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December Contest Results

4 years ago
First off, congratulations to all of our entrants. We saw some excellent content added to the site this week.

The December Contest had 21 entrants submitting a total of 28 entries. I believe our follow through rate was 21/29 which may very well be a CYS record for submissions. For those who received SHAME, you'll have an opportunity to get out of End's Shame Well in January.

Personally, I thought judging this contest was very difficult as we had a number of very well written entries. I believe this was reflected in the judging ballots where out of 20 votes cast by four judges (top five ranked by each judge), we had 11 different entries find their way onto a ballot. No entry made its way onto all four ballots. However, a nod to mizal, who had at least one of her entries on each ballot.

Overall 1st Place Winner: pugpup1 - The Bard's Tale

2nd Place: BradinDvorak - Slaying Song

3rd Place: mizal - Now You Gotta Deal With This S***

4th Place Overall & 1st Place Winner of the Traditional Ballads: Romulus - The Ballad of the Yuletide Cook

Honorary Mentions:

mizal - The Ballad of an Arctic Explorer ; Will11 - A Mountain For My Acushla ; Orange - The Ballad of the Orchard

Finally, I would like to give a special congratulations to TemporaryAccount for submitting all four of his entries.

A new contest will be back in January, until then, enjoy the Christmas season.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
spill the beans. what's the contest in january about? will it have initial point deductions like this contest?

December Contest Results

4 years ago
I'll let everyone enjoy their Christmas break before I announce the next theme, but I think the points system worked pretty well here. So we'll bring it back again.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
Are you sure the next contest should be so soon?

Many people are getting off break and starting things up at the crack of the new year - is January really a good time?

If you say it isn't a great time and the contest shouldn't be so soon - what is the reason for having it in January? Actually, what's the reason for January anyways? Is it to do with the contest theme?

December Contest Results

4 years ago

I don't know, Ford. It's ridiculous that they'd hold the monthly contest in the month of January. Strange. 

December Contest Results

4 years ago
it's monthly? wtf? since when? monthly is way too often xD

We had the halloween thing. What was the november contest? this one? but then the next one would be december not january.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
November got skipped in honor of NanoWriMo

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Plus, everyone disappointed you in October except Malk and STEVE, bitches!

December Contest Results

4 years ago
Uglick and lampmandando (spelling?) also did a story. So two teams were NON-shamed.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
Good job, everyone! :D
Congratulations, pug!!!! I enjoyed yours very much. ^-^
Awesome entry, Bradin! The >_> extra stuff definitely enhanced it.
Ooooh, very nice, mizal! Your CYOA was very amusing. :)
Romulus! Good job with overall and awesome job with traditional.
Will, your ballad had lovely imagery and symbolism. :)
VERY well done, Orange, being newer. :3 Beautiful ballad.
Alas, tcount. Gold star for effort and persistence! It really brought you through til the end.

EVERYONE!! Great job to everyone!! I loved all your ballads (welll... <_<) and enjoyed reading them! (They worked as wonderful examples for my friend who I forced into writing a ballad *cough* for school. But, ah, that's a different matter). Have a nice break if you're having it!

(I plan to take revenge...)

December Contest Results

4 years ago

YES! YEEEEEESSSSSS!! I GOT AN HONORARY MENTION! (Okay play it cool, play it cool, it's just an honorary mention, you didn't place) *strips* *runs around screaming with pure excitement* *gets arrested for public nudity* 

December Contest Results

4 years ago
Awesome job, Orange!!! That's still quite a success! *bails you out by paying ridiculous amounts of cash*

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Thanks Crescent, I'll start selling drugs so I can pay you back.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
Err.... XD If you're going to do that, I HIGHLY recommend you don't do that. >-<

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Psh, I'd be a great drug dealer. I've taken Tylenol for a headache before so I guess you could say I know everything about drugs.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
>_< Scrub.

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Congratulations to everybody who was part of this contest and wasn't among the SHAMED. :)
I'm looking forward to the next one.

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Congrats Pugpup! And thanks for organising this Bucky.

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Yippee. A special congrats. Can't wait till the next contest.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
Congratulations to everyone who wrote a ballad for this contest and submitted it. They were all very good (except mine). And SHAME for all of you that entered the contest but didn't even bother to actually, you know, write. The thing this site is ment for.
Also, shouldn't this be in News and updates?

December Contest Results

4 years ago
If someone wants to move it they can. I can't post threads in there directly.

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Okay, moved to News and Updates.

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Great job to the winners and great entries everyone!

December Contest Results

4 years ago
Congrats to pugpup and Romulus! (For earning my eternal ire...)

Bradin, I dislike you too, but not as strongly.

To everyone who entered and placed beneath me, I offer a condescending pat on the head. Good effort! You tried.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
What do Will and Orange get from you?

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Hooray! ^-^
I get a condescending pat!

I like this prize.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
*is condescendingly patted*

December Contest Results

4 years ago

I live for the misfortune of others... 

December Contest Results

4 years ago
The participation level here was amazing! Congrats to the winners and honorables~

To everyone else, thanks for making this a true contest. :)

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Thank you to everyone and congratulations all! I enjoyed the ballads a lot

December Contest Results

4 years ago
Hope to see you on the forums, now that you've come out of hiding.

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Haha, the turnout is pretty awesome considering October's contest, so a big congratulations to everyone who submitted!

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Unfortunately even though I finished my ballad beforehand I didn't get online to enter it when the thread was put up. I'm still gonna put up my ballad late because even though I earned SHAME I still want to see what people think about it. It'll be good feedback for the next contest that does something like this.

December Contest Results

4 years ago

The Lawyer and the Devil.




There once was a poor man who had three sons, 


Named Daniel, Patrick, and John.


He wished a better life for them,


But had not the coin.




"Why must this be?"


The father called out to the sky,


"My sons talents, wasted!


Because of a pauper such as I!"




The first son, named Daniel,


A deeply pious man,


The church was like his second home,


And God's word was his calling.




The second man, named Patrick,


Even as a boy,


Was always helping others,


Healing was his cause.




The third man, named John,


It was as if he'd kissed the stone,


Whether with arguments or women,


He always got his way.




The father, he was Catholic,


But desperate was he,


He struck a deal with Lucifer,


To send his sons to school.




"Please, Devil!" the old man begged,


"My sons must not be poor like me,


Give me the coin to educate my sons,


And you may have my soul."




Lucifer readily agreed, and said,


"You have seven years,"


The three boys gladly went to school,


But did not ask where the coin was from.




One day, seven years later,


The father visited his first son,


And wouldn't irony have it,


Daniel was a priest.




Lucifer came to take his soul,


And Daniel himself was livid,


"Father, how could you turn from God?


For a mortal such as I"




Despite Daniel's anger,


The man was still his father,


So he began to pray,


And turned to his hated foe.




"Lucifer, hear the word of God!


My father has commited a grave sin,


Give him three years time,


So he may redeem himself to God."




But Lucifer just laughed, and said,


"Your father's soul is already mine!


There will be no redemption,


His soul is bound for Hell."




But Daniel pleaded and begged,


Until Lucifer, annoyed and wroth, 


Gave in to his requests,


And gave the father three more years.




Three years later, the father,


Pained and ailing, went to his son,


Patrick, who was a doctor,


Was worried and afraid.




"Father, you will die soon!


You only have one more year!


Daniel told me of your plight!


Whatever shall you do?"




Lucifer then showed up,


And said "Now your time is up!"


But Patrick then stepped in,


And tried to save his father.




"Please, Lucifer, my father,


Has only one more year,


Let me and our brothers pay respects,


Then have him you may."




Lucifer was now fed up, 


But give in he did,


But gave the father one final warning,


That chilled him to the bone.




"Twice, you have defied me,


The next time, you will not,


Your soul will belong to me,


So enjoy your last moments of victory."




One year later, the father, 


Was on his deathbed,


The first two brothers had paid respects,


Now only the third was left.




John had become a lawyer,


A very good one at that,


He now prepared his greatest case,


To beat the Devil himself!




Sure enough, the Devil came,


And John stood to his feet,


He looked Lucifer in the eye,


And began to speak.




"Twice you have spared my father,


I know there will not be a third,


But please, just give me a moment,


To pay my last respects."




"Very well," Lucifer said.


And pointed to a nearby candle.


"When that candle stick has burned to nothing, 


Then his soul will be mine."




The candle stick was a stub,


It only had a minute, 


Then once it was nothing but wax,


The old man would be in Hell.




The third son John nodded,


Then grabbed at the candle, 


He blew out the flame, 


And the stub was still intact!




The Devil Lucifer just laughed,


"You think that will save him?


Once he has taken his final breath, 


Then he will still be mine."




Then it was John's turn to smile,


And said to the Devil,


"By our deal, you cannot claim his soul,


Until the candle stub is no more."




"And furthermore," John said.


"Once he is in Heaven,


His soul will be forevermore,


Out of your reach."




The Devil screamed and raged,


And overall threw a fit,


But there was naught he could do, 


The lawyer had beaten him.




And the old man, Seamus, at last,


Died with a final breath.


And his soul went to Heaven's gates,


Where God was over all.




The Devil turned to John,


"I will remember this day!"


But John only laughed,


And turned and walked away.

December Contest Results

4 years ago
I liked that, Ben.

December Contest Results

4 years ago

Thank you

December Contest Results

4 years ago
Congratulations to all who participated! While writing this sort of item was not something I can do well, I did enjoy reading the quality content.