SpartacustheGreat's Experience Points

SpartacustheGreat has a total of 314 Experience Points. Following is recent point activity.
5/21/20241Rate Game A Tale of a White Lie
4/6/2024-34Admin. Penalty - SHAME tax
12/18/2023-3Lose Duel Toggle
11/8/2023-126Admin. Penalty - Automated tax adjustment for birthday welfare. Send feedback to _IRS
6/7/202315Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
7/7/20221Rate Game General Butt Naked
7/5/20221Rate Game The Protagonist is a Kobold
6/7/202215Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
10/18/20211Rate Game The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly
9/13/20211Rate Game A Hunted and Haunted Halloween
9/11/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
6/7/202115Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
3/21/20211Rate Game The Tale of the Foolish Princess
2/16/2021237Admin. Bonus - Gambling reparations
2/14/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
2/2/20211Rate Game Winter, After the Harvest
11/19/20201Rate Game
8/15/202010Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Bombing The Degenerates
8/11/20201Rate Game Blow Your House Down
8/9/2020-3Admin. Penalty - Tsk Tsk
6/7/202015Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
5/25/20203Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
4/30/20201Rate Game Daisy's Adventure... And Beyond!
4/28/20201Rate Game Discretion of a Sleuth
3/16/20203Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/8/20201Rate Game The Chronomantic Adventures of Professor Gower: Office Hours
1/4/20201Rate Game Ballad of The Dragon Slayer
1/4/20201Rate Game Officer Dick Gristle
1/3/202010Publish Game Officer Dick Gristle
12/30/201910Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
12/29/20193Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
12/29/20191Rate Game Woban Island
12/2/2019-100Admin. Penalty - Year's End contest entry fee.
7/18/201910Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
7/17/20193Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
6/7/201915Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
5/21/20191Rate Game forget-me-not
4/30/20191Rate Game You Are A Disc In My Dad's Spinal Cord. Can You Make His Back Stop Hurting In Time For Christmas?
4/28/20191Rate Game Sir Osis
4/26/20191Rate Game About Darius and the Desert God
4/1/20191Rate Game The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost
2/12/2019-2Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
12/31/20181Rate Game Another Damn Wolf Story
12/30/20185Admin. Bonus - 3.16/8 rated storygame! You accomplished so much more than even your mother could dream of!
12/24/20181Rate Game The Maize Runner
12/20/20181Rate Game Ciara's Game
11/30/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
11/28/20181Rate Game
11/4/20181Rate Game Don't Hurt Me Again
11/4/20181Rate Game The Pie
11/2/20181Rate Game
10/19/20181Rate Game Maize Maze
10/15/20181Rate Game Detective 1: Blacksea Island
10/10/20181Rate Game
10/7/20181Rate Game How Gender Affects Your Life
9/24/20181Rate Game The Last Chieftain
9/22/20181Rate Game Bestist Frend Jane
9/21/20181Rate Game
9/17/20181Rate Game
8/22/20181Rate Game Average day.
8/9/20181Rate Game Love is for the Birds
8/9/20181Rate Game Read My Stories or Die!
8/3/20181Rate Game To Drink or Not to Drink
7/17/20181Rate Game Hell Girl: The Shattered Mirror
6/23/201810Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Ninja Skills
6/18/20181Rate Game The Duet
6/15/201810Admin. Bonus - Not Being Chowhall
6/9/2018-300Admin. Penalty - Contest Entry Fee
6/7/2018110Admin. Bonus - Valid Entry for the Spring Thing Contest
6/7/201815Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
6/5/20181Rate Game People in a village
6/4/20181Rate Game Ineptitude
6/2/20181Rate Game
6/1/20181Rate Game Lone Star
6/1/201810Publish Game Lone Star
5/21/2018-1Lose Duel Toggle
4/15/20181Rate Game BTS sim game
3/25/20181Rate Game Quest for the Holy Grail
3/24/20181Rate Game Game Over!!
3/21/2018-100Admin. Penalty - Contest Entry Fee
3/12/20181Rate Game Written BR DEMO
12/22/2017-5Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
12/3/20171Rate Game Dragon Survival
11/28/2017-100Admin. Penalty - Contest Bet
11/20/20171Rate Game Revenge of the Sphinx
11/17/201750Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Deep Cover
11/5/20171Rate Game Inseparable
9/16/20171Rate Game By Any Means Necessary
9/15/20171Rate Game Song of Nothing
9/10/20171Rate Game Normal Norman
8/20/20171Rate Game
8/16/20171Rate Game
8/11/20171Rate Game Don't Get Date Raped!
7/18/20171Rate Game Alpha Wolf
7/18/20171Rate Game Erika Bakes A Cake
6/9/20171Rate Game Lord of the Flies StoryGame
6/7/201715Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
4/25/20171Rate Game In the Field
4/12/20171Rate Game The Last At-Bat
3/28/20171Rate Game
3/23/20171Rate Game Earth Science
3/16/20171Rate Game Azure Skies
2/25/20171Rate Game Extinct
2/18/20171Rate Game When they come calling...
2/15/201725Admin. Bonus - Plagiarist Exposer
2/15/201725Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Nazi Hunter
2/15/20171Rate Game
2/8/20171Rate Game A Day in Hell
1/29/20171Rate Game Natures Great Void
1/18/20171Rate Game The True Story of Ram Sutcosky
1/14/20171Daily Point
1/13/20171Daily Point
1/12/20171Daily Point
1/11/20171Daily Point
1/10/20171Daily Point
1/9/20171Daily Point
1/8/20171Daily Point
1/4/20171Daily Point
1/4/2017-125Admin. Penalty - Contest Bet
1/3/20171Daily Point
1/2/20171Daily Point
1/1/20171Daily Point
12/31/20161Daily Point
12/30/20161Daily Point
12/28/20161Daily Point
12/27/2016-1Lose Duel RPS
12/27/20161Daily Point
12/25/20161Daily Point
12/24/20161Daily Point
12/23/20161Daily Point
12/22/20161Daily Point
12/20/20161Rate Game ramona wilde
12/20/20161Daily Point
12/19/20161Daily Point
12/17/20161Daily Point
12/16/20161Daily Point
12/11/20161Daily Point
12/11/20161Rate Game
12/9/20161Daily Point
12/8/20161Daily Point
12/7/20161Daily Point
12/6/20161Daily Point
12/3/20161Daily Point
12/1/20161Daily Point
11/30/20161Daily Point
11/28/20161Daily Point
11/27/20161Rate Game
11/27/20161Daily Point
11/25/20161Rate Game Bullet Train
11/25/20161Daily Point
11/24/20161Daily Point
11/23/20161Daily Point
11/21/20161Rate Game Gay and Depressed
11/21/20161Rate Game Conned
11/21/20161Rate Game The UNDOING
11/21/20161Rate Game Battle of Okinawa Chapter One (WW2 Simulation)
11/21/20161Rate Game The Path of Death
11/21/20161Rate Game Fear the Psyker
11/21/20161Rate Game A Tale of One Handkerchief
11/21/20161Daily Point
11/20/20161Daily Point
11/19/20161Daily Point
11/2/20161Daily Point
10/30/20161Daily Point
10/27/20161Daily Point
10/23/20161Daily Point
10/15/20161Daily Point
10/12/20161Daily Point
10/2/20161Daily Point
9/30/20161Daily Point
9/28/20161Daily Point
9/23/20161Daily Point
9/15/20161Daily Point
9/15/20161Rate Game
9/11/20161Rate Game
9/11/2016-3Lose Duel RPS
9/11/20161Daily Point
9/10/20161Rate Game Attack on the Castle
9/10/20161Rate Game Surviving the forest
9/10/20161Daily Point
9/9/20161Daily Point
8/27/20161Rate Game Demon within
8/26/20161Daily Point
8/18/20161Daily Point
8/17/20161Rate Game
8/16/20161Daily Point
8/9/20161Rate Game
8/4/20161Rate Game I Hate Romance
7/19/20161Rate Game
7/19/20161Rate Game
7/19/20161Daily Point
7/10/20161Rate Game
7/8/20161Rate Game Tastes Like Chicken
7/8/20161Daily Point
7/3/20161Rate Game
7/1/20161Rate Game Mary Sue and The School of Evilz!!!11!
6/30/20161Daily Point
6/28/20161Rate Game What u Read
6/18/20161Daily Point
6/16/20161Daily Point
6/14/20161Rate Game Lennie's Adventure
6/8/20161Daily Point
6/7/201615Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
6/4/20161Rate Game Will the Real J. Jonah Jameson Please Step Forward?
6/2/20161Rate Game My 10th Grade Odyssey
6/2/20161Rate Game What Triumph Looks Like
5/28/20161Daily Point
5/22/20161Rate Game
5/21/20161Daily Point
5/20/20161Rate Game Powerful
5/19/20161Daily Point
5/18/20161Rate Game Enter The Midverse: Into The Unknown
5/17/20161Daily Point
5/16/20161Daily Point
5/7/20161Rate Game Se7en Cats
5/5/20161Rate Game
5/5/20161Rate Game The Story of the Mystery Mansion
5/5/20161Rate Game Joe Kavalier: The Origin Story
5/1/20161Rate Game
4/30/20161Rate Game Magellan 4: Search for Original Ideas
4/26/20161Rate Game World War 2
4/26/20161Rate Game Satoru-kun.
4/26/20161Rate Game Date Rape Laws and Prevention
4/23/20161Rate Game
4/21/20161Rate Game
4/19/20161Rate Game
4/17/20161Rate Game loveless
4/9/20161Rate Game It's, It's a....Thing?
4/9/20161Daily Point
4/9/20161Rate Game It's going down for real
4/5/20161Rate Game
4/2/20161Rate Game Magellan 3: Journey to New Horizons
4/1/20161Rate Game
3/30/20161Rate Game TTYNN: physical contact
3/29/20161Rate Game just for fun 101
3/29/20161Rate Game Appeasement of Hitler: WWII Trail
3/27/20161Rate Game
3/27/20161Daily Point
3/12/20161Rate Game Magellan 2: Fight for Beliefs
3/11/20161Daily Point
3/11/20161Rate Game
3/10/20161Rate Game Funny random awesomeness
3/10/20161Rate Game Which The Walking Dead character are you?
3/10/20161Rate Game
2/26/20161Rate Game The Awesume
2/24/20161Rate Game Magellan 1: Race into the Great Unknown
2/16/20161Daily Point
2/15/20161Rate Game Clip Your Nails
2/12/20161Rate Game A Cat Day
2/11/20161Daily Point
2/11/20161Rate Game Second World #1
2/10/20161Rate Game 17 Years
2/10/20161Rate Game
2/9/20161Daily Point
1/13/20161Rate Game
1/13/20161Daily Point
1/13/20161Rate Game The faery, the toller and the rusty door
1/9/20161Rate Game Giving it a try!
1/6/20161Rate Game OUTBREAK: Chapter 1
1/2/20161Rate Game
1/2/20161Daily Point
1/2/20161Rate Game What if
1/1/20161Daily Point
1/1/20161Rate Game The business game
12/31/20151Rate Game
12/31/20151Rate Game
12/29/20151Daily Point
12/29/20151Rate Game Mazkil
12/29/20151Rate Game world of minecraft
12/28/20151Daily Point
12/27/20151Rate Game
12/27/20151Rate Game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: the Stirring of the Legendaries - Part I: The Beginning
12/25/20151Rate Game Kittens of FAT
12/25/20151Rate Game De Milite Inprudenti
12/25/20151Rate Game Death Song
12/25/20151Rate Game Eternal
12/24/20151Rate Game
12/23/20151Rate Game
12/23/20151Daily Point
12/22/20151Rate Game Achilles II: The Chykri
12/22/20151Rate Game
12/22/20151Rate Game The Donner Party
12/22/20151Rate Game Fallout Chapter 1: The Vault
12/21/20151Daily Point
12/20/20151Rate Game The Raven
12/20/20151Rate Game The Golden Relic
12/19/20151Rate Game
12/19/20151Rate Game
12/13/20151Rate Game Ellis Island: Adventure as an Immigrant
12/13/20151Rate Game
12/13/20151Rate Game
12/12/20151Rate Game HOW NOT TO WRITE- A Pokemon Adventure - Part 1 - Chapter I - Section A: The Beginning of the Start
12/7/20151Rate Game Ethical Dilemma 2
12/5/20151Rate Game DeathSentence
12/5/20151Rate Game Ethical Dilemma
12/5/20151Rate Game Dugeon master
12/3/20151Rate Game Lonely boy
12/1/20151Rate Game A World War
11/30/20151Daily Point
11/29/20151Rate Game Of Ruin
11/29/20151Rate Game
11/27/20151Daily Point
11/27/20151Rate Game Pokemon Battle Part 1
11/24/20151Daily Point
11/24/20151Rate Game The Deeps
11/23/20151Rate Game Into the Woods Its Time To Go
11/23/20151Rate Game Trouble in paradise part two
11/23/20151Rate Game Trouble in paradise part one
11/21/20151Rate Game Mission X-17
11/21/20151Rate Game
11/15/20151Rate Game
11/14/20151Rate Game Cutting Up Some Tomatoes
11/12/20151Daily Point
11/11/20151Daily Point
11/10/20151Rate Game Dead Justice rises from the dead
11/8/20151Rate Game
11/1/20151Daily Point
11/1/20151Rate Game Escape From Saigon
11/1/20151Rate Game
10/28/20151Rate Game
10/27/20151Rate Game An OLP Adventure
10/25/20151Rate Game What just happened?
10/25/20151Daily Point
10/25/20151Rate Game Tenth Doctor Tales
10/23/20151Rate Game
10/21/20151Rate Game Mr. X and the Lazy Saturday
10/21/20151Rate Game Jokestar! With Vines!
10/21/20151Daily Point
10/18/20151Rate Game
10/17/20151Rate Game School Problems
10/17/20151Rate Game
10/17/20151Rate Game Reach Love
10/17/20151Daily Point
10/17/20151Rate Game The Carivelli Carnival
10/17/20151Rate Game Who is your demi-god parent?
10/16/20151Daily Point
10/15/20151Rate Game Flight of the boobook owl
10/15/20151Rate Game History Project - The Homestead Act
10/14/20151Rate Game
10/13/20151Rate Game the mansion escape
10/13/20151Daily Point
10/12/20151Rate Game
10/12/20151Daily Point
10/11/20151Rate Game The Yule Ball
10/9/20151Rate Game Bloody Story
10/7/20151Daily Point
10/4/20151Rate Game
10/4/20151Daily Point
9/23/20151Rate Game
9/21/20151Rate Game Substitute Teacher
9/20/20151Daily Point
9/19/20151Daily Point
9/19/20151Rate Game The Wolves
9/19/20151Rate Game
9/18/20151Rate Game
9/18/20151Rate Game The Right Side of the Bed
9/14/20151Daily Point
9/14/20151Rate Game Control Your: Pack
9/10/20151Daily Point
9/9/20151Rate Game Psychopathic Circus
9/9/20151Daily Point
9/8/20151Rate Game Strangely High school
9/7/20151Rate Game Into The Wilderness
9/7/20151Rate Game The Proposal
9/7/20151Daily Point
9/5/20151Rate Game Faithful or not?
9/5/20151Rate Game The Firebird
9/5/20151Daily Point
9/4/20151Daily Point
9/3/20151Rate Game You V.S Zombies
9/3/20151Rate Game Escape the Snow Cave
9/3/20151Rate Game Surviving The Black Plague
9/3/20151Daily Point
9/2/20151Rate Game A Jung Hero's Adventure
9/2/20151Rate Game Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Drone
9/2/20151Rate Game Dad's Birthday Adventure
9/2/20151Rate Game A Dragon's Life. ~Chapter 1~
9/2/20151Rate Game Antedilluvia
9/2/20151Rate Game Mercenary Queen (Part 3): The Hemlock Band
9/2/20151Daily Point
9/2/20151Rate Game WWII Grand Strategy
8/30/20151Daily Point
8/30/20151Rate Game The Hunt For Cake: A Short Story About Cake
8/30/20151Rate Game Imperialism choose your own adventure
8/30/20151Rate Game Timescape!
8/30/20151Rate Game The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Original)
8/29/20151Daily Point
8/29/20151Rate Game SPIDER-MAN:Rise of carnage part II
8/29/20151Rate Game Rat Story
8/29/20151Rate Game Clear Sky
8/28/20151Rate Game
8/28/20151Rate Game I Am A Dragon
8/28/20151Rate Game How to make a story game
8/27/20151Daily Point
8/26/20151Daily Point
8/25/20151Rate Game Choose Your Own
8/25/20151Admin. Bonus - Double Comment
8/24/20151Daily Point
8/21/20151Daily Point
8/21/20151Rate Game The Quick Dating Game
8/20/2015-10Admin. Penalty - Thread Derail
8/20/20151Rate Game The Hairy Potter
8/20/20151Daily Point
8/19/20151Rate Game A UFO at School
8/19/20151Rate Game
8/19/20151Daily Point
8/18/20151Rate Game Survivors
8/14/20151Daily Point
8/13/20151Daily Point
8/11/20151Daily Point
8/9/20151Daily Point
8/7/20151Daily Point
8/6/20151Daily Point
8/6/20155Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
8/5/20151Daily Point
7/20/20151Daily Point
7/20/20151Rate Game Don't click on this game! (Do it. Do it.)
7/15/20151Daily Point
7/13/20151Daily Point
7/13/20151Rate Game HateClan
7/12/20151Daily Point
6/27/20151Daily Point
6/25/20151Daily Point
6/21/20151Daily Point
6/19/20151Daily Point
6/18/20151Daily Point
6/17/20151Daily Point
6/16/20151Daily Point
6/8/20151Daily Point
6/7/201515Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
5/25/20151Rate Game Achilles
5/10/20151Rate Game Death Becomes You
4/27/20151Duel Refund Toggle
4/23/2015-1Duel Escrow Toggle
4/14/20151Rate Game Return to Vinia
4/6/20151Daily Point
4/5/20151Rate Game Poll - Small Animals Or Big Animals?
4/5/20151Daily Point
4/4/20151Rate Game
4/4/20151Daily Point
4/3/20151Daily Point
4/2/20151Rate Game The Corn Maze
4/2/20151Daily Point
3/31/20151Rate Game Climbing Beyond The Clouds
3/31/20151Daily Point
3/29/20151Daily Point
3/28/20151Daily Point
3/27/20151Rate Game
3/27/20151Daily Point
3/26/20153Create Game
3/25/20151Daily Point
3/24/20151Daily Point
3/24/20151Rate Game Seven Days
3/17/20151Rate Game Stuck Up GAme
3/16/20151Daily Point
3/15/20151Daily Point
3/14/20151Daily Point
3/13/20151Daily Point
3/12/20151Daily Point
3/12/20151Rate Game Undead Persona
3/11/20151Daily Point
3/10/20151Daily Point
3/10/20151Rate Game
3/10/20151Rate Game The Other World
3/9/20151Rate Game riverclan
3/9/20151Rate Game A Titanic Experience
3/9/20151Rate Game USA State Capitals - With Zombies!
3/8/20151Daily Point
3/7/20151Daily Point
3/5/20151Daily Point
3/4/20151Daily Point
3/3/20151Daily Point
3/1/20151Daily Point
3/1/20153Create Game Enemy of Nations
2/27/20151Rate Game Apocalypse Yesterday
2/25/20151Rate Game
2/23/20151Daily Point
2/21/20151Daily Point
2/20/20151Daily Point
2/15/20151Admin. Bonus - Offensive stupidity
2/15/20151Daily Point
2/12/20151Daily Point
2/11/20151Rate Game The Undead Rising
2/11/20151Daily Point
2/10/20151Daily Point
2/8/20151Daily Point
2/7/20151Daily Point
2/7/20151Rate Game School simulator demo
2/6/20151Daily Point
2/5/20151Rate Game Long Gone
2/5/20151Daily Point
2/3/20151Rate Game
2/3/20151Daily Point
2/2/20151Daily Point
2/1/20151Daily Point
1/31/20151Rate Game A British Shipwright Immigrant's Life in Canada (1830)
1/31/20151Daily Point
1/31/20152Duel Refund Rock Paper Scissors
1/30/20151Admin. Bonus - Stupid poetry.
1/30/20152Duel Refund Rock Paper Scissors
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