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Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

This week’s prompt is freeform based Sci-fi. You can make a poem based on anything science fiction, in whatever rhyme scheme, length, meter you like. Base your poem on spaceships travelling at light speed, time travel, aliens, advanced dystopian future; let your imagination run wild!

I’m giving you the freedom to do whatever and however you want to do with your sci-fi poem. Happy writing!

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

@Gower @Ozoni @Mayana @Orange @Austinc @ninjapitka @IsentinelPenguin @Fiscean-Chef@The_Broken_God  @TharaApples @C6H8O6 @Cupcakitty_13

Points list:

Gower: 26

Serpent: 5

Ozoni: 8

Mayana: 4

Orange: 11

Austinc: 12


Fiscean: 13

Broken god: 12



Ninja: 14

Me: 18

Cupcake: 4

C6H8: 4

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Is it wondrous that your battered, cratterous,
Countenance is an object of desire
For those viewing from the Golden Terrace,
Marveling at Apollo's borrowed fire?

Spellbound by false beauty,
But not by Orpheus' lyre?
Unworthy of this worship!
With whom do you conspire?

What is this hidden turpitude,
Veiled by shrouds with motives dire?
Can't they see beauty underfoot,
The pulchritude of Gaia?

Disillusioned by your evening shine,
Zealous worship does transpire.
Oh, when will mortals see true light
From you - the Lunar Liar.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Oh shit this is scifi. Whatevs, I'll just say it is.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Good usage of words here to match the meter of certain lines with the stanza. I like the unique way in which you made the meter and rhythm of the first and last stanzas's and second and third similar; it sounds good. Iambic meter was used extensively in the first and last stanzas and pyrrhic and spondee was used in the second and third, but I found this marvellous correlation; for each stressed syllable in the iamb matches with the stressed syllable with the pyrrhic and unstressed with spondee, with the middle being asymmetrical. This gives it a very unique rhythm when the whole poem is read together, that is regular enough at the ends but as well as irregular in the middle, which really gives it a good feel.

As for the context, is based on Greek mythology, which I have very little knowledge about, but it does give me a 'grand' and 'important' vibe which I assume was your intention.

Nice poem, though since it's really not sci-fi; I can't give points. 

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Only Me

Why am I different?

From what I can see,

Are you imperfect?

No, it's only me.


These greatest minds

Have epiphanies

Are you mistaken?

No, it's only me.


The virtuosos

Do it artfully

Are you an amateur?

No, it's only me.


The architects

A world they conceive

Do you have faliures?

No, it's only me.


This advance

In technology

Are you human?

No, it's only me.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Cool 'villainelle-like' poem, and I like the usage of short but meaningful words here; and the message, although pretty generic; was still put forth properly.

I observed the repeating rhythm and meter, which although is a bit too short/long in some places, is more or less in nice rhythm. The constant ABCB rhyme scheme blends well with the rhythmic meter.

I just have one criticism though, the poem doesn't seem to give me a sense of fulfillment when I read it, the whole poem feels so symmetric, that it just becomes too plain, kind of like how when you listen to a politician's speech, they say the same thing repeatedly, but in different ways and a monotone voice. Maybe you could've added a bit of contrast, like a long lengthy worked out couplet with an AA rhyme scheme, completely different from the rest of the poem, just to grab the reader's attention. Since this was freeform, maybe you could've used the spacing of poems and lines tocreate something different, or like literally anything else; just to not let the reader go through the same style, same sound but different words again and again.

A well-crafted poem overall, 4 points.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

@mizal was very eager to make something this week.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

I did some bad shit that I don’t regret

Too bad society deemed me a threat

I couldn’t escape the death penalty

There was no other way except to flee.


So I stole a rocket and took to space,

Trying my hardest to avoid my fate.

I went so fast everything was a blur,

What are the odds that I stopped next to her?


She took me in and gave me purpose,

And for that I’ll always be of service.

But lately I’ve started wanting her more

I don’t believe I’ve felt this way before


I think that I’m in love with her eyestalks

I think that I’m in love with her smallpox

I think that I’m in love with her blue tint

I think that I’m in love with her ear lint


She always makes sure that I’ve been fed well

She says she loves me, and gets caramel.

I love lingadingabagewena (ling-a-ding-a-bah-juh-wen-uh)

even with her mind control antenna

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Cool piece here, I like the first three stanzas in iamb, and the sudden but rhythmic shift to repetitive 'I think' lines. Last stanza was unique with the weird name of the alien, but still it gives a sense of uniqueness to the poem here.

As for the context, I like the cool idea of romance with an extraterrestial being and the poem gives off a playful tone. The descriptions of the alien was very creative and cool, which perfectly put forth the atmosphere of weirdness. 

The twist in the ending line was quite a shocker, lol; simply loved that.

Nice poem here, probably deserves a commendation by a mod. 5 points!


Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

I want to feel alive, to feel emotion
Here alone, life is still
Though I ask myself, how far fetched is the notion

Mixing things up, I love the commotion
While I may be made of metal, I feel the thrill
I want to feel alive, to feel emotion

Thinking things over, I want to rage in an explosion
Solitude, it could drive some to kill
Though I ask myself how far fetched is the notion 

Happiness, it's like a potion
Like a drug, addicted till
I want to feel alive, to feel emotion

From dead to alive, what a promotion
Life is pointless, I say on top a hill
Though I ask myself how far fetched is the notion 

To these pitiful humans, I've shown my devotion
Happiness, in my hard drive I wish they would instill 
I want to feel alive, to feel emotion
Though I ask myself, how far fetched is this notion


Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Another villainelle like poem, seems like y'all really wanted to contribute to that prompt, lol. 

This has some cool figures of speech here, good job in adding in spice to the poem. The meter and rhythm and first glance seem haphazard; but there's some mild uniformity in it at work here. Regular stressed and unstressed syllables at a few places give it a unique sense of rhythm when read aloud, good job in bringing that out. 

Comparison of an AI having feelings, although generic, is well described here. Tone is set properly too.

Few stanzas had a bit of weird meter, although most of it had some sense of rhythm; my only advice would be to have some sort of idea and preperation of meter when you begin the poem. I know it's freeform but rhythm is still important. You do have an ear for sound though as there is mild uniformity. Work on that, and it'll be even better. 4 points!

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Alright, I want to give everyone here a chance to contribute to the next times thread, so Serpent, Austinc, Ozoni and Cupcake; simply write down what suggestions you have for the theme and I'll do those in the coming weeks.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago





Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago
Maybe these ought to be monthly, or bimonthly at least. I liked this prompt and I've liked some of the others but they're always buried before I can seriously think of sitting down to write anything. It might draw the attention of some of the people who only check in now and then too.

50 word story thread is by far the most popular CC thread and I think there's a good reason for that, there's no pressure and anyone can drop in and contribute anytime the mood strikes.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Hm, yeah fair point. If the thread is left open for a longer time that could lead to more participation. Alright, from now onwards I'll make the threads once every fifteen to twenty days, to keep the time gap bigger so more people can participate.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Maybe we could simply make one single poetry thread, akin to the 50 words; where anyone can write anything they want and anytime they desire. But, in this case, the idea of giving out prompts and themes wouldn't work so well.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago
I like the prompts and themes because I don't know anything about this gay poetry shit. The detailed explanations are a huge help to us straight participants.

Poetry prompt week 17

3 months ago

Lol yeah fair point. There probably won’t be any entries at all in such a thread because of that.