MagmaArmor0's Experience Points

MagmaArmor0 has a total of 770 Experience Points. Following is recent point activity.
6/29/202115Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
6/29/202015Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
6/29/201915Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
6/29/201815Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
2/1/20181Rate Game Saoirse
6/29/201715Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
5/23/2017-5Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
1/4/20171Daily Point
12/25/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
12/24/20161Daily Point
12/24/2016-1Lose Duel Toggle
12/22/20161Daily Point
12/14/20161Daily Point
12/6/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
11/15/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
11/14/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
11/10/20161Daily Point
11/5/20161Daily Point
11/2/20161Daily Point
10/27/20161Daily Point
10/26/20161Daily Point
10/25/20161Daily Point
10/20/20161Daily Point
10/10/20161Daily Point
10/4/20161Daily Point
9/25/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/22/20161Daily Point
9/20/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/19/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/16/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/10/20161Daily Point
8/29/20161Daily Point
8/17/20161Daily Point
8/9/20161Daily Point
8/8/20161Daily Point
8/7/20161Daily Point
8/3/20161Daily Point
7/26/20161Daily Point
7/26/20162Win Duel RPS
7/5/20161Daily Point
7/1/20161Daily Point
6/30/20161Rate Game Magellan 4: Search for Original Ideas
6/30/20161Rate Game Magellan 3: Journey to New Horizons
6/30/20161Rate Game Magellan 2: Fight for Beliefs
6/30/20161Daily Point
6/29/20161Daily Point
6/29/201615Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
6/27/20161Daily Point
5/25/20161Daily Point
5/24/20161Daily Point
5/20/20161Daily Point
5/16/20161Daily Point
5/14/20161Daily Point
4/27/20163Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
4/11/20161Daily Point
4/10/20161Daily Point
3/28/20161Daily Point
3/23/20161Daily Point
3/22/20161Daily Point
3/20/20161Daily Point
3/17/20161Daily Point
3/16/20161Daily Point
3/15/20161Daily Point
3/12/20161Daily Point
3/4/2016-3Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
3/3/20161Daily Point
3/2/20165Win Duel RPS
3/2/20161Daily Point
3/1/20161Rate Game The Path of Death
3/1/20161Daily Point
2/29/20161Daily Point
2/28/20161Daily Point
2/28/2016-5Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
2/24/20161Daily Point
2/22/20161Daily Point
2/16/20161Daily Point
2/12/20161Daily Point
2/11/20165Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
2/10/20161Rate Game MyVacation
2/10/20161Rate Game
2/10/20161Daily Point
2/9/20161Daily Point
2/8/20161Daily Point
2/4/20161Daily Point
2/3/20161Rate Game Desert Survivor
2/3/20161Rate Game
2/3/20161Daily Point
2/2/20161Daily Point
1/28/20161Daily Point
1/28/20161Rate Game
1/28/20161Rate Game The Cliche Adventures of a Generic Hero
1/28/20161Rate Game A Dog's Life
1/28/20161Rate Game Hell Girl: The Shattered Mirror
1/28/20161Rate Game Clover Seven: Ace Attorney - Episode 2: The Party Killer Turnabout
1/28/20161Rate Game Clover Seven: Ace Attorney - Episode 1: Turnabout Museum!
1/28/20161Rate Game ULYSSES: The Pegasi Incident
1/28/20161Rate Game Paraplaniac
1/28/20161Rate Game Paradise Violated
1/28/20161Rate Game Terra Proxima: First Strike
1/28/20161Rate Game Mechanised Assault Unit
1/28/20161Rate Game Light Space
1/28/20161Rate Game Mercenary Queen (Part 1): Escape from Essitrea
1/28/20161Rate Game The Fox and The Fawn
1/28/20161Rate Game Rising Flames
1/28/20161Rate Game Overthrown 2: A World Without a King
1/27/20161Rate Game Magus: Betrayal
1/27/20161Rate Game The Gauntlet II: Returning Home
1/27/20161Rate Game The Gauntlet
1/27/20161Rate Game Era of Shadows: The Cloaked Dagger
1/27/20161Rate Game Overthrown: The Makings of a God
1/27/20161Rate Game Sacrifice
1/27/20161Rate Game Imagination
1/27/20161Rate Game De Milite Inprudenti
1/27/20161Rate Game The Apprentice King
1/27/20161Rate Game Warlords: Strategic Conquest
1/27/20161Rate Game Project Origin: Atrophy
1/27/20161Rate Game The Other World
1/26/20161Rate Game Undead Persona
1/26/20161Rate Game Haunted
1/26/20161Rate Game The Devil's Fire
1/26/20161Rate Game Through Time
1/26/20161Rate Game Achilles II: The Chykri
1/26/20161Rate Game The faery, the toller and the rusty door
1/26/20161Rate Game The Raven
1/26/20161Daily Point
1/25/20161Daily Point
1/20/20161Daily Point
1/18/20161Daily Point
1/16/20161Daily Point
1/13/20161Daily Point
1/11/20161Daily Point
1/9/20161Daily Point
1/8/20161Daily Point
1/6/20161Rate Game Mazkil
1/6/20161Daily Point
1/5/20161Daily Point
1/4/20161Daily Point
1/3/20161Daily Point
12/29/20151Daily Point
12/28/20151Daily Point
12/27/20151Daily Point
12/25/20151Daily Point
12/20/20151Daily Point
12/9/20151Daily Point
12/8/20151Daily Point
11/28/20151Daily Point
11/22/20151Daily Point
11/11/20151Daily Point
11/4/20151Daily Point
11/3/20151Daily Point
10/22/20151Rate Game The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Original)
10/22/20151Daily Point
10/20/20151Daily Point
10/15/20151Daily Point
10/12/20151Daily Point
10/11/20151Daily Point
10/6/20151Daily Point
10/4/20151Rate Game 4 Little Mice
10/4/20151Daily Point
10/1/20151Daily Point
9/30/20151Daily Point
9/29/20151Daily Point
9/28/20151Daily Point
9/27/20151Daily Point
9/20/20151Daily Point
9/15/20151Daily Point
9/14/20151Daily Point
9/9/20151Daily Point
9/4/20151Rate Game Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Drone
8/31/20151Daily Point
8/24/20151Daily Point
8/23/20151Rate Game
8/23/20151Daily Point
8/22/20151Daily Point
8/21/20151Daily Point
8/20/20151Daily Point
8/19/20151Rate Game
8/19/20151Daily Point
8/18/20151Rate Game Panda Quiz
8/18/20152Win Duel RPS
8/18/2015-1Duel Escrow RPS
8/18/20151Daily Point
8/17/20151Daily Point
8/16/20151Rate Game Suns GM Simulator
8/16/20151Daily Point
8/15/20151Rate Game Survivors
8/15/20151Daily Point
8/14/20151Daily Point
8/13/20151Daily Point
8/12/20151Rate Game
8/12/20151Daily Point
8/11/20151Rate Game Just follow the dragon
8/11/20151Daily Point
8/10/20151Rate Game Hunter
8/8/20151Daily Point
8/7/20151Rate Game
8/7/20151Rate Game Dad's Birthday Adventure
8/7/20151Rate Game Mercenary Queen (Part 3): The Hemlock Band
8/7/20151Rate Game Trivia Game 1: Minecraft
8/7/20151Rate Game Failing
8/7/20151Rate Game Cryogenic Failure
8/7/20151Daily Point
8/4/20151Daily Point
8/2/20151Daily Point
8/1/20151Daily Point
7/29/20151Daily Point
7/23/20151Daily Point
7/21/20151Daily Point
7/18/20151Daily Point
7/18/20151Rate Game The Search For The Rumored Treasure
7/17/20151Daily Point
7/15/20151Daily Point
7/14/20151Daily Point
7/13/20151Daily Point
7/12/20151Rate Game the best fracking game ever
7/12/20151Daily Point
7/9/20151Daily Point
7/8/20151Daily Point
7/6/20151Daily Point
7/3/20151Rate Game Choose Your Own
7/3/20151Rate Game Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
7/3/20151Rate Game HateClan
6/29/201515Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
6/22/20151Rate Game SPAIN & such like falsehoods, forgeries, & fantasies; or: IGNACIA DE LOYOLA
6/22/20151Rate Game SUPER NORMAL DAY
6/22/20151Daily Point
6/21/20151Rate Game A Yearly Exam of Seasonfield High University
6/21/20151Daily Point
6/20/20151Daily Point
6/19/20151Daily Point
6/18/20151Daily Point
6/16/20151Daily Point
6/14/20151Daily Point
6/7/20151Daily Point
6/6/20151Daily Point
6/1/20151Daily Point
5/31/20151Rate Game Satoru-kun.
5/31/20151Daily Point
5/30/20151Daily Point
5/29/20151Rate Game ****
5/29/20151Rate Game Innkeeper
5/29/20151Daily Point
5/27/20151Daily Point
5/25/20151Rate Game Hunting the Ripper
5/25/20151Daily Point
5/21/20151Daily Point
5/20/20151Daily Point
5/19/20151Daily Point
5/19/20152Admin. Bonus - featured comment
5/18/20151Rate Game Achilles
5/18/20151Daily Point
5/16/20151Daily Point
5/13/20151Daily Point
5/12/20151Daily Point
5/10/20151Daily Point
5/9/20151Daily Point
5/8/20151Daily Point
5/7/20151Daily Point
5/5/20151Daily Point
5/4/20151Daily Point
5/3/20151Daily Point
5/2/20151Daily Point
5/1/20151Daily Point
4/30/20151Daily Point
4/29/20151Daily Point
4/27/20151Daily Point
4/26/20151Rate Game Suzy's Strange Saga
4/26/20152Win Duel RPS
4/26/2015-1Duel Escrow RPS
4/26/20151Daily Point
4/23/20151Daily Point
4/22/20151Rate Game Survive the Zombies
4/22/20151Daily Point
4/21/20151Daily Point
4/16/20151Daily Point
4/14/2015-1Lose Duel RPS
4/14/20151Daily Point
4/13/20151Daily Point
4/13/2015-1Lose Duel RPS
4/12/20151Daily Point
4/10/20151Rate Game Return to Vinia
4/10/2015-5Lose Duel RPS
4/10/20151Daily Point
4/8/20151Daily Point
4/7/20151Daily Point
4/2/20151Daily Point
3/27/20151Daily Point
3/22/20151Daily Point
3/21/20151Daily Point
3/19/20151Daily Point
3/18/20151Daily Point
3/15/20151Daily Point
3/14/20151Daily Point
3/5/20151Daily Point
3/4/20151Daily Point
3/3/20151Daily Point
2/28/20151Daily Point
2/26/20151Daily Point
2/26/2015-2Lose Duel Toggle
2/25/20151Daily Point
2/25/2015-1Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
2/24/20151Daily Point
2/24/20151Win Duel RPS
2/22/20151Daily Point
2/22/2015-3Lose Duel Toggle
2/20/20151Daily Point
2/20/20151Rate Game Lemon Simulator 2015
2/19/20151Rate Game A Game of Life and Death
2/19/20151Daily Point
2/19/20151Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
2/17/20151Daily Point
2/16/20151Daily Point
2/14/20151Rate Game The Tower: Embarking from the Far Land
2/14/20151Rate Game The Tower
2/14/20151Rate Game Goodbye.
2/14/20151Daily Point
2/12/20151Daily Point
2/10/20151Daily Point
2/9/20151Daily Point
2/9/20152Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
2/5/2015-1Lose Duel RPS
2/4/20151Daily Point
1/15/20151Daily Point
12/15/20142Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment- Crown the King
12/13/20141Daily Point
11/18/20141Daily Point
11/8/20141Daily Point
10/21/20141Daily Point
10/16/20141Daily Point
10/16/20141Rate Game Archangel
8/27/20141Daily Point
8/25/20141Rate Game Trapped Inside the Tower of Hanoi
7/29/20141Daily Point
7/23/20141Daily Point
7/23/20141Rate Game
7/21/20141Daily Point
7/17/20141Daily Point
7/16/20141Daily Point
7/14/20141Rate Game The Thief and the Crown Puzzle
7/7/20141Daily Point
6/30/20141Daily Point
6/29/20141Daily Point
6/29/201415Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
6/9/20141Daily Point
6/3/20141Daily Point
5/28/20141Rate Game Where the HELL am I???? : Chapter One
5/28/20141Rate Game Crown the King
5/27/20141Daily Point
5/24/20141Daily Point
5/10/20141Daily Point
5/8/20141Daily Point
5/4/20141Rate Game Calvin and Hobbes Quiz
5/2/20141Daily Point
5/1/20141Rate Game
5/1/20141Daily Point
4/30/20141Daily Point
4/29/20141Daily Point
4/28/20141Daily Point
4/22/20141Daily Point
4/21/20141Daily Point
4/20/20141Daily Point
4/14/20141Daily Point
4/8/20141Win Duel RPS
4/8/20141Daily Point
4/7/20141Daily Point
4/3/20141Daily Point
3/23/20141Daily Point
3/22/20141Daily Point
3/18/20141Daily Point
2/19/20141Daily Point
2/15/20141Daily Point
1/20/20141Daily Point
12/21/20131Daily Point
12/16/20131Daily Point
12/13/20131Daily Point
12/12/20131Daily Point
12/11/20131Daily Point
12/8/20131Daily Point
12/4/20131Daily Point
12/3/20131Daily Point
12/2/20131Daily Point
12/1/20131Daily Point
11/29/20131Daily Point
11/28/20131Daily Point
11/27/20131Daily Point
11/23/20131Daily Point
11/22/20131Rate Game A Toss
11/22/20131Daily Point
11/21/20131Rate Game
11/21/20131Daily Point
11/20/20131Daily Point
11/19/20131Daily Point
11/17/20131Daily Point
11/15/20131Daily Point
11/13/20131Daily Point
11/11/20131Daily Point
11/10/20131Daily Point
11/6/20131Daily Point
11/4/20131Daily Point
11/3/20131Daily Point
11/1/20131Daily Point
10/30/20131Daily Point
10/29/20131Daily Point
10/28/20131Daily Point
10/23/20131Daily Point
10/21/20131Daily Point
10/16/20131Daily Point
10/15/20131Daily Point
10/12/20131Daily Point
10/6/20131Daily Point
10/5/20131Daily Point
10/4/20131Daily Point
10/2/20131Daily Point
10/1/20131Rate Game
10/1/20131Daily Point
9/30/20132Win Duel RPS
9/30/2013-1Duel Escrow RPS
9/30/20131Duel Refund RPS
9/30/2013-1Duel Escrow RPS
9/30/20131Daily Point
9/29/20131Daily Point
9/27/2013-1Duel Escrow RPS
9/27/20131Daily Point
9/26/20131Daily Point
9/23/20131Daily Point
9/16/20131Daily Point
9/13/20131Daily Point
9/7/20131Daily Point
9/6/20131Daily Point
9/4/20131Daily Point
9/3/20131Daily Point
8/30/20131Daily Point
8/29/20131Daily Point
8/25/20131Daily Point
8/24/20131Daily Point
8/23/20131Daily Point
8/22/20131Daily Point
8/21/20131Daily Point
8/18/20131Daily Point
8/16/20131Daily Point
8/13/20131Daily Point
8/12/20131Daily Point
8/11/20131Daily Point
8/10/20131Daily Point
8/9/20131Rate Game Ophthalmophobia: A Love Story
8/9/20131Daily Point
8/7/20131Daily Point
8/6/20131Daily Point
8/5/20131Daily Point
8/4/20131Daily Point
7/31/20131Daily Point
7/31/20131Rate Game Fantasy Tales- Namariel's Story ~Chapter 1~
7/29/20131Daily Point
7/28/20131Daily Point
7/27/20131Daily Point
7/25/20131Rate Game Heroes Save Us
7/24/20131Daily Point
7/23/20131Rate Game
7/23/20131Daily Point
7/21/20131Rate Game Zombie Kill Squad
7/21/20131Daily Point
7/16/20131Daily Point
7/14/20131Rate Game How not to be eaten by a dragon
7/14/20131Rate Game
7/14/20131Rate Game I am a huge tool.
7/10/20131Daily Point
7/8/20131Daily Point
7/8/20131Rate Game WTF I Just Tried That
7/6/20131Daily Point
7/4/20131Daily Point
7/2/20131Rate Game Help Tom Escape!
7/2/20131Daily Point
6/30/20131Daily Point
6/29/201315Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
6/26/20131Daily Point
6/24/20131Daily Point
6/24/20131Rate Game 1 day
6/22/20131Rate Game
6/22/20131Daily Point
6/21/20131Daily Point
6/21/20131Rate Game White Room
6/17/20131Rate Game Daydream Syndrome
6/16/20131Rate Game Doors I
6/16/20131Daily Point
6/15/20131Daily Point
6/15/20131Rate Game Running Program...
6/15/20131Rate Game The Make-Believe Sandbox
6/9/20131Rate Game Seraph Serenade
6/9/20131Rate Game Valhalla
6/8/20131Rate Game Demons Stole the Sky
6/6/20136Win Duel RPS
6/6/2013-3Duel Escrow RPS
6/6/2013-1Duel Escrow RPS
6/6/20132Win Duel RPS
6/6/2013-1Duel Escrow RPS
6/6/2013-2Duel Escrow RPS
6/6/20131Daily Point
6/2/20131Rate Game Timewarp - Ancient times
5/14/20131Rate Game
4/30/20131Daily Point
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