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Recommend some storygames

11 months ago
Spending a few days in a hotel alone, I've decided to just mentally detox and do a bunch of reading.

So of course I remembered CYS. Besides Endmaster's writing and Dead Man Walking, are there any bigger and more involved storygames anyone can recommend? Especially anything published in the last year.

Recommend some storygames

11 months ago

We've had three contests within the past year (Manifest DestinyCulture Clash, and Lords of the Land).  Though I have not read all, or even most, of the contest entries, from what I have read, here were some of my favorites from the first two contests:


Uneasy Lies the Head

The Christmas Crossing

(I'll save the Lords of the Land recommendations until I've read all the entires.)

I have not read Little Mage's Potion ShopA Hunted and Haunted Halloween, or Your Fate Like Clockwork but they're all well-rated and quite involved games that came out within the year.

Here's an EndMaster game that came out in the last year you might not have read:  The Pure, the Vile, and the Deadly

And here's a shameless self-plug for my game from the Culture Clash contest:  Diplomat

Recommend some storygames

11 months ago

Recommend some storygames

11 months ago

Ninja's stories are usually a good start.

Recommend some storygames

11 months ago
Using CYS to remove toxins?

But I will second the recommendation for Your Fate Like Clockwork, it is quite new and gigantic and deserves more attention. Same for A Hunted and Haunted Halloween.

Ninjapitka, Bill_Ingersoll, and Ogre11 are all very prolific and have profiles worth browsing as well.

Recommend some storygames

11 months ago

bro wtf

Recommend some storygames

11 months ago

Hastings, 1066: Aftermath Not a new game but criminally underrated since not enough people have played it to get the rating up into the top 10 where it belongs ^_^

Recommend some storygames

11 months ago

Seconded, that's a great one.  I read it before I joined the site.  I'll give it a proper read & review at some point, but I just clicked through to rate it a well-deserved 8.  

Recommend some storygames

11 months ago
Commended by mizal on 4/9/2022 2:05:02 PM

Recommended authors:

There are so, so many more. Just click on one of the featured stories and find their authors. Most of them have an enormous library of content. These are just a quick selection of them with their respective niches.

Mystic warrior 

(All of her work is at least 80.000 words long, most of them are massive. Her prose is generally quite easy to read, reminds me of a typical young adult novel. Most of her works are generally pretty family friendly. I still think that Dreamtruder is one of my favourites.)


(If you want something educational and quite fun, he is the author you want. He writes in a more formal style in general, but it fits quite well with his content. His work has a little bit of everything: Serial killers, wild west shenanigans, cannibals (The donner party) etc. It's also quite worth it to check out his fantasy stories (Magellan) as well and his criminally underrated detective series Detective 1 and Detective 2 (my favorite!)).

Bill Ingersol

I (to my surprise) haven't read anything of him, probably because he mostly writes Sci-fi stories. Most of his work is quite well received and pretty long. Many of them have won contests, so their quality is pretty well-vetted in my opinion.

Killa robot

His work is extremely diverse in subject, but all of them have some sense of breathiness to them. Lots of endings, gamified parts, lighthearted humor. It's just a lot of fun to breeze through his stories. I have read all 4 of them and they are all good enough to recommend.


Endmaster's beloved "son". Their stories really have quite the same tone to be honest though Endmaster does use more dark humor than him. If you like Endmaster, you will probably like Ninjapitka, their ven diagrams do overlap quite a bit.

As for the more recent additions

Contest entries I like (I prioritize finished stories this time): 

The murdered official (Highest recommendation and I urge you to read it as it is this close into getting a proper rating)

A knight's pursuit (Light recommendation: Our mormon dude's attempt at writing romance, it's quite well written, ignore the spelling mistakes at the end.)

Slay the dragon (regular recommendation: It sadly feels like this dragon story is one of the few genuinely complete works of the contest, besides Ogre's of course. Beware of the not-so-family friendly language and what some consider to be quite infantile humor.)

The king's music box (light recommendation: I believe the author will finish it after the contest has ended, but what is written is as good as you can expect from Mizal. )

Arthur quilwrin (Light recommendation: it is not finished and looking at the scope of the story, perhaps it will never be finished, but I love every introduced element of it. Its slow beginning is so well-executed that I have to also give a recommendation to it.)  

other stories you may not have read:

Some of them were previously featured, some of them never really gotten the limelight, some of them I only found by plowing through the entire collection. I do have to mention that most of them are fantasy stories, because that is the category i have read the most of. 

Sir Osis: funny and a lighthearted read.

When the music is over : I cried during this one.

The riddle of the guardian: It still saddens me that only 19 people have bothered to give it a rating. It's a better read than I expected  for a game with this low of a score.

Propheteering: a story about a bumbling foolish evil dude and his shenanigans. Surpringly entertaining.

Your fate like clockwerk: just read it, it's good.

Ruins of Anzar: I'm too dumb to actually solve it, but I hope that someone will do it for me....

Benjamin Schatz: my favorite short story, when I read it I cannot help but be amazed how efficiently it is at storytelling.

Knight order of the golden sun: You won't find it on the featured list anymore, but it is  one of my childhood favourites. It really holds up quite well and rereading it makes me smile every time. I really wish that RNDgamer comes back to post more stories, oh well... never got the best ending tho...

Merlin, origins: creative concept, fun execution to an otherwise classic tale.

Arakhan's revenge:I want more people to praise the story. It has my favorite fight scenes in it.

Hunters and the hunted: Zombie vampires and you're one of them!

Cliche adventures of a generic hero: It honestly sounds better than its title.

The last chieftain: reads more like a book than a storygame, still good read tho and the only story you will find that is about an Orc as a protagonist.

Poem story games I like: Ballad of the orchard and The bard's tale and Now you gotta deal with this (...). Each have their own special flavor, so try them out if you have some spare time.

So bad I love to make fun of it: I know it's not what you want, but I want to give each of them a proper shout-out

It's not only "Gay and Depressed" , but so, so, so many more. I like them the most when the author was passionate enough to properly write them out, but that it still fails in many, many other ways. It's just like seeing a trainwreck in slow motion, brilliantly entertaining. 

Anaria 1 Anaria 2: when you read it, I have a feeling that the author has never talked to a woman before and had wanked himself while writing it. Anaria 2 is the result of his seething hatred towards his own readers. I love it.

Wheeler and Brandt: fifty shades of Grey in storygame form. It makes me cringe even while thinking back at it. Truly cursed in its own special way.

Mercenary queen,  The sequel and its Other sequel, forget about Anaria, this one is even worse, because the first one isn't honestly that bad, but it gets progressively worse and worse till it becomes a living joke. 

Friend zone: somehow I always remember this badly written game, its shitty romance and its nonsensical plot. It really had wormed its way into my heart. 


Recommend some storygames

11 months ago
I will most assuredly make time for the so bad they're funny games too, I enjoy hating things.

Recommend some storygames

11 months ago
Thanks for all the suggestions!

I didn't end up having as much time to myself as I thought I would, but I started Fate Like Clockwork (the title jist spoke to me...). I got pretty far into it before realizing I wasn't logged in and couldn't save. >.<