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skugga has a total of 627 Experience Points. Following is recent point activity.
11/8/2023-112Admin. Penalty - Automated tax adjustment for birthday welfare. Send feedback to _IRS
9/27/202215Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
9/27/202115Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
8/14/20211Rate Game Sixteen Words
9/27/202015Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
9/27/201915Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
4/19/20191Rate Game The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost
9/27/201815Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
9/27/201715Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
2/22/20171Rate Game Benta Sinco
2/22/20171Rate Game Insane Asylum Part 2
2/22/20171Rate Game The Coast or the Chase
2/22/20171Rate Game The White Face
2/22/20171Rate Game StoryTime!!
2/8/20171Rate Game Awakening of the Tower (Roguelike RPG)
2/8/20171Rate Game Around The World In 80 Days Challenge
1/31/20171Rate Game The Planetary Exploration Society
1/31/20171Rate Game 1984: Cog In The Machine
1/31/20171Rate Game Yay or Nay?
1/31/20171Rate Game Broken Chains
1/14/20171Daily Point
1/13/20171Daily Point
1/12/20171Daily Point
1/11/20171Daily Point
1/10/20171Daily Point
1/9/20171Daily Point
1/8/20171Daily Point
1/7/20171Daily Point
1/3/20171Daily Point
12/31/20161Rate Game Now You Gotta Deal With This S***
12/31/20161Daily Point
12/29/20161Daily Point
12/28/20161Daily Point
12/20/20161Daily Point
12/19/20161Daily Point
12/15/20161Daily Point
12/14/20161Daily Point
12/11/20161Daily Point
12/7/20161Daily Point
12/6/20161Daily Point
12/5/20161Daily Point
12/2/20161Daily Point
12/1/20161Daily Point
11/30/20161Daily Point
11/29/20161Daily Point
11/28/20161Daily Point
11/27/20161Daily Point
11/25/20161Daily Point
11/22/20161Daily Point
11/21/20161Daily Point
11/19/20161Daily Point
11/18/20161Rate Game Gay and Depressed
11/18/20161Daily Point
11/16/20161Daily Point
11/15/20161Daily Point
11/14/20161Daily Point
11/13/20161Daily Point
11/11/20161Daily Point
11/10/20161Daily Point
11/9/20161Daily Point
11/8/20161Daily Point
11/7/20161Daily Point
11/6/20161Daily Point
11/4/20161Daily Point
11/3/20161Daily Point
11/1/20161Daily Point
10/28/20161Daily Point
10/27/20161Daily Point
10/25/20161Daily Point
10/24/20161Daily Point
10/20/20161Rate Game
10/20/20161Daily Point
10/18/20161Daily Point
10/17/20161Daily Point
10/16/20161Daily Point
10/14/20161Daily Point
10/13/20161Daily Point
10/12/20161Daily Point
10/10/20161Daily Point
10/9/20161Daily Point
10/8/20161Daily Point
10/5/20161Daily Point
10/4/20161Daily Point
10/3/20161Daily Point
9/30/20161Daily Point
9/29/20161Daily Point
9/27/20161Daily Point
9/27/201615Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
9/26/20161Daily Point
9/23/20161Daily Point
9/22/20161Daily Point
9/21/20161Daily Point
9/20/20161Daily Point
9/16/20161Daily Point
9/15/20161Daily Point
9/14/20161Daily Point
9/13/20161Daily Point
9/9/20161Daily Point
9/8/20161Daily Point
9/6/20161Daily Point
9/4/20161Daily Point
9/3/20161Daily Point
9/2/20161Daily Point
8/31/20161Daily Point
8/30/20161Daily Point
8/29/20161Daily Point
8/28/20161Daily Point
8/27/20161Daily Point
8/26/20161Daily Point
8/23/20161Rate Game Surviving the forest
8/23/20161Rate Game Attack on the Castle
8/23/20161Rate Game A Dragon's Journey
8/23/20161Rate Game
8/23/20161Daily Point
8/22/20161Daily Point
8/21/20161Rate Game Hollow Hearth
8/21/20161Rate Game Fun Stuff Part 2
8/21/20161Daily Point
8/20/20161Daily Point
8/19/20161Daily Point
8/18/20161Daily Point
8/17/20161Daily Point
8/16/20161Daily Point
8/15/20161Daily Point
8/14/20161Daily Point
8/13/20161Daily Point
8/12/20161Daily Point
8/11/20161Daily Point
8/10/20161Daily Point
8/9/20161Daily Point
8/8/20161Daily Point
8/6/20161Rate Game HIGHWAYS to HELL
8/6/20161Daily Point
8/5/20161Rate Game I Hate Romance
8/5/20161Daily Point
8/4/20161Daily Point
8/3/20161Daily Point
8/2/20161Daily Point
8/1/20161Daily Point
7/31/20161Daily Point
7/30/20161Daily Point
7/29/20161Daily Point
7/28/20161Rate Game 8 goals, 28 rolls
7/28/20161Rate Game Don't click on this game! (Do it. Do it.)
7/28/20161Rate Game Weird Outcome
7/28/20161Daily Point
7/27/20161Daily Point
7/26/20161Daily Point
7/25/20161Rate Game
7/25/20161Daily Point
7/24/20161Rate Game Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
7/24/20161Daily Point
7/23/20161Daily Point
7/22/20161Daily Point
7/21/20161Rate Game Princess Pretty - Adventure Begins - *REMASTERED*
7/21/20161Rate Game Princess Pretty - The Captain of the Queen's Guard -
7/21/20161Rate Game I'm leaving
7/21/20161Rate Game The Make-Believe Sandbox
7/21/20161Rate Game This Fate
7/21/20161Rate Game Seasons Change
7/21/20161Rate Game Caged!-the prequel
7/21/20161Rate Game
7/21/20161Daily Point
7/20/20161Rate Game Caged!
7/20/20161Rate Game Snow Love
7/20/20161Rate Game
7/20/20161Rate Game American Outlaws: The James Gang
7/20/20161Rate Game Get ready for school! (Tons of choices!)
7/20/20161Rate Game What Do You Want To Do Tonight?
7/20/20161Daily Point
7/19/20161Rate Game Popping My Cherry
7/19/20161Rate Game Petra's Choices
7/19/20161Rate Game Orpheus
7/19/20161Rate Game Ophthalmophobia: A Love Story
7/19/20161Rate Game Love Triangle
7/19/20161Rate Game Losing and Gaining Love
7/19/20161Rate Game Lonely boy
7/19/20161Rate Game
7/19/20161Rate Game
7/19/20161Daily Point
7/18/20161Rate Game Halfway Decent
7/18/20161Rate Game First Dates Can Be Tricky
7/18/20161Rate Game Farewell, My Childhood Self
7/18/20161Rate Game Dating: Mission Impossible
7/18/20161Rate Game A tale of love and hate..
7/18/20161Rate Game ...In Love And War
7/18/20161Rate Game Choose Your Own Adventure - PT edition
7/18/20161Daily Point
7/17/20161Daily Point
7/16/20161Daily Point
7/15/20161Daily Point
7/14/20161Rate Game HOW NOT TO WRITE- A Pokemon Adventure - Part 1 - Chapter I - Section A: The Beginning of the Start
7/14/20161Rate Game Without Time
7/14/20161Rate Game Two Hearts and A Hawk
7/14/20161Rate Game Simon's Day
7/14/20161Rate Game Seduction
7/14/20161Rate Game Rose
7/14/20161Rate Game Reach Love
7/14/20161Rate Game Rainy mood
7/14/20161Rate Game Pam Meets Steve
7/14/20161Rate Game Nightfall in Cincinnati
7/14/20161Rate Game My Sweet Anna
7/14/20161Rate Game Love's journey through the woods Part 1
7/14/20161Rate Game
7/14/20161Rate Game Late night visit
7/14/20161Rate Game Lamb on a Yellow Rose Bed
7/14/20161Rate Game I Love You, My Sweet Kate
7/14/20161Rate Game Highschool
7/14/20161Rate Game High School Romance
7/14/20161Rate Game Hey Mom
7/14/20161Rate Game Grief
7/14/20161Rate Game Goodbye.
7/14/20161Rate Game Friend Zone
7/14/20161Rate Game Forgotten Rose
7/14/20161Daily Point
7/13/20161Rate Game Find a Date Before it's too Late
7/13/20161Rate Game College Romance
7/13/20161Rate Game Cold Hands
7/13/20161Rate Game Boys at School - For GIRLS
7/13/20161Rate Game A stranger's love
7/13/20161Rate Game A Light within a Darkness
7/13/20161Rate Game A Mutt's Purpose
7/13/20161Rate Game A Stroll in the Forest
7/13/20161Rate Game A Man to the Slaughter
7/13/20161Rate Game School Simulation
7/13/20161Rate Game It's going down for real
7/13/20161Rate Game veangance quest
7/13/20161Rate Game Through the Garden Gate
7/13/20161Rate Game The strangest apocalypse ever
7/13/20161Rate Game The Orb of Detroit
7/13/20161Rate Game
7/13/20161Rate Game the mansion escape
7/13/20161Rate Game The Last Teenager (v2)
7/13/20161Rate Game The Labyrinth of Monyx
7/13/20161Rate Game The Bloods: Chapter 1
7/13/20161Daily Point
7/12/20161Rate Game The Adventures of MARC
7/12/20161Daily Point
7/11/20161Rate Game Treasure Adventure
7/11/20161Rate Game The Adventure into Albanon: Chapter 1
7/11/20161Rate Game Tastes Like Chicken
7/11/20161Rate Game Sparkling Forks
7/11/20161Rate Game Short Story Of Dragnes The Dragon
7/11/20161Rate Game Second World #1
7/11/20161Rate Game Rise of Vollund
7/11/20161Rate Game Raceia
7/11/20161Rate Game Portal World
7/11/20161Rate Game Piratical Decency
7/11/20161Rate Game Mysterious Kitten
7/11/20161Rate Game Atari Chronicles: The Girl (Book One)
7/11/20161Rate Game The New World
7/11/20161Rate Game The Gutter Punk of London
7/11/20161Rate Game The Forest Manager
7/11/20161Rate Game The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
7/11/20161Rate Game The Black Hand
7/11/20161Rate Game Surviving the EBD Classroom
7/11/20161Rate Game Phoenician Trade Game
7/11/20161Rate Game Greek Labyrinth
7/11/20161Daily Point
7/11/20161Rate Game Wizard Duel at Wizard School
7/11/20161Rate Game My Life as a Magician
7/11/20161Rate Game Medieval Adventure
7/11/20161Rate Game In the Caverns
7/11/20161Rate Game Horus
7/11/20161Rate Game Escape the Snow Cave
7/11/20161Rate Game ENG4U1 Seminar Game
7/11/20161Rate Game Dragons
7/11/20161Rate Game Death Becomes You
7/11/20161Rate Game Conquest: Chapter I
7/11/20161Rate Game Can Anybody Escape?
7/11/20161Rate Game
7/10/20161Rate Game Dad's Birthday Adventure
7/10/20161Rate Game Love or Magic
7/10/20161Rate Game An Escape From The Top
7/10/20161Rate Game A Jail Cell
7/10/20161Rate Game A Sick Day
7/10/20161Daily Point
7/9/20161Rate Game Footink: Fantasy Cave City
7/9/20161Rate Game Bad End Night
7/9/20161Rate Game I want to have money and financial stability
7/9/20161Rate Game The Quest
7/9/20161Rate Game The Mystic Kingdom
7/9/20161Rate Game The Lurking Forest
7/9/20161Rate Game
7/9/20161Rate Game Lilly of the Forest
7/9/20161Rate Game Jurgen the warrior
7/9/20161Rate Game A Short Adventure...
7/9/20161Rate Game A Day in Your Room
7/9/20161Rate Game 7 Years' War
7/9/20161Rate Game Flight of the boobook owl
7/9/20161Rate Game Tikal Warrior
7/9/20161Rate Game The Troubles
7/9/20161Rate Game The Javan Rhinoceros
7/9/20161Rate Game Story.exe
7/9/20161Rate Game Rob A. Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment
7/9/20161Rate Game Dressing The Part
7/9/20161Rate Game Dangerous Decision Dan
7/9/20161Rate Game Career Story: IVEY Edition
7/9/20161Daily Point
7/9/20161Rate Game Imperialism choose your own adventure
7/9/20161Rate Game Vocab 1
7/9/20161Rate Game Astronaut: Chapter 1
7/9/20161Rate Game Algebra Game
7/9/20161Rate Game 1912
7/9/20161Rate Game Jack and Jill Live On 2
7/9/20161Rate Game I Am A Dragon
7/9/20161Rate Game How not to be eaten by a dragon
7/9/20161Rate Game Heroes Save Us
7/9/20161Rate Game Forgotten, then lost
7/9/20161Rate Game Dragon Rider - Lost Memory
7/9/20161Rate Game Control Your: Pack
7/9/20161Rate Game Lost in the Woods
7/9/20161Rate Game Life of a Wizard
7/8/20161Rate Game Dragon Ages
7/8/20161Rate Game Dr. Figar's Lessons on Job Employment
7/8/20161Rate Game Blue Light Saga
7/8/20161Rate Game Inepta Academy
7/8/20161Rate Game
7/8/20161Rate Game Suzy's Strange Saga
7/8/20161Rate Game TRASH
7/8/20161Rate Game Rings of Stone
7/8/20161Rate Game (Old) School of the Star Scavengers
7/8/20161Daily Point
7/8/20161Rate Game Prometheus Academy
7/7/20161Rate Game The Multiverse Chalkboard
7/7/20161Daily Point
7/7/20161Rate Game Solstice
7/6/20161Rate Game Hallway
7/6/20161Daily Point
7/5/20163Create Game
7/5/20161Daily Point
7/4/20161Daily Point
7/3/20161Rate Game Behemoth
7/3/2016-2Admin. Penalty - Rating a game that was never published.
7/3/20161Rate Game Antedilluvia
7/3/20161Rate Game Adventures of a Normal Man
7/3/20161Rate Game Hallway: The seconding
7/3/201610Publish Game Avoiding Termination
7/3/20161Daily Point
7/2/20161Daily Point
6/30/20161Daily Point
6/29/20161Daily Point
6/28/20161Daily Point
6/27/20161Daily Point
6/26/20161Daily Point
6/25/20161Daily Point
6/23/20161Daily Point
6/22/20161Daily Point
6/21/20161Rate Game
6/21/20161Daily Point
6/20/20161Daily Point
6/19/20161Daily Point
6/18/20161Daily Point
6/17/20161Daily Point
6/16/20161Rate Game
6/16/20161Rate Game filler episode
6/16/20161Daily Point
6/15/20161Daily Point
6/9/20161Daily Point
6/8/20161Rate Game MOOTHA RUSSIA!!!!
6/8/20161Daily Point
6/7/20161Rate Game Between war and peace
6/7/20161Daily Point
6/6/20161Rate Game My 10th Grade Odyssey
6/6/20161Daily Point
6/5/20161Daily Point
6/4/20161Daily Point
6/3/20161Daily Point
6/2/20161Rate Game How To Play A Game
6/2/20161Rate Game Rylee Greening: Champion of Fitness
6/2/20161Rate Game Psychedelic
6/2/20161Daily Point
6/1/20161Rate Game What Triumph Looks Like
6/1/20161Daily Point
5/31/20161Daily Point
5/29/20161Daily Point
5/27/20161Daily Point
5/26/20161Daily Point
5/25/20161Daily Point
5/24/20161Daily Point
5/23/20161Daily Point
5/21/20161Rate Game The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Original)
5/21/20161Rate Game A Day In The Life of A Slice of Bread
5/21/20161Daily Point
5/20/20161Daily Point
5/19/20163Create Game Avoiding Termination
5/19/20161Daily Point
5/18/20161Daily Point
5/17/20161Daily Point
5/14/20161Rate Game Children of the Plague
5/14/20161Rate Game First Aid Adventure
5/14/20161Rate Game attack of the manatees
5/14/20161Daily Point
5/13/20161Daily Point
5/12/20161Daily Point
5/9/20161Daily Point
5/8/20161Daily Point
5/7/20161Daily Point
5/6/20161Daily Point
5/5/20161Daily Point
5/4/20161Daily Point
5/3/20161Daily Point
5/1/20161Rate Game
5/1/20161Rate Game Fallout Chapter 1: The Vault
5/1/20161Rate Game Reckless Young Man
5/1/20161Rate Game
5/1/20161Daily Point
4/28/20161Daily Point
4/27/20161Rate Game Ducky Park
4/27/20161Daily Point
4/26/20161Daily Point
4/25/20161Daily Point
4/22/20161Rate Game The Darkness
4/22/20161Rate Game The Things that you should know but probably don't Quiz
4/22/20161Daily Point
4/21/20161Daily Point
4/19/20161Daily Point
4/17/20161Daily Point
4/16/20161Daily Point
4/15/20161Daily Point
4/14/20161Daily Point
4/13/20161Daily Point
4/12/20161Daily Point
4/11/20161Rate Game Monster Trivia
4/11/20161Rate Game
4/11/20161Rate Game It's, It's a....Thing?
4/11/20161Daily Point
4/10/20161Daily Point
4/9/20161Daily Point
4/8/20161Daily Point
4/7/20161Daily Point
4/5/20161Daily Point
4/4/20161Daily Point
4/3/20161Daily Point
4/1/20161Daily Point
3/31/20161Daily Point
3/30/20161Daily Point
3/29/20161Daily Point
3/28/20161Rate Game Appeasement of Hitler: WWII Trail
3/28/20161Daily Point
3/27/20161Daily Point
3/26/20161Daily Point
3/24/20161Daily Point
3/23/20161Daily Point
3/22/20161Daily Point
3/21/20161Daily Point
3/20/20161Daily Point
3/19/20161Daily Point
3/18/20161Daily Point
3/17/20161Rate Game A Strange Day in July
3/17/20161Rate Game ESL Hello, everyone!
3/17/20161Daily Point
3/16/20161Daily Point
3/15/20161Daily Point
3/14/20161Daily Point
3/12/20161Daily Point
3/10/20161Daily Point
3/9/20161Daily Point
3/8/20161Daily Point
3/5/20161Rate Game Under The Bridge
3/5/20161Rate Game Tower of Doom
3/5/20161Rate Game
3/5/20161Rate Game The Poem
3/5/20161Rate Game Full moon's night
3/5/20161Daily Point
3/4/20161Daily Point
3/3/20161Rate Game The Curse of Norgurune
3/3/20161Rate Game Castle Conundrum
3/3/20161Rate Game The Awesume
3/3/20161Rate Game The Ancient Cookie (After-Contest)
3/3/20161Rate Game Alien Abduction
3/3/20161Daily Point
3/1/20161Daily Point
2/29/20161Daily Point
2/27/20161Rate Game A Web of Dreams
2/27/20161Daily Point
2/26/20161Daily Point
2/25/20161Daily Point
2/24/20161Daily Point
2/23/20161Daily Point
2/22/20161Daily Point
2/21/20161Daily Point
2/20/20161Daily Point
2/19/20161Rate Game Paint Wars
2/19/20161Daily Point
2/18/20161Rate Game Chuck Norris Quiz
2/18/20161Rate Game The Robot
2/18/20161Rate Game Bloodlines
2/18/20161Rate Game The Arrival
2/18/20161Rate Game Ship Wrecked on Misty Island
2/18/20161Rate Game Without You (1)
2/18/20161Rate Game
2/18/20161Rate Game Wolf's Love
2/18/20161Rate Game Your Birthday
2/18/20161Rate Game A Cup of Tea
2/18/20161Rate Game A Tale of War: Thragnazil
2/18/20161Rate Game A sympathy in choice
2/18/20161Rate Game A Magical Tale
2/18/20161Rate Game A Midnight Walk
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