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Hello there! :D

Welcome to my page!

I'm a nineteen year old girl in college who is currently going for Graphic Design. I love story telling, always have from a young age. I've always been a sucker (not in a romantic way, but a "I feel bad for them" way) for the villains of stories, even before it was a popular perspective. I like RPGs, especially medieval fantasy. I once hosted my own Discord server that was a medieval fantasy themed, text based rp. Sadly, I had to shut it down because life prevented me from continuing it and no one else wanted to step up because they had their own servers to run. However, I hope to take the idea and create a story here on this website for the people here to enjoy! When I'm not reading other people's stories, I'm either writing my own or getting teased by some of the practical jokers on the site. :P 



Working On:
Getting thicker skin or a back like a duck
Receiving Mizal's forgiveness and getting her to talk to me
Crisis Contest Story (Chaos's Game) (Alienrun and I are working on something else for the contest together)
Thunderdome 13 Challenge



Achievements I've Apparently Unlocked:
Self Hating Lesbian (-1 pt)
Onward Christian Soldier (200 pts)  (To EndMaster: T^T THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I will!)
Pilgrim in an Unholy Land (100 pts)  (To EndMaster: Was this you again?! T^T Thank you!!!)

Ford Is Smarter (-100)




Ford (Ford just seems to not like me...And changed a thread of mine in the Brainbreak Bar that caused me to have a mental breakdown and feel sick to my stomach. So Ford is officially an enemy and will probably be that way for awhile...)

EndMaster (He is very kind to me and I view him as a friend, but I'm probably just another username who is entertaining)
Mizal (Not enemies, not frienemies, not friends. Just....there, for now)
TharaApples (I view her as my CYS idol because of how cool she is :D)


Amount of times I've been called gay/a homo/lesbian (to my knowledge...) on CYS: 18



Songs That Remind Me Of Other CYSian Members Or CYSia Itself:

CYS Itself: 'WONDERLAND' -By Neoni
"X-Games" -By Au/Ra
The SHAME Pit: "Young Giants" -By Au/Ra


Ravenic_Virtue: "Dance in the Dark" -By Au/Ra
EndMaster: 'DARKSIDE' -By Neoni
Mizal: 'Pomegranate Lips' -By Derivakat, 'Dark Horse' -By Katy Perry
MadhattersDaughter: 'RABBIT HOLE' -By AViVA
Suranna: 'Feet Don't Fail Me Now' -By Neoni
Will11: 'Wasteland' -By Neoni
Alienrun: 'HONEY' -By Derivakat, 'Army' -By Neoni (Because he wanted a cool song like Suranna. Lol)
TharaApples: 'Ultraviolet' -By Au/Ra
Ford: 'we can't be friends' -By Ariana Grande



Quotes About Me From Other CYS Members:
(None so far)



(If you want me to put a song that I think describes you on my page or you want me to put a quote of yours up, DM me and we can talk a bit! :D)


"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Earning 100 Points


Chaos's Game

AshenArc never meant to partake in the events of The SHAME Pit, but, being a newbie to the kingdom, his curiosity got the better of him. Once he entered, there was no turning back. Even if he had only gone into the larger than life coliseum just to see what it looked like, planning to leave after a quick look, the gods had locked him in as one of the next and many contestants who would fight for glory within the prison like walls of the dreaded arena.

Now, several months later, he finds himself on the third and final floor within The SHAME Pit with a new session of the gods' game about to commence. Armed only with a simple Warden's bow staff, can you bring him safely back to the light of day and to glory? Be careful, for one wrong move could send Ashen falling into the Abyss, never to be seen from again...

(This game is a fun, but gory and bloody, story about the well-known SHAME Pit and my interpretation of what it would be like if, one, it existed irl, and, two, if it involved actual fighting instead of just writing stories.

Some characters are based off of members here on CYS, more so the gods/goddesses of the story, who are all based off of the moderators. Try guessing what god or goddess is the story version of their moderator counterpart! ;) Any other character who seems similar to other members is most likely a coincidence.)

Ravenic's Thunderdome Stories

This is the accumulation of Ravenic_Virtue's Thunderdome stories after some revisions. Enjoy! :D


This story is going to be on hold until after the Crisis Contest, but this is going to be a story based on a Discord RP server I ran but shut down because I couldn't find anyone to run it in my place when I went to delete my account.

More later... :P

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I like Ogre on 7/22/2024 8:43:38 PM


I shall remain silent for the rest of the week in the forums to make up for that, Miss Mizal. T^T As a punishment on myself... You'll hear back from me on Sunday. And I deeply apologize again, Miss Mizal. 


Brainrot on Parade: LOLXDXD *gasp* T^T on 7/22/2024 8:27:17 PM


The background is beautiful! (Especially since it is the lesbian flag colors)

Brainrot on Parade: LOLXDXD *gasp* T^T on 7/22/2024 8:26:57 PM


Brainrot on Parade: LOLXDXD *gasp* T^T on 7/22/2024 8:25:19 PM

I'm not dating anyone, so you needn’t worry. 

Brainrot on Parade: LOLXDXD *gasp* T^T on 7/22/2024 8:19:01 PM

*gasp* Lady Hatter, that would be so PRETTY!!! :O :D

I like Ogre on 7/22/2024 8:17:20 PM

Miss Mizal!!! D: T^T How did I lie to you!? *panic*

How can I make it up to you!!! I'm so sorry!!! I never meant to lie to anyone!!! I don't even know what I lied about!!! I'm so sorry!!! Is there ANYTHING I can do to make it up to you?!  T^T  T^T  T^T 

Brainrot on Parade: LOLXDXD *gasp* T^T on 7/22/2024 8:11:50 PM

I like the way she talks... :)

Brainrot on Parade: LOLXDXD *gasp* T^T on 7/22/2024 8:10:18 PM


I like Ogre on 7/22/2024 7:58:17 PM

Thank you Ogre, though I have no idea why you are saying that. (Literally, I'm clueless. :o)

Brainrot on Parade: LOLXDXD *gasp* T^T on 7/22/2024 7:56:29 PM

We only dm eachother, so it is still only over a screen, but I can tell he has a big heart, and I try my best to protect it and be there for him. :)