force

2. Mindless Self Indulgence

3. Well fuck... Guess I don;t Like much metal...

5. Blues

1. CoLtrane

2. The Seatbelts

3. Regina Spektor

4.Vannessa Carlton

5. Who ever the fuck did that song HotelSong



Ghost House

A man is Trapped inside his own home, Will he ever Escape? You play the man.You are the demon, then you become a zombie.

Ok but seriously a nice Beginners Puzzle game, Don' t think It's a game for beginners but A game made by a beginner...

Has some cursing and adult material, Mostly Death related.


A man, A child, A women, A secret.

Dark Roads

A game.

Dirty Laundry

This game is DREADFULLY SHORT Sorry about that I got to fed up with the Variables and what not, and at somepoint it wouldn't save my work I had JUST DONE so I had to leave all the windows open, There was another chapter But the server went down so I kind of gave up on it, Be looking for a number 2 if you liked this one, I might even Do a good job XD



Your Gf is making you clean the house, Will you find a way to weasel out... Or will you get all the work done?

Uses some advanced aspects.

The game isn't all that bad as a  7 but there are a few vague mentions of sex acts and I thought it would be best to be safe.

Make sure you Leave in your comments if theres any glitches, Btw please do not attempt to use the Items when you Clean but click the links, and only click once please for some reason I set up the Use limit and still they continuously show up.

Dirty Laundry 2

This time, Your not just cleaning her house, your cleaning your reputation.


This story So far has NSFW Content, The NSFW content is not required to enjoy the story and can be skipped over if you do not wish to be exposed to such content. This will in no way heed the story, but it may cause you to lose precious memories, such as the HoneyMoon becoming nothing more then, it was a great honeymoon you guys fell deeply in love all over again and now continue to live happily ever after. To my knowlege there is one story path so far based entirely on NSFW content, This story is a side story I made, it has nothing to do with the main "plot" I set out to make.

Hard Education

Your the Runt of a World Renown Magic School, soon to be thrown out on your own. Will you carve a place for yourself? Or be crushed in the coming tide.

The Creation of the World

Play god, Play the Devil, Play everything.

The Machine.

You awake, In a dark Ally, with nothing but your cellphone. Unfortunantly for you, The battery to your phone is going dead, only one call is left on your phone.
Can you solve the Mystery of the Machine?

 Some Religious Sects may be offended by the material in this story, If you at any time find your self offended then merely leave the game, Don't give it a low rating just because you sat thru and finished it.

Recent Posts

Writing a high fantasy story. on 9/23/2011 9:23:44 AM
I am writing a high fantasy story, mostly about wizards and witches and such. The problem I am having, is at times I feel like I am ripping off so much other material. I guess the real question I am looking to ask is this. How do you deal with the feelings that your being unoriginal? Do you just ignore them and push on, hoping to carve out your own niche in your story, or do you go back through your material and rework it?

I guess i'm back? on 9/23/2011 8:46:22 AM
Coming back after a long hiatus. I'll be honest, I really gotta remember this darn address. I seem to forget it every time I leave, and have to re-Google it every time.

Gone so Long. on 6/10/2009 11:07:38 AM

But I am back now. I was really busy getting ready for college, and dealing with some issues of my own.


But I am back and am now working a lot of time on The Machine, and Dirty Laundry 2 Expect The Machine to be done by the end of the month ( I have been working on it while I was away :P)

Guess who's back on 10/8/2008 6:30:17 PM
No, It's not me, It's jesus. He is coming to kill us all for our transgressions... Ok I lied it's me... I was absent the last few weeks because I was having trouble at home, Being depressed and all. I was also getting the barn ready for winter. Meh, I guess I'm going to start writing again So Anyone that knows who I am say hi.

Zombie Games on 9/1/2008 4:36:21 PM
I don't think I wrote a zombie story... My first story was Haunted House, I think. And then I did Dirty Laundry, then Priest hood. Meh I was planning on making one though. But JJJ talked me out of it.

# 2002 on 8/18/2008 11:10:56 AM
Meh, This is the lounge, for talking about what ever you want, I thought this would be a good topic, considering I love coffee, and when I'm hyped up on coffee It inspires me to work better, and write longer.

FireFox. on 8/17/2008 11:22:03 PM
I finally changed from IE to Firefox. It's actually a change I've been meaning to make, but I never got the time or initiative. Well IE was closing when ever I tried to open up Newgrounds, and I decided to change. So I changed and I got a new layout. It is amazing. I love It so much... It looks really sweet.

Batting Average. on 8/17/2008 3:04:44 PM
Meh thats sad, we need more active site programmers.

Imaginary Game... on 8/16/2008 10:21:45 PM
Still doens't work, but after an hour or 2 I went back on, and it was working.

Imaginary Game... on 8/16/2008 12:54:18 PM

Uh oh ... you broke it!

Well, actually, you tried to access a game that does not exist. Perhaps it was an old link?


Apparently it says I never made this game... But I did, I finished the first page, and I didn't work on it anymore, The name of the game is Dark Road. I wrote out the first page, and when I click the name to bring up the demo mode, it shows the play game screen, I click Play Game, and It brings up the first page in all it's typo ridden glory, but when ever I try to edit it, it gives me a message saying

Uh oh ... you broke it!

Well, actually, you tried to access a game that does not exist. Perhaps it was an old link?

What does this mean? Do I just have to wait for the site to refresh? I even tried logging out and logging back on.

And something even crazier, when I clicked the forum link to visit the page to write a new post. It brought me to the log out screen... any ideas?