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You are not really interested in that sci-fi bull**** until aliens attack. What happens next is up to you. Strong language.







The begining of the story is quite bad but still go on to the end, as it gets better later on.

Star Wars: End War

The jedi council is becoming queasy. They have sent you to tell the dark side too give up, but no one ever believes in 'don't shoot the messenger' in this case its 'dont slice the messenger in half with a light saber'

Stargate: Creation

I'm just an average fan, not one of them super extreme fans that know every thing about stargate. So if i do get some information wrong i do apologize.

You are Jack O'Neil of SG-26 NOT the Jack O'Neil of SG-1. SG-26 is a training team. You have a chance to go with SG-1 for a mission nothing could go wrong.

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Contract on 9/8/2009 2:05:09 PM

I have a deal with you all. If i get timj to say sorry to you all and i lose 6 times in a row, wil you all stop saying i'm a cheater, and i'm some how related to jjj--thebanisher.


Sign your name below if you agree.

Dazohan11 cheating. on 9/7/2009 5:43:22 PM

only not on

Dazohan11 cheating. on 9/7/2009 5:42:50 PM

also it was on 6 wins. OMG ITS THE END OF THE DUELS AS WE KNOW IT!

Dazohan11 cheating. on 9/7/2009 5:27:26 PM

i admit i know timj but not JJJ-double sick on his face-the banisher.

Dazohan11 cheating. on 9/7/2009 5:21:26 PM

friends? i only introduced timj

Dazohan11 cheating. on 9/7/2009 5:18:52 PM

let me explain.

my m8 tim jordan is kinda retarded. i decided to introduce him to the website, but he didn't find it entertaining at all. so he decided to piss people off and he doesn't reallly care about the duels so he coudn't be bothered learning how to play them.ok?

Stupid Superheroes on 9/6/2009 4:48:54 PM


lol @ this idiot! on 9/6/2009 4:20:17 PM

joking about somit

Who votes that timj is a internet stalker! on 9/6/2009 4:17:21 PM

he keeps trying to get people's birthdays and asking are they male or female. and look at his story.

Kill the above user on 9/6/2009 4:15:09 PM