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The Sages have a total of 6,079 Commendations.

Distinguished Members

1Steve24833Ordained and Exemplar1098
2BerkaZerkaLauded and Exemplar975
3mizalLauded and Exemplar776
4TharaApplesLauded and Exemplar429
5GryphonLauded 394
8Chase223 Exemplar162

Recent Commendation History

10/3/20222YummyfoodFeatured Comment on Phase
9/29/20221NightwatchForum Post
9/17/20222TharaApplesFeatured Comment on True Life
8/25/20221GryphonForum Post
8/24/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The Murdered Official
8/3/20221TharaApplesForum Post
8/3/202256BenCrucifixStorygame: A Graveyard Smash
8/3/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on A Graveyard Smash
7/31/20221ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
7/16/20221mizalForum Post
7/16/20221NightwatchForum Post
7/15/202271Steve24833Storygame: Dawnwood
7/15/20221ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
7/12/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Our Last Talk
7/12/20222TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Red Mirror
7/12/20221mizalForum Post
7/12/20222TharaApplesFeatured Comment on In Moonlit Waters
7/8/202271TharaApplesStorygame: A Tale of a White Lie
7/6/20222TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Visceral
7/6/20222TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Ranger
7/6/20222TharaApplesFeatured Comment on A City Lost
7/3/20222ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on The Thief And The Messiah
7/3/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The Thief And The Messiah
7/2/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Dark Night (Noir)
7/2/20221HelpfulConnoisseurForum Post
7/2/20221ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
7/2/20221ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
7/1/20221Green44Forum Post
7/1/20221WizzyCatForum Post
7/1/20221Green44Forum Post
7/1/20221mizalForum Post
7/1/20221Green44Forum Post
7/1/20221Green44Forum Post
7/1/20221Green44Forum Post
6/30/20221AxxiusForum Post
6/30/20221Green44Forum Post
6/30/20221Green44Forum Post
6/30/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Mission Sunshine
6/25/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on What a terrible world
6/25/20222ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on What a terrible world
6/23/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on An Unusual Mirror
6/11/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Gunslinger
6/3/20221ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
5/28/20222HelpfulConnoisseurFeatured Comment on Diplomat
5/28/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Vincha
5/27/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The Warning
5/26/20221NightwatchForum Post
5/19/20222325boyFeatured Comment on The Surprise!
5/12/20221mizalForum Post
5/12/20221NightwatchForum Post
5/5/202286GryphonStorygame: Secrets of the Crag
4/29/20222GigglyCactusFeatured Comment on The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost
4/27/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Kelly Unicornstrider and Friends (1982-1985) Super Quiz
4/26/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
4/26/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on Lost Keys
4/25/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on Dragon Tale
4/24/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on Secrets of the Crag
4/23/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on Rise of Vollund II: Koregian
4/23/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on You'd better hide...
4/22/20221TharaApplesForum Post
4/20/202210GryphonArticle: Coding Item-Based Battle Sequences
4/20/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on Life is Strange: Blood Oath
4/15/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on God-Clock
4/15/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on This Fate
4/13/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on Dave: Big Dickin'it adventure!
4/12/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The King's Music Box
4/11/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on God-Clock
4/10/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on A Knight's Pursuit
4/7/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Bound by Light
4/7/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Slay the Dragon
4/5/20222TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
4/5/20222TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
4/5/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Harry Potter: Sorting Hat Quiz
4/5/202245mizalStorygame: The King's Music Box
4/5/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The Most Amazing Life and Adventures of Sir Arthur Quillwrym
4/5/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The withered rose
4/3/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Cold Lies
3/31/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The Marchwarden
3/30/20221BerkaZerkaForum Post
3/30/20221ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
3/29/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Betrayer
3/28/20221mizalForum Post
3/28/20221NightwatchForum Post
3/27/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Dead space
3/26/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The Mystery in Howcliffe Manor
3/25/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The Razing of Nipthm
3/23/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Planet Mopper
3/23/20221YummyfoodForum Post
3/22/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Supernatural Horror
3/21/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Behemoth
3/20/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Dreams of Plague
3/18/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Arizona Desert
3/17/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Shadows and Blood (or What Is It Like to Be a Vampire Bat)
3/16/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Star Wars Frostbite
3/15/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Rum Runner's Tale
3/14/20221ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
3/13/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly
3/12/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Eternal
3/7/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Death Song
3/6/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Necromancer
3/5/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Rogues
3/4/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Innkeeper
3/3/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Suzy's Strange Saga
3/2/20222let_it_reineFeatured Comment on Your Fate Like Clockwork
3/2/20222YummyfoodFeatured Comment on Your Fate Like Clockwork
3/2/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Love SICK
3/1/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Tales From The Basement
2/28/20221WizzyCatForum Post
2/28/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on TRASH
2/27/20222TheChefFeatured Comment on The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly
2/27/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Repression
2/26/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on A Very Special Choose Your Story
2/25/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Geek
2/24/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Imagination
2/23/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Alpha Wolf
2/22/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Ground Zero
2/22/20221NightwatchForum Post
2/21/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on Paradise Violated
2/17/20221Green44Forum Post
2/17/20221Green44Forum Post
2/16/20222325boyFeatured Comment on A Room in the Dark
2/15/20221GryphonForum Post
2/15/20221Green44Forum Post
2/15/20221Green44Forum Post
2/15/20221FemaleWolverineForum Post
2/15/20221Green44Forum Post
2/15/20221Green44Forum Post
2/15/20222TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Your Fate Like Clockwork
2/14/20221mizalForum Post
2/14/20222GryphonFeatured Comment on The Christmas Crossing
2/10/20221Lux_InferniForum Post
2/9/20221GryphonForum Post
2/9/20221Green44Forum Post
2/9/20221Green44Forum Post
2/7/20221Green44Forum Post
2/6/20221Green44Forum Post
2/6/20221DireRyseForum Post
2/6/20221Green44Forum Post
2/4/20221Green44Forum Post
2/4/20221Green44Forum Post
2/4/202210GryphonArticle: A Guide to Character Creation for Storyga
2/4/20221GryphonForum Post
2/3/20222TheChefFeatured Comment on Digging Files
2/3/20222WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Dusty Fist 2: Electric Boogaloo
2/1/20222mizalFeatured Comment on Digging Files
2/1/20222mizalFeatured Comment on Digging Files
2/1/20221SirBakaTheFifthForum Post
2/1/202236SirBakaTheFifthStorygame: Digging Files
1/24/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on It Was a Dark and Creepy Night
1/19/20221ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
1/14/20221AxxiusForum Post
1/14/20221Green44Forum Post
1/11/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on Friend Zone
1/11/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on Tikal Warrior
1/9/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on The Orb of Detroit
1/6/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on A Mutt's Purpose
1/3/20222AxxiusFeatured Comment on Gay and Depressed
1/1/202253AxxiusStorygame: The Christmas Crossing
1/1/202271GryphonStorygame: Diplomat
12/31/20211Lux_InferniForum Post
12/25/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
12/22/20212Green44Featured Comment on Propheteering
12/16/20212Green44Featured Comment on Engineered Desires
12/15/20212DireRyseFeatured Comment on The Maze Runner part 1
12/15/20212ZweihanderrFeatured Comment on The Maze Runner part 1
12/15/20212Green44Featured Comment on The Maze Runner part 1
12/14/20212Green44Featured Comment on The Gauntlet
12/13/20212Green44Featured Comment on Uneasy Lies the Head
12/10/20212Green44Featured Comment on Bomb Mission
12/9/20212Green44Featured Comment on Fantasyquest
12/8/20212Green44Featured Comment on Capture the Flag
12/7/20211DireRyseForum Post
12/3/20212Green44Featured Comment on Supernatural Horror
12/2/20212ZweihanderrFeatured Comment on Rum Runner's Tale
12/2/20212Green44Featured Comment on Rum Runner's Tale
11/30/20212Green44Featured Comment on Cannibal Apocalypse
11/29/20212Green44Featured Comment on Birthday Mania
11/28/20211Lux_InferniForum Post
11/28/202140BradinDvorakStorygame: De Milite Inprudenti
11/28/202142BradinDvorakStorygame: Slaying Song
11/27/20211mizalForum Post
11/27/20211Green44Forum Post
11/27/20211tmanakingForum Post
11/27/20211GryphonForum Post
11/27/20212TheChefFeatured Comment on Supernatural Horror
11/27/20211DireRyseForum Post
11/26/20212Green44Featured Comment on Shostakovich
11/25/20211tmanakingForum Post
11/25/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Sleep Time
11/24/20212Green44Featured Comment on Ruins of Anzar
11/24/20212Green44Featured Comment on Shadows and Blood (or What Is It Like to Be a Vampire Bat)
11/24/20211Green44Forum Post
11/23/20211Green44Forum Post
11/22/20211GryphonForum Post
11/22/20211Green44Forum Post
11/22/20212PsychFeatured Comment on Shadows and Blood (or What Is It Like to Be a Vampire Bat)
11/22/20211GryphonForum Post
11/19/20212Green44Featured Comment on CYBERMONKEY
11/17/20212PsychFeatured Comment on 7-8 Hours of Sleep
11/17/20212ZweihanderrFeatured Comment on 7-8 Hours of Sleep
11/15/20212PsychFeatured Comment on Not so Quiet on the Western Front
11/9/20211mizalForum Post
11/9/20212mizalFeatured Comment on Ruins of Anzar
11/8/20211mizalForum Post
11/8/20211GryphonForum Post
11/8/202154GryphonStorygame: Ruins of Anzar
11/7/20212Lux_InferniFeatured Comment on A Very Special Choose Your Story
11/4/20211GryphonForum Post
11/3/20211TharaApplesForum Post
11/1/202138TheChefStorygame: The Unsightly Treatment of One, Benjamin Schatz.
10/31/20211GryphonForum Post
10/29/20211TharaApplesForum Post
10/29/20211WizzyCatForum Post
10/29/20211tmanakingForum Post
10/29/20211tmanakingForum Post
10/24/202156WizzyCatStorygame: Propheteering
10/24/20212mizalFeatured Comment on Propheteering
10/22/20212Green44Featured Comment on Arizona Desert
10/20/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
10/18/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on A Hunted and Haunted Halloween
10/16/20211BerkaZerkaForum Post
10/13/20211FemaleWolverineForum Post
10/13/20211HelpfulConnoisseurForum Post
10/9/20212Lux_InferniFeatured Comment on Color Your Own Adventure (webcomic)
10/9/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
10/5/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly
10/4/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly
10/4/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly
10/4/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly
10/4/202110GryphonArticle: Creating an Equipping System
10/4/20211PerforatedPenguinForum Post
10/3/20211Devb0mbForum Post
10/2/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Cannibal Apocalypse
9/26/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
9/25/20211mizalForum Post
9/24/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
9/22/20212Lux_InferniFeatured Comment on Day of the Dead--One Soul's All Souls Procession
9/21/20211GryphonForum Post
9/20/20212Lux_InferniFeatured Comment on Tower of Riddles
9/20/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
9/18/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Shostakovich
9/18/20211Lux_InferniForum Post
9/11/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
9/11/202110BerkaZerkaArticle: Advanced Item Manipulation
9/10/20211BerkaZerkaForum Post
9/10/20212mizalFeatured Comment on WARCHIMP
9/9/20212ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on WARCHIMP
9/9/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Razing of Nipthm
9/9/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Encaged
9/9/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Encaged
9/9/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Encaged
9/9/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Tales of the Solar Schism
9/7/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Little mage's potion shop (and the curious adventures surrounding it)
9/7/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Uneasy Lies the Head
9/7/20212Lux_InferniFeatured Comment on A Stack of Cats
9/3/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on The Chained God
9/2/20211GryphonForum Post
9/2/20211GryphonForum Post
8/25/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
8/19/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
8/13/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Detective 1: Blacksea Island
8/10/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
7/28/20211SummerSparrowForum Post
7/26/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on The Tower of Rowena
7/15/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
7/14/20212NightwatchFeatured Comment on FAILsafe
7/13/20211WizzyCatForum Post
7/12/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on KRYSIS
7/11/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Jurassic World: Return to Site B
7/7/20212Lux_InferniFeatured Comment on De Milite Inprudenti
7/4/20212mizalFeatured Comment on Pan
7/3/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
7/2/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Pan
6/13/20212ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on The Witcher: The First Wish
6/11/20211tmanakingForum Post
6/7/20211TharaApplesForum Post
6/5/20211mizalForum Post
5/31/20211TharaApplesForum Post
5/24/20212ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on Doctor Who Fanfiction
5/18/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
5/2/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
4/29/20211NightwatchForum Post
4/28/20211WizzyCatForum Post
4/27/202174AppDude27Storygame: MyVacation
4/22/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Cows vs. Aliens!
4/22/20212GigglyCactusFeatured Comment on Phoenix Whip
4/22/202167RipElliottStorygame: Personal Demons
4/22/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Personal Demons
4/22/202134BerkaZerkaStorygame: The King's Logic Puzzle
4/22/202180Chase223Storygame: Achilles II: The Chykri
4/22/202182Chase223Storygame: Achilles
4/22/202155Steve24833Storygame: Among the Trees
4/22/202169Steve24833Storygame: Mazkil
4/22/202165lopz66Storygame: A Fiery Winter
4/22/20212mizalFeatured Comment on Graves
4/22/20212mizalFeatured Comment on Land of the Setting Sun
4/21/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on The Book of Vanishing Tales
4/20/20212mizalFeatured Comment on Repression
4/19/20211WizzyCatForum Post
4/19/202139mizalStorygame: Now You Gotta Deal With This S***
4/19/202144mizalStorygame: Love is for the Birds
4/19/202159mizalStorygame: Read My Stories or Die!
4/19/20211mizalForum Post
4/18/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Dungeon Stompage!
4/18/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Dungeon Stompage!
4/18/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost
4/18/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Necromancer
4/18/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on When The Music's Over
4/16/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Dreamtruder
4/16/20212GryphonFeatured Comment on Jurassic Fairview Park
4/14/20212PsychFeatured Comment on Harry Potter: The Last Riddle
4/5/20212mizalFeatured Comment on When Johnny Comes Marching Home
4/5/20211tmanakingForum Post
4/4/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
4/4/20212mizalFeatured Comment on CYBERMONKEY
4/3/20212PsychFeatured Comment on The Riddles of the Guardian
3/31/20211PerforatedPenguinForum Post
3/31/20212ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on CYBERMONKEY
3/31/20211NightwatchForum Post
3/31/20212PsychFeatured Comment on Degenerate
3/31/20212SixtySnakesFeatured Comment on The Virtual Reality Game
3/31/20212FutureFeatured Comment on The Poem
3/30/20212PsychFeatured Comment on Fallout : Seattle under Siege
3/29/20212SummerSparrowFeatured Comment on Vengeance
3/28/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on American Outlaws: Bonnie and Clyde
3/28/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on American Outlaws: Bonnie and Clyde
3/25/202136mizalStorygame: >DEVOTION
3/25/20211Green44Forum Post
3/25/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on >DEVOTION
3/24/20211tmanakingForum Post
3/23/20211Green44Forum Post
3/21/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Help Tom Escape!
3/19/20212StrykerLFeatured Comment on Stranded: On Familiar Shores
3/19/20212ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on Dave: Big Dickin'it adventure!
3/15/20212Green44Featured Comment on The Scary Night
3/15/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Dog Day
3/15/20212Green44Featured Comment on Dog Day
3/15/20211mizalForum Post
3/14/20211TheChefForum Post
3/14/20211Cupcakitty__13Forum Post
3/14/202110PerforatedPenguinArticle: Basic HTML
3/13/20211BerkaZerkaForum Post
3/13/20211BradinDvorakForum Post
3/12/20211WizzyCatForum Post
3/12/20211NightwatchForum Post
3/11/20211BerkaZerkaForum Post
3/11/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
3/11/20211TharaApplesForum Post
3/10/20211mizalForum Post
3/10/20212MegumemeFeatured Comment on Day of the Dog
3/9/20211Cupcakitty__13Forum Post
3/8/202142mizalStorygame: A Stack of Cats
3/8/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Nameless
3/7/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Life In The Fast Lane
3/7/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Life In The Fast Lane
3/7/202161donteatpoopStorygame: Ducky Park
3/4/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Brimstone
3/3/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on The Liar
3/3/20212NightwatchFeatured Comment on The Liar
3/1/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Koi Koi!
2/28/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
2/28/20211BerkaZerkaForum Post
2/28/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Be a NASCAR Driver
2/27/20212mizalFeatured Comment on A game of life
2/27/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on A Witch's Inheritance
2/27/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Duo
2/26/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Last At-Bat
2/26/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on When The Music's Over
2/26/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Traitorous Ossetian
2/26/20212mizalFeatured Comment on Traitorous Ossetian
2/25/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on A Very Special Choose Your Story
2/25/20212Cupcakitty__13Featured Comment on Adventures in Hollywood
2/20/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
2/19/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
2/16/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Scary Night
2/16/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Liar
2/14/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Brimstone
2/14/20211BerkaZerkaForum Post
2/14/20211ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
2/10/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Winter, After the Harvest
2/10/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on The Tale of The Foolish Princess
2/3/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Vincha
2/3/202175TharaApplesStorygame: The Tale of The Foolish Princess
1/27/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus 4
1/27/20212NightwatchFeatured Comment on The Book and Devil's Altar
1/24/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus 3
1/24/20212mizalFeatured Comment on The Tower of Rowena
1/24/20212mizalFeatured Comment on The Foreigner
1/23/20212mizalFeatured Comment on A Night In The Forest
1/22/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus 2
1/21/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus
1/20/20211tmanakingForum Post
1/19/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on A Treatise on Heartly Manners
1/19/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on Mechanised Assault Unit
1/19/20212TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Book and Devil's Altar
1/18/20211WizzyCatForum Post
1/13/20212WizzyCatFeatured Comment on The Book and Devil's Altar
1/5/20211NightwatchForum Post
1/4/20212StoryTurtleFeatured Comment on Soul Thief
1/3/20212NightwatchFeatured Comment on Suzy's Strange Saga
12/30/20201NightwatchForum Post
12/28/20202TheChefFeatured Comment on Hunting the Alphabet Killer
12/28/20202mazdarkFeatured Comment on Hunting the Alphabet Killer
12/20/20201NightwatchForum Post
12/14/20201PerforatedPenguinForum Post
12/14/20201mizalForum Post
12/14/20201FemaleWolverineForum Post
12/13/20202PerforatedPenguinFeatured Comment on Sir Osis
12/11/20202TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The End of Your Life
12/8/20201BerkaZerkaForum Post
12/4/20202GigglyCactusFeatured Comment on Breaker
12/3/20202GigglyCactusFeatured Comment on Star Wars:Secrets Of the Empire
12/3/20202TheChefFeatured Comment on The Quiet Mountain
11/22/20201mizalForum Post
11/15/20201mizalForum Post
11/15/20202ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on Sheol's Passage and the Fallen
8/30/20202BerkaZerkaFeatured Comment on Finali Incantatum
8/16/20202ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on Moribund School Day
8/14/20202TharaApplesFeatured Comment on TRASH
8/14/20202ghost11Featured Comment on Imagination
8/9/20202OriginalClamuraiFeatured Comment on Run a nations economy
8/6/20201BerkaZerkaForum Post
7/31/20201ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
7/26/20202MegumemeFeatured Comment on Dragons
7/15/202057Deer89Storygame: When Johnny Comes Marching Home
7/15/20202mazdarkFeatured Comment on Lorem Ipsum
7/14/202072BerkaZerkaStorygame: Bane Treasure Of The Vampire King
6/27/20202DireRyseFeatured Comment on Sterling City
6/27/20202TheChefFeatured Comment on Sterling City
6/26/20201ChanbotForum Post
6/25/20201mizalForum Post
6/24/20201ChanbotForum Post
6/11/20201BradinDvorakForum Post
6/11/20201BradinDvorakForum Post
6/11/20201BradinDvorakForum Post
6/7/20202TheChefFeatured Comment on Utopia Planitia
6/7/20201mizalForum Post
6/7/20201ISentinelPenguinIForum Post
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