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So you've just gotten your degree in education? Think you have all the strategies to run a successful classroom? This will be a piece of cake. Yeah, right. Let's see if you can even make it through the first year.


There may be some choices which some people may be triggered or offended by, but it should be pretty obvious which ones those are. 

Created for school based contest 2016

For anyone who is counting:

Epilogue- 5

School year completion endings:8 (some are more satisfying than others)

Other Endings- 5

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I actually liked Boggle

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That's very kind of you. But really even give this excrement any attention at all and encourage more of this abysmal behavior?

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Basic Shitty Internet "Erotica"

The room was dim. the small corner of the room was a bed. On that very bed the three sweaty bodies were now nearly completely mingled, like a game of twister gone quite wrong, as they were almost finished with their threesome fest. The male of the group breathes deeply. He never imagined how much work this was going to be keeping both his girlfriend and the beautiful black haired stranger girl, that they had picking up at the bar, happy. It was quite difficult. 

Meanwhile, this stranger was becoming to enjoy the man more and more. She secretly started to wish that the girlfriend, named Debby, was out of the picture so that she could have this man all to herself. A sly thought suddenly comes to her mind. She thought, "I'll get the man tied up so I can take care of this Debby" 

There were a few more thrusts and wiggles as they were almost all orgasming now. They all take a deep breath as they head down for more. 


The stranger, whose name the man later learned was Susan, sudden blurt out with an excited smile, "How about we tie, Roger up. And have some fun with him."

She gave a small wink at the man. "What do you say, Debby?"

Both Debby and Roger thought that sounded like it could be fun so they agreed. Within minutes, Roger was bound and gagged to the bedpost. Debby and Susan began to tease him as they stripped and rubbed against each other vigorously. The fun and games would soon end, however...

Susan with a small aggressive push pinned Debby down to the floor. Debby looks slightly surprised but thought it was just more of the fun. She soon realized it was no game, however, when she felt a cool, shape blade against her throat. 

"Please, what are you doing!?" Debby screamed.

"Taking what I want" Susan said calmly as she slow dragged the blade across Debby's throat. 

Soon a small trickle, and then a stream of blood flowed from the open gash on Debby's neck. Roger looked on in horror as he saw her bleeding. He struggled against his bonds but was unable to escape as he watched helpless as his girlfriend died.

Susan smiles as she gently strokes the dying girl's hair. Then with a sharp tug, Susan rips out a chunk of the hair causing Debby to scream in pain.

"Please, what did I ever do to you?" Debby whispers. It is now difficult to talk and breath as the blood slowly filled her lungs.

Susan simply smiles as she continues her gentle stroking of the hair. A grin pulls over her face as she then brings the knife up again and stabs directly into the heart. Blood gushes like a geyser from this new wound. Debby will be dead in minutes. The deed is done. Susan stands up and looks at the lifeless corpse and the pool of thick red blood around it. 

She then glances back up at Roger. She looks him over seeing his pitiful face and him cowering in the corner. She no longer sees him as attractive.

"This has been fun. Don't you think so, Roger? We should do it again sometime," Susan says flatly with a small smirk as she walked out of the door leaving him bound in the darkness.

Why People Who Use Forks Are Satan Worshippers on 2/8/2017 9:16:51 PM

Personal I use a giant whisk to brutally murder all of my food before sucking it through a straw

Why People Who Use Forks Are Satan Worshippers on 2/8/2017 9:04:17 PM

What about chopsticks

v20170007 Update on 1/30/2017 12:24:28 PM

This might be a stupid question, but where is the top games list for each year?

January New Frontier Contest on 1/30/2017 12:02:46 PM

I think someone stole that cause I saw it somewhere on reddit getting a lot of upvotes lol

Story games for girls on 9/6/2016 3:43:39 PM

Close enough?