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1EndMasterImmortal and Exemplar550
2NyctophiliaNotorious 118
3Avery_MooreNotorious and Exemplar90
4simplesableyNotorious and Exemplar82
5ninjapitkaNotorious 81
6TheWriterInTheDark Exemplar76
8madglee Exemplar53

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8/13/20193SerpentFeatured Comment on Love SICK
8/12/20191castorgreatpoetguyForum Post
8/9/20193Avery_MooreFeatured Comment on Inseparable
8/9/20191ninjapitkaForum Post
8/9/20191Avery_MooreForum Post
8/9/20191EndMasterForum Post
8/9/20191Avery_MooreForum Post
8/9/20193SerpentFeatured Comment on TRASH
8/8/20193Avery_MooreFeatured Comment on The Dolls' Quest
8/5/20191corgi213Forum Post
8/4/20191MadHattersDaughterForum Post
8/4/20191EndMasterForum Post
8/3/20191ShoujoAddictForum Post
7/31/20193SerpentFeatured Comment on Edithe Zilonis
7/28/201926EndMasterStorygame: Innkeeper
7/28/201932EndMasterStorygame: TRASH
7/28/201931EndMasterStorygame: Tales From The Basement
7/28/201930EndMasterStorygame: Repression
7/28/201921EndMasterStorygame: Geek
7/28/201934EndMasterStorygame: Paradise Violated
7/28/201936EndMasterStorygame: Alpha Wolf
7/28/201936simplesableyStorygame: The Secret of Daphne
7/28/201953madgleeStorygame: Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
7/28/201925EndMasterStorygame: Death Song
7/28/201945EndMasterStorygame: Suzy's Strange Saga
7/28/201942EndMasterStorygame: Ground Zero
7/27/201967EndMasterStorygame: Eternal
7/25/201930EndMasterStorygame: necromancer
7/19/201923MadHattersDaughterStorygame: Edithe Zilonis
7/7/20191OzoniForum Post
6/24/20193Killah_BFeatured Comment on The Ocean's Daughter
6/17/20193Avery_MooreFeatured Comment on The Perfect Mother's Day
6/14/20191OzoniForum Post
6/10/20191corgi213Forum Post
6/10/20191C6H8O6Forum Post
6/7/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Saoirse
6/6/20193Avery_MooreFeatured Comment on forget-me-not
6/5/20193Avery_MooreFeatured Comment on Hastings, 1066: Aftermath
6/4/20193lordkarstarkFeatured Comment on Paradise Violated
6/3/20191OzoniForum Post
6/3/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Mercenary Queen (Part 3): The Hemlock Band
6/3/20193SerpentFeatured Comment on Grief
6/3/20193Avery_MooreFeatured Comment on Wicked Garden
5/31/20191OzoniForum Post
5/31/20191Jacoder23Forum Post
5/31/20193Avery_MooreFeatured Comment on Kick Dora's Butt!
5/30/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Return to Vinia
5/29/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Magellan 2: Fight for Beliefs
5/27/20193SerpentFeatured Comment on Dugeon master
5/25/20193SerpentFeatured Comment on The Journey of Seamus Dregg
5/24/20191GowerForum Post
5/24/20191EndMasterForum Post
5/21/20193C6H8O6Featured Comment on Marooned on Giri Minor
5/15/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Magellan 3: Journey to New Horizons
5/15/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Magellan 1: Race into the Great Unknown
5/13/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on A Chosen Hero
5/10/20191WouldntItBeNiceForum Post
5/8/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Read My Stories or Die!
5/6/20193AustincFeatured Comment on Boobs!!!
5/6/20193GowerFeatured Comment on Boobs!!!
5/4/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Marooned on Giri Minor
5/3/20191EndMasterForum Post
5/3/20191AustincForum Post
5/3/20191OzoniForum Post
5/3/20191At_Your_ThroatForum Post
5/3/20191ninjapitkaForum Post
5/3/20191GowerForum Post
5/2/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on The Mayoral Campaign
4/30/20193NehalFeatured Comment on Inseparable
4/29/20193NehalFeatured Comment on Don't Hurt Me Again
4/29/20193At_Your_ThroatFeatured Comment on The King's Command
4/29/20193At_Your_ThroatFeatured Comment on The Will Of The Lord
4/29/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on The Will Of The Lord
4/28/20193At_Your_ThroatFeatured Comment on The knight order of the Golden Sun
4/27/20193AustincFeatured Comment on The knight order of the Golden Sun
4/27/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on The knight order of the Golden Sun
4/27/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on In the Pale Moonlight
4/27/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on The Cliff
4/26/20193Avery_MooreFeatured Comment on Innkeeper
4/26/20191ShoujoAddictForum Post
4/26/20191GowerForum Post
4/25/20191EndMasterForum Post
4/23/20193NehalFeatured Comment on Sir Osis
4/22/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Sir Osis
4/22/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on The Apprentice King
4/20/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Don't Hurt Me Again
4/19/20193Avery_MooreFeatured Comment on Dragon Ages
4/10/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Ciara's Game
4/8/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost
4/8/20193NayaDreamchaserFeatured Comment on ~Tainted Souls~
4/6/20191ShoujoAddictForum Post
4/4/20191Avery_MooreForum Post
4/2/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on The Last Chieftain
3/29/201960Avery_MooreStorygame: The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost
3/24/20193WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Metamorphosis
3/24/20193corgi213Featured Comment on Gay and Depressed
3/18/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Fear the Psyker
3/17/20191corgi213Forum Post
3/17/20191OzoniForum Post
3/17/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on The Lost Realm
3/13/20191OzoniForum Post
3/12/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on The Spanish Armada
3/8/20191EndMasterForum Post
1/21/20191WouldntItBeNiceForum Post
1/20/20193RealdeaalFeatured Comment on Eternal
1/16/20191EndMasterForum Post
1/9/20193ShoujoAddictFeatured Comment on Azula and Zuko
1/9/20193ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Azula and Zuko
12/26/201818WouldntItBeNiceStorygame: Azula and Zuko
12/26/201821simplesableyStorygame: Ciara's Game
12/14/20183ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on It's Raining Again
12/14/20181ninjapitkaForum Post
12/14/20183ShoujoAddictFeatured Comment on Ready Player One
12/14/20181ShoujoAddictForum Post
12/10/20183ninjapitkaFeatured Comment on Pride's Hunt
12/9/20183TheGamerKing777Featured Comment on The Thief and the Crown Puzzle
12/1/20183corgi213Featured Comment on Dark Deception
11/27/20183ShoujoAddictFeatured Comment on Vapula
11/27/20181EndMasterForum Post
11/16/20183corgi213Featured Comment on In the Pale Moonlight
11/13/20181poison_maraForum Post
11/7/20183simplesableyFeatured Comment on My First Day Of Preschool
11/5/20183corgi213Featured Comment on Agent of Order
10/12/20181corgi213Forum Post
10/8/20183Jacoder23Featured Comment on How Gender Affects Your Life
10/8/20183simplesableyFeatured Comment on How Gender Affects Your Life
10/8/20181ScullyForum Post
10/6/20181corgi213Forum Post
10/1/201825TheNewIAPStorygame: Bestist Frend Jane
9/28/20183simplesableyFeatured Comment on Ghosts
9/24/20183simplesableyFeatured Comment on The Last Chieftain
9/23/20183At_Your_ThroatFeatured Comment on Bestist Frend Jane
9/22/20183simplesableyFeatured Comment on Bestist Frend Jane
9/21/20181EndMasterForum Post
9/18/20183simplesableyFeatured Comment on The Duet
9/18/20181ToughPenelopeForum Post
9/17/20183RattlerFeatured Comment on WarGames
9/12/20181MalkalackForum Post
9/12/20181corgi213Forum Post
9/11/20181Jacoder23Forum Post
9/11/20181simplesableyForum Post
9/10/20181ToughPenelopeForum Post
9/7/20183simplesableyFeatured Comment on The Dolls' Quest
9/2/20183RattlerFeatured Comment on Die Zombie! Die!
8/25/20183RattlerFeatured Comment on Hastings, 1066: Aftermath
8/23/20183simplesableyFeatured Comment on The Wild West, An Unchangeable World
8/19/201876TheWriterInTheDarkStorygame: Hastings, 1066: Aftermath
8/2/20183corgi213Featured Comment on Rogues
7/21/20181Walterbl6Forum Post
7/10/20181corgi213Forum Post
7/4/20181EndMasterForum Post
6/28/20183AlmazFeatured Comment on Suzy's Strange Saga
6/24/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on The Bard's Tale
6/24/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Survivors
6/24/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Now You Gotta Deal With This S***
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Magno
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Wild Billy
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on The Ghost People
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Scum
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on A Witch's Inheritance
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on The Mortician
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Why I left you
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Dispiteous
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Reunion
6/23/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Ducky Park
6/21/20183WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Rogues
6/18/20183WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Rogues
6/16/20181EndMasterForum Post
6/9/201856EndMasterStorygame: Rogues
6/5/20181EndMasterForum Post
6/5/20183corgi213Featured Comment on The Right Way
6/2/20183corgi213Featured Comment on The Cottage
6/2/20183WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Last Days
6/2/20183WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Lone Star
5/25/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on You Are A Disc In My Dad's Spinal Cord. Can You Make His Back Stop Hurting In Time For Christmas?
5/23/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on Die Zombie! Die!
5/23/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on Magus: Betrayal
5/22/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on How To Play A Game
5/22/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on Finals Week!
5/21/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Don't Get Date Raped!
5/21/20183EndMasterFeatured Comment on Date Rape Laws and Prevention
5/20/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on A Day in Hell
5/20/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on Fairview HighSchool Game 2
5/20/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on Fairview Highschool Game
5/20/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on The Quest for Pegasus
5/19/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on Adventures With Raven
5/18/20183ugilickFeatured Comment on A Jung Hero's Adventure
5/17/20183WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Delve!
4/28/20181corgi213Forum Post
4/21/20183MisteryFeatured Comment on Zombies Ate My Face!
4/16/20183MisteryFeatured Comment on A Day in the Life of a Flocktown Student
4/13/20183MisteryFeatured Comment on Wennipeg's list of regrets
4/8/20183LoreOfHistoryFeatured Comment on Isotope 239
3/23/20183MisteryFeatured Comment on Song of Nothing
3/16/20183WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Love is for the Birds
3/16/20183MisteryFeatured Comment on Dark Nights
3/16/20183WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on The Lost Realm
3/12/20183MisteryFeatured Comment on Duo
3/9/20183MisteryFeatured Comment on Reunion
3/9/20183MisteryFeatured Comment on The Mortician
3/8/20183MisteryFeatured Comment on About Darius and the Desert God
3/2/20183corgi213Featured Comment on Roamers, Part 1: The Road to Safety
2/26/20183WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Farewell, My Childhood Self
2/15/20181WouldntItBeNiceForum Post
1/22/201816MalkalackStorygame: Broken Chains: Blood on the Marble
1/20/20183MalkalackFeatured Comment on Experiment Gone Wrong?
1/19/20183MalkalackFeatured Comment on Forensic Toxicology
1/12/20183WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on The Lost Emperor
1/10/20183MalkalackFeatured Comment on The Ballad of the Winter King
11/28/20171EndMasterForum Post
11/18/20173WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Inseparable
11/9/20171corgi213Forum Post
11/9/20171seib6466Forum Post
11/6/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on The Nightmare Realm
11/5/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on De Milite Inprudenti
11/5/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Hunting the Ripper
11/5/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Tower of Riddles
11/5/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Farewell, My Childhood Self
11/5/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Albus Potter:The next Generation Year 1
9/28/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on InSaNiTy: A Jeff/Jane The Killer Story
9/28/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Forum Wars
9/27/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on The Life Story #1: Preschool
9/27/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Highschool
9/27/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Weirdos from Another Planet 2: The goons are here!
9/16/20173AkatoshFeatured Comment on The Order of the Midnight Sun
9/16/20173At_Your_ThroatFeatured Comment on Grounded!
8/30/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on The Lemonade Business 2
8/30/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Rebel Jedi 2: The Rebel Base
8/30/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on A Day in the Life of a Flocktown Student
8/30/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on The Midnight Hours
8/11/20171EndMasterForum Post
7/22/20173GenericManFeatured Comment on Three Hundred Thousand Tears
7/21/20173OrangeFeatured Comment on Discovering Solinelia Island: Chapter 1
6/9/20171EndMasterForum Post
6/3/20171EndMasterForum Post
6/2/20173TheNewIAPFeatured Comment on Claire's Day Out
5/23/20171EndMasterForum Post
5/14/20173ShadowStriker113Featured Comment on The Other World
5/1/20171EndMasterForum Post
4/11/20173WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on The Journey of Seamus Dregg
4/7/20173WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on The Last At-Bat
3/31/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on The Secret of the Mysterious Door
3/31/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Where the HELL am I???? : Chapter One
3/29/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Escape the Snow Cave
3/29/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Lost Keys
3/22/20173OrangeFeatured Comment on Lost Keys
3/22/20173OrangeFeatured Comment on Running Program...
3/18/20171EndMasterForum Post
3/9/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on WORST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!
3/8/20171NyctophiliaForum Post
3/7/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Chains
3/6/20171EndMasterForum Post
3/5/20173OrangeFeatured Comment on The time of Darkness
3/2/20171breezy134Forum Post
3/2/20171MalkalackForum Post
3/1/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Revenge of the Sphinx
3/1/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on First Dates Can Be Tricky
3/1/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Hive Mind
3/1/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Last Scream Before You Die
2/28/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on The Time Machine Episode 1: Time Travel
2/28/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Ghost House
2/27/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Under The Bridge
2/27/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Frozen Bones
2/26/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Underground to Canada
2/26/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Full moon's night
2/24/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Geek
2/24/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus 5
2/24/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus 4
2/24/20171EndMasterForum Post
2/22/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus 3
2/22/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus 2
2/22/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus
2/22/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on The Order of the Midnight Sun
2/22/20173NyctophiliaFeatured Comment on Dead Man Walking (Zombie Survival)
2/9/20173WouldntItBeNiceFeatured Comment on Prophecy
2/3/20171OrangeForum Post
1/28/201712WouldntItBeNiceStorygame: No Quarter
1/27/20171seib6466Forum Post
1/26/20171EndMasterForum Post
1/25/20171EndMasterForum Post
1/23/20173TheNewIAPFeatured Comment on The Lost Expedition (2)
1/21/20173FeanorOnForgeFeatured Comment on The Invasion of CYOA
1/20/20171SwiftstrykerForum Post
1/20/20171EndMasterForum Post
1/19/20171EndMasterForum Post
1/19/20171MalkalackForum Post
1/18/20171OrangeForum Post
1/15/20171EndMasterForum Post
1/15/20173EvilSmileFeatured Comment on 90 Minute Storygame: Prepare To Die
1/15/20171EndMasterForum Post
1/15/20171MalkalackForum Post
1/15/20171seib6466Forum Post
1/15/20171OrangeForum Post