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5 months ago
Super sorry if this is a stupid question. I dont like to be a bother but what are some stories here that rely heavily on your decision? I get theres a lot of good stories but they seem very linear and choices are really only there to give you the feeling of being in the story when ultimately it doesnt matter. Not necessarily one with many endings, it could all lead to one ending but the story changes. Kind of like left or right(if you choose left you travel through the city meeting people and if right you travel through forest meeting different people but the ending might stay the same.) Thanks so much and sorry if it's stupid you dont have to reply if it is.


5 months ago

EndMaster's stories come to mind.


5 months ago
Commended by mizal on 8/25/2022 3:58:56 PM

I'm interpreting your question to mean games with a wide variety of different paths, and few save-or-die guess correctly to continue choices.

(Disclaimer:  I'm only suggesting games I've played, and there's a lot I haven't.)

Story-based choice-heavy games:

The book of vanishing tales- By Camelon.  The plot here is the same (traveling to the city), but you can take a different path each time.  Each choice strongly affects what ending you reach, and there are 10+ different endings.

Endmaster's early games- Repression, A very special choose your story, Tales from the basement, TRASH, Geek, Alpha wolf, Imagination, etc.  Endmaster's later games are excellent, but less choice-heavy, having plot-based choices occur only at critical moments.  Paradise violated I especially recommend, in my mind it's the game on the site that best balances the choice-narrative trade off.  Each of these are cave-of-time style with various endings.

Gower's games- All of Gower's games have a variety of endings, and a LOT of different paths that can be taken to get to them.  Private game for Natalie and Sabbatical Report probably best fit your request.

Uneasy Lies the Head- Another one by Camelon.  Nice branching, lots of endings, lots of variety.

Hastings, 1066- Great game, LOTS of branching, good flavor choices.  I've only explored a few of the paths.  

Price of Freedom- A linear game, but including a lot of different chioces for how the story proceeds, like you said in your question. 


Game-based choice-heavy games:

These stories include game-like elements, such as stats and items.  Most are open-map games, allowing for a LOT of exploration and different playthroughs.

Dead man walking- Open map zombie survival game, with a near infinite amount of possible playthroughs.  By Berka Zerka.

Dungeon Stompage- Also by Berka Zerka.  Open map dungeon exploration game with a tight and satisfying plot, with 10+ possible endings.

Will's Detective games- Open map exploration games involving solving a mystery based on collecting clues.  I hear Will's other games are also good in this respect.

Secrets of the Crag- Shamelss self-plug.  An open map stats-based dungeon exploration game with 50+ locations and multiple activities at each location.  10+ endings unlocked based on your choices in the game.


Hope this is what you were looking for!


5 months ago
There's no way for us to tell what stories you've read and didn't like since you haven't been rating them. Can you give a more specific example?

Cave of Time style stories (the branching format where every choice does change the plot in major ways without any looping or repeats) may actually be the most popular kind here. Are you looking at the featured games list or just hitting the randomize button or something?

Gryphon had some good recommendations above and I particularly think you might like Dead Man Walking.